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I got a fake job at the academy C12: First Class (2)

Only 2 chapters today but I’ll try to post more tomorrow.

About 3 days before, the first day of orientation. When Rudger showed the guts to keep his teaching methods secret, the reaction among his students was not so good.

A number of students resented the fact that the new teacher, even a man from the Fallen Nobility, showed such behavior at the Theon Academy. In particular, students from aristocratic backgrounds were the angriest.

But, ironically, the students who actually witnessed Rudger’s orientation didn’t say much. Only some high-respecting noble students seemed to have been ignored for nothing, but out of the 50 or so students in the classroom that day, nearly 40 admired Rudger’s guts.

He became a teacher at Theon Academy, so wouldn’t there be something to believe in?

Of course, as no detailed information about Rudger was yet known, students had no choice but to be cautious. On the first day of his class, it was a very self-evident fact that they would suffer for a semester if they took the wrong class.

If even a little bit of information about Rudger was released, it would increase the students’ trust and they would take his class once.

The second morning of the second day when many students were worried a single article was posted on the community called <Akashic Records>, the student-only magic exchange book of the Theon Academy.

Title: Did you hear about the new teacher, Rudger Chelici?

A title that was intentionally created to grab people’s attention, whether it’s good or bad. Naturally, the students had no choice but to click on it, and the contents unfolded as if waiting.

An extreme tribute to Rudger Chelici.

The youngest fourth rank, military officer appointment, Cryptid Hunting Contributions. As a freelance mage, he also made a name for himself in the Tower of Magic.

It contained past deeds of Rudger.

For students who did not know that it was a desperate undercover operation of a secret society to somehow lift the First Order, it was enough to raise their expectations.

In particular, the person with the most enthusiasm and sincerity was the Third Order member who was the first to contact Rudger.

‘No one can’t ruin First Order-sama’s class! I have to get as many students as possible to hear it!’

She’s been writing all day about just how cool, amazing he is.

Perhaps because of the two days of persistently posting praises about Rudger and drawing attention, more people are interested in Rudger’s classes than those who reacted with excessive praise.

In particular, the fact that they were able to attend classes together with the older students stimulated the interest of newbies who did not know anything yet.

During the correction period, the number of students who wanted to attend Rudger’s class increased dramatically, and the maximum capacity of 80 students was filled with excitement.

And the long-awaited first day of class.

All the students sat down and waited for Rudger with anticipation, half of it out of pure curiosity, and half out of a desire to see where and how well he can teach.

When the class started at 9 am the classroom door opened and Rudger entered.

* * *

What the hell is this situation?

The classroom was full with no empty seats. The maximum number of people thought to be about 30 at most achieved the maximum.

With 80 students ahead of me, I felt a headache.

Why? Surely I must have subtly issued a warning that my class was a landmine at orientation three days ago?

Above all, the students whose uniforms have blue badges are freshly enrolled first-year students and they accounted for more than 60% of the number of students gathered in the classroom.

‘Why are the first graders again?’

Shouldn’t first graders avoid taking classes with the seniors since it’s burdensome?

I never expected that there would be so many first year students. At this point, it makes me wonder if someone intentionally spread malicious information about me somewhere.

‘Maybe I’ve been looking down on the students too much.’

Of course, the Theon Academy is a place where only carefully selected students can enter after a fierce competition. It is a place where children from all over the continent, beyond the Empire, gather, so it is problematic to think of them as ordinary students.

I decided to humbly accept my mistakes.

Instead of raising students’ vigilance, my actions ignited their self-esteem.

Looking at their gazes I saw wild hyenas that will bite me if I ever make a mistake.

It’s my first class today, and I’m under such pressure. If I go on like this, I will be eaten by the students in the classroom.

‘Since this has happened, I have no choice but to do my best to conduct the lecture.’

I looked at the faces of the students gathered in the classroom. It is full of children, each with their own hair color. I guess that’s common in this world.

Some of them stood out more than others, especially the girl with the ears of an animal on her head. They are the beast people who live in the desert area of ​​the southern continent.

Well, in this world where there is magic and witches exist, the sub-races are a minority, even more so at Theon Academy.

Until 50 years ago, the beast people were a race that was subjected to colonial rule and were treated like slaves, and even after 50 years, the remnants of discrimination and persecution against them still remain.

Proof of this are the gazes of other students looking at the beast girl with subtle gazes. That child seems to have entered the school, but life in the future will be very difficult.

‘Well, I’m not in a position to worry about anyone right now.’

First of all, the progress of the class comes first.

“I’m Rudger Chelici and I’ll teach the whole process of the manifestation system.”

“What about the four specializations?”

Someone raised a hand and said so. He was a male student with a somewhat unlucky impression.

I immediately chided him.

“Ask only when I allow you to.”


“If there is another person who breaks the flow of my class at will, I will give a penalty point. The same is true for blatant challenges to my authority as teacher.”

Some students shouted in shock,

“But students who do that well will be given a bonus. The higher the bonus, more benefits will be given, so work hard.”

It is a well-known fact that first or second year students, when they are at their peak, do not care much about penalty points. However, there is a big difference between what a teacher warns about and what they don’t.

“If I had to answer the question a while ago, it would be ‘yes’. I will teach you one by one about the general aspects of <Emission>, <Elemental Attribute>, <Telekinesis>, and <Fortification>, which can be said to be the entire manifestation system.”

Most of what I said was unbelievable. Even within the same system, every specialization is a completely different field.

The <Emission>, <Elemental Attribute>, <Telekinesis>, and <Fortification> that I mentioned a while ago are the four specializations of the [Manifestation System] that I talked about. They are often referred to as the four specializations of manifestation.

Usually, it is said that it is enough to teach only two of these, but I said that I would teach a whopping four. To the students, it would sound like an unbelievable lie, as if I was bluffing.

But this is by no means a lie.

I did not achieve first-class in any of them, but I am proud that my overall spectrum of knowledge is quite wide as I have lived through the years.

“I’m going to begin.”

* * *

“You know, Cheryl. Isn’t that teacher really funny?”

Sheryl tried to hide her anxiety at the voice calling her, and turned her head to the friend sitting next to her. A girl with translucent, pure white skin, with her long indigo blue hair growing down to her waist.

She was so beautiful that resembled a doll made by a craftsman with great care, and even the boys sitting next to her kept glancing at her.

“Flora, you again…….”

“Excuse me. So what have I done?”

Cheryl couldn’t keep up with Flora, who asked playfully and subtly.

Flora Lumos, the daughter of Duke Lumos, one of the noblest families in the Exilion Empire.

Beautiful and charming, as if she was a picture just by standing still, she was famous for the title of ‘genius’ in Theon sophomore year.

Even the students who are called geniuses in the world become ordinary at Theon Academy.

Theon, a group of only geniuses from all the countries of the continent, raised the standards of the students too high, and those with low talent were bound to become ordinary.

It was not surprising that a child who was praised as gifted in his hometown became ordinary at Theon.  However, Flora is a girl called ‘genius’, even in Theon.


She has a good family, her looks are beautiful, and her abilities are excellent, her only flaw was her character.

Flora Lumos was notorious among the teachers, even inside Theon Academy. Because she was a genius, she did not want to receive proper instruction from anyone. Rather, she challenged the teacher’s authority and won.

It was not uncommon for her to point out the teacher’s mistake in the middle of a class. On the contrary, she devised a spell on the spot that was far superior to what her teacher could teach, and she shattered the teacher in front of the students.

She has steadily built up such notoriety since her freshman year, and it’s still the same now that she’s in her second year. In particular, the fact that two teachers in charge of the manifestation class retired last year was because of her.

Flora became a sophomore, and she came back to take the manifestation class and this time it’s the class of Rudger Chelici, who has been evaluated as unusual from his first appearance.

Flora’s friend Cheryl prayed that she wouldn’t do it this time, but when she looked at Flora’s expression, it seemed that her wish was nothing more than a vain hope.

Flora’s nickname “Little Demon” was notorious among teachers because she eats away the souls of her teachers in every class she takes. Considering that people who have been beaten by her trembled so much that it was not enough to even call her the Great Demon King, let alone her Little Demon.

Flora decided that her prey for this semester would be the new teacher Rudger Chelici.

“Sheryl. Honestly, isn’t it funny? He looks like he’s only in his 20s, but he’s teaching all four specializations of the manifestation system. To be honest, isn’t it an exaggeration to teach them all?”


Cheryl had no choice but to agree with that part.

She didn’t know if it was his pride as a new teacher, or if he really had the ability to do so.

‘But, has he really mastered the four major specializations well enough to teach them?’

There are a total of 5 classes of magic, and each class has different specializations.

The three specializations of the [Implementation] system are <Material Generation> <Transformation> and <Alchemy>.

The four specializations of the [Manifestation] system are <Emission> <Elemental Attribute> <Flame copper> and <Fortification>.

The 4 specializations of the [Summon] system are <Spirit> <Golem> <Magic Beast> and <Necromantic>.

The 6 specializations of the [Curse] system are <Astrology>, <Enchantment>, <Hallucination>, <Pharmacology>, <Witchcraft>, and <Enchant>.

The 5th system is called [Arcane]. It is vague to say that it is magic, but it clearly refers to a system that can be manifested through magic.

Arcane magic that has been passed down from generation to generation in families or someone pioneered a unique method of their own belongs to this type of [special]. Of course, no teachers teach in this particular class.

At the same time, Rudger engraved a magic formula on the magic board.

When the magic was poured on the board that had nothing written on it, the formula was drawn on its own. It was [Fluttering Flame], one of the 3rd-tier flame elemental magic.

“On the basis of manifestation, a total of six elements namely heating, combustion, compression, acceleration, expansion, and diffusion complement each other and form the formula.”

Even though it was only a 3rd tier spell, it was a magic that had to be manifested by placing six elements that make up the procedure in the right place. If time permits, even students attending this class could use it.

“Today is the first class, so before starting the main class, I will teach you something that will arouse your interest. It is a way to express the magic much faster than the conventional method.”

For the first time, curiosity arose in the minds of the students.

“Let’s see. Speed, yes. It can be said that it is three times faster than the existing method”

The students’ eyes widened at those words.

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TL Note: I’m not sure if ‘telekinesis’ is the correct translation for one of the manifestation system specializations but I asked on a forum and if someone gives me an answer I’ll change the term.

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