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I got a fake job at the academy C13: First Class (3)


“Do you want to shorten the onset time of the procedure?”

“Is that possible?”

“Aren’t you lying?”

Unlike the first-year students who do not know well yet, the second-year students doubted Rudger’s words.

Before teaching the basics in his first class, he promised to show them how to speed up the unleashing of magic. They couldn’t help but doubt them.

The speed of magic manifestation is always considered as the top priority for wizards to overcome. One second is a long time in a life-and-death battle.

In particular, unlike knights who move their bodies in real time and wield swords, wizards who take time to manifest their magic feel the sense of danger much more.

With the advancement of science, even wizards were less exposed to the same dangers as before, but they did not disappear completely.

Since they were wizards who always had to think clearly and rationally, they had no choice but to hang on to this part more.

In such a situation, what Rudger said now was not just to satisfy the expectations of the students, but to light the eyes of all wizards and inspire them.

Flora’s best friend Cheryl asked her.

“Flora. Is that really true?”

“Hmm. Well. Has there ever been a proper shortening of the procedure so far?”

There was definitely a way to reduce the casting time. A typical example is scroll magic, which is performed by storing existing magic in a medium in advance.

However, in this case, there is the limit of a single-shot. Scrolls once cast will lose their effect.

Alternatively a magic called [Reverberation of Memory] that activates magic in advance and stores it can be used. Even in this case, it is impossible to use it continuously because there’s a limit to the maximum amount of spells that can be stored according to the skill level.

“As long as we don’t change the structure of the magic itself, I think it’s impossible.”

In the end, in order to shorten the time, fundamental techniques need to be improved, but even that is impossible. Commonly used magic is the most optimal method that has been refined, devised, and created by wizards who will go down in history for thousands of years.

To some, it may be only a third-level flame elemental magic, but behind the magic there are traces of countless geniuses in history. Even those who are called geniuses in modern times can’t improve existing magic because it’s so perfect that there’s nothing to improve.

That was something that had already been decided over a hundred years ago. Even Flora Lumos admitted it.

‘Nevertheless, if you dare to change a part, you have no choice but to lose something.’

If the manifestation speed of a technique increases, other parts will inevitably become weak. The power decreases, the range narrows, or the accuracy decreases. However, if the elements involved are reduced can it still be the same spell?

No. From then on, it’ll become a completely different magic.

For wizards who value legitimacy very much, it would be an issue.

‘If you really meant to increase the casting speed with what I thought of.’

Flora’s gaze narrowed narrowly.

‘I will be very disappointed, teacher.’

No. Rather, Flora wished Rudger would have done it so that it would make it easier for her to act.

‘I think our handsome princess felt the same way.’

The three princesses boast a beauty different from their own, with hair that looks like weaving gold threads.

Contrary to her side, even for a woman who likes her straight and dignified appearance, her opinion of Rudger will inevitably be offensive. As if to prove it, her princess-sama’s face also sat down coldly.


The moment when the atmosphere in the classroom gradually begins to flow strangely Rudger clapped his hands to refresh the atmosphere.

“Stop. The chatter ends there.”

All the students kept their mouths shut, but the atmosphere itself did not change. Rudger said with a smirk as if he wasn’t aware of it.

“You seem to have a lot of questions. Good. Before I show you, let me answer a few questions.”

At that moment, the students immediately raised their hands.

Rudger pointed to the first student to raise his hand

“Tell me.”

“My name is Alex Salane, a sophomore. Mr. Rudger you said that you’ll shorten the time of magic manifestation, what exactly did you mean?”

“Shortening the manifestation time is literally shortening. Be more precise when you ask a question. Next.”

“This is Dahlia in sophomore year. By any chance, shortening the manifestation of a spell means that you want to improve the spell?”

“No. The trick is to keep it the same, but to cast it faster.”

At those words, voices came from all over the place.

“Can you really increase the speed of spell manifestation?”

“That can’t be possible. Wasn’t it a challenge that no wizard had ever been able to overcome?”

“It’s absurd. There’s no way it’s possible.”

Flora had the same thought. How can the speed of speed manifestation be increased without modifying or improving the magic?

Isn’t it supposed to be an obvious way to increase the proficiency through countless repetitions? But looking at that imposing Rudger’s expression, she felt a little nauseous.

“That is impossible.”

Flora couldn’t stand it and opened her mouth.

An icy gaze flew towards her and fixed her. Flora felt her self-esteem slightly hurt.

“I am Flora Lumos.”

At her self-introduction, the noise around her grew louder.

Flora came out.”

“Ha-ha. That teacher is done for.”

Even among students, Flora’s reputation was impressive. It was the same for the new students who entered this time.

A 2nd year genius. Retaining the nickname of a genius in Theon, she was already famous among the freshmen.

It was only natural for all of her students to pay attention as she raised her objection to Rudger’s approach right from the first day of class.

“I don’t remember allowing the question, but let’s just skip it this time. Why is the student saying that it’s impossible?”

“The only way to shorten the casting time of a spell without modifying or improving it is to increase your master over it.”


“Why do you think there isn’t another way?”

“Because no one has ever done it, not even the geniuses of history, even the high-ranking arch mages could do it. But since teacher said he did it, I couldn’t believe it.”

Even now, countless wizards in the tower continue their quest every day, squeezing their heads in search of the truth. Nevertheless, unlike in the past, there were areas where no progress was made any more, and shortening the casting of spells was a typical example.

A new teacher saying that he managed to do it meant more than a simple bluff, it was close to a general insult to the magic world.

At Flora’s words, each student nodded in agreement with her opinion.

No students believed Rudger or sided with him. Little by little, the atmosphere in the classroom became hostile to Rudger. But Rudger did not wriggle an eyebrow.

He did not waver, as if no external pressure could even scratch him.

“No one couldn’t? That’s funny. I think it was rather no one tried.”


“Magic is based on tradition and history. But it has been brought to stagnation from a certain moment. Now that science has advanced, magic is under threat.”

“……Are you saying that science is superior to magic?”

“I just think that magic has room for further development, just like science. To say ‘there is no room for improvement’ is wrong.”

“There has never been such a case.”

“Because no one did it.”

“Everyone who has done it has failed.”

“Then I will be the first to succeed.”

“… Are you serious right now?”

“There is no reason for me to lie in front of everyone like this.”

Flora was ecstatic at his impudence. Does that teacher not know what he was talking about?

“Well, it seems you don’t understand, so let’s start the class right now. Did you say Flora? Do you know how long, on average, it takes to compose the [Fluttering Flame] formula I wrote on the magic board right now?”

“……Depending on who’s unfolding it. 10 seconds for a wizard who just reached the 3rd rank. As you become proficient and increase your rank, it will be shorter, under five seconds.”

“Okay. However, I do not like the frivolous method of increasing the speed by increasing your rank. What I’m saying is tailored to the level of the students I’m teaching. Then, no matter who casts the spell, it will be five seconds.”

“Is this your method?”

“Yes. You are very confident. Can you show us right now?”

Flora was not frightened by the provocative words.


Flora went down from the church with dignified steps and stood on the top of the pulpit. She raised her personal wand and immediately used [Fluttering Flame].

The basis is manifestation and the attribute element is fire, in addition to the elements of heating, combustion, compression, expansion, diffusion, and acceleration.

The magic that rises in the air is in the form of blazing flames. Its speed was like a raging wind, and the students who had been paying attention burst out in exclamation.

Rudger checked the golden pocket watch in his hand.

“Time, 4.78 seconds. A speed that doesn’t look like a 2nd grader and the process was perfect.”

“It didn’t matter.”

“But it’s still slow.”

Rudger’s cold voice flew over to Flora, who was conceited.


“The record for the fastest casting of [Fluttering Flames] among the third rank wizards is 4.41 seconds but that’s still slow.”

“…I can do it faster once I get used to it.”

“I said that even 4.41 seconds is slow.”

Everyone was taken aback by Rudger’s very dignified declaration.

Rudger decided to show them why he said that. Standing on top of the pulpit, Rudger began to concentrate his magic.

“Look carefully. This is how [Fluttering Flames] is used.”

Muttering that, he raised a small staff and pointed it into the air. The magic that flowed out from the tip of the wand soon began to form a rite but something was strange.

What unfolded after the expression-based procedure was not the stage of heating and combustion that was supposed to constitute the [Fluttering Flame]. It was just a straight line, a flow of magic that had no meaning.

Aren’t you using [Fluttering Flames]?

When students thought that the magic of [Fluttering Flames] in the air was completed. It happened in the blink of an eye.


The entire classroom was filled with silent clamors

No one had seen In the first place, Rudger slowly showed how he casted the magic.

The first step was not the magic of [Fluttering Flames]. The operation of magic was completely different from the usual method.

However, the result was the same.

What was completed was the magic of [Fluttering Flames]. It was perfect, just like in the textbooks.



Only the beginning and the end exist, and the middle process seems to have been cut off and disappeared.

The speed is surprisingly fast. 1 second? No. It took almost 0.3 seconds. It was incomprehensible to the common sense of the students.

“Did you see it?”

Rudger’s voice was flat without any highs or lows. He had no sense of excitement for what he had done.

“What the hell.”

“I’ll show you one more time for those who haven’t seen it.”

Rudger said so, breaking the existing technique and repeating the process that had been seen a while ago. Slower this time, so that everyone can see properly.

The students opened their eyes to see if there was something they had missed, and looked at Rudger’s technique.

Magical energy spewed out from the tip of the wand, and it again proceeded in a strange way, just like the first time and immediately [Fluttering Flame] was completed.


“Is that possible?”


He didn’t use an artifact of [Reverberation of Memory.

No matter how fast it was, the process had to exist. But he skipped the process and showed only the result. There is cause and effect in everything and so it’s magic.

But Rudger’s way wasn’t like that at all. He removed that cause but the effect was still the same.

“No, just what the hell……”

Even Flora, who was watching from the nearest point, did not understand what Rudger had shown her.

“Finally, everyone’s eyes have changed.”


The sound of someone swallowing saliva resounded throughout the classroom. To that extent, the students focused on what Rudger would say next.

“Casting [Fluttering Flame took me 0.24 seconds. It is very different from the previous record but at the same time, you will find it strange. Because the first magic was not [Fluttering Flame].”

“I definitely used magic. To be precise, it was used for the sake of speed.”

“For speed?”

“What the hell is that?”

The students who muttered to each other shut their mouths again

“I call this, Source Code.”

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