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I was sold at the lowest price C338

I was sold at the lowest price C338: Entering the Kingdom of Lubel


We crossed the border into the Kingdom of Lubel in a ride hover piloted by Jean. The Kingdom of Lubel had already been informed of our arrival, so there were already troops there to monitor us.

“I see you are a ship belonging to the Amurian Union. This is Souve, a ship belonging to the Central Command of the Kingdom of Lubel, and I will now accompany you to ensure your safety within the Kingdom of Lubel.”

“Our safety within the Kingdom of Lubel makes me laugh. They’re just a surveillance unit.”

Linnecarlo made a comment about the other’s words, but Jean had a different view.

“What do you mean, Jean?”

I didn’t understand the meaning of Jean’s words because I too thought the same thing as Linnecarlo.

“It’s not surprising that aristocrats who lost close relatives in this battle, for example, have a strong grudge against the Amurian Union, right? There is a possibility that such people will try to attack us regardless of the will of the country.”

“Even if that’s the case, would they really fight against their allies to protect the enemy?”

“The hostages this time include the riders representing the Kingdom of Lubel and members of the royal family. They definitely do not want anything to happen to us and hurt the hostages. I’m sure they think it would be a disgrace to the country if something like that happened because of a local nobleman running amok, and the damage would be huge.”

“I see. So there’s a possibility of fighting within the Kingdom of Lubel?”

“That’s right. You guys should be a little bit alert, don’t just sit around.”

“I’m not sitting around, that’s rude!”

Jean didn’t seem to care about Linnecarlo’s anger and told Souve, the surveillance ship of the Kingdom of Lubel, that he agreed to accompany him.

“This is Mirai, a research vessel belonging to the Amurian Union, we thank you for accompanying us.”

Mirai is the name of the ride hover that Nagisa gave on her own. She said that it was not a battleship and that a peaceful name would be better. Well, it seemed that everyone didn’t care about the name of the ride hover, and no one objected.

The large ride hover Mirai was much smaller than the ride carriers Fugaku and Musashi, but it still had a hangar that could hold four magicrafts, six private rooms, a cafeteria, and a shower room.

Speaking of which, I’ve been wondering for a while now what’s the difference between a ride hover and a ride carrier…….Mirai is about a size smaller than the ride carrier that the Iron Knights were riding in the early days. I thought the distinction was based on size, so when it comes to Mirai being a ride hover, I’m not sure.

“Jean, can I ask you something? What’s the difference between a ride hover and a ride carrier?”

I’ll ask him, because I’m sure Jean, who’s knowledgeable, will know.

“It’s a difference in concept. The ride hover is for moving people, the ride carrier is for moving magicrafts.”

As expected of Jean, the answer came back to me immediately.

“Mirai can store magicrafts, but it’s a ride hover, right? What does that mean?”

“It’s designed to transport people, but it can carry magicrafts as an added bonus. The living space is bigger than the hangar, right?”

That’s certainly what I’d say. Fugaku and other ride carriers take up more space in the hangar of the magicrafts. As always, I’m impressed by Jean’s knowledge. I think I should learn a little more about this world too…….

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