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I was sold at the lowest price C339

I was sold at the lowest price C339: Enemies

Chapter 7/7 for last week.

It takes time to move around the vast Kingdom of Lubel. We were heading towards our destination, a research facility of an ancient civilization, with a break in between.

“It must be hard for those ride carriers to stay close and keep an eye on us.”

Kiyone said sympathetically as she sipped the stewed potatoes Jean had made.

“It must be hard to just sit there and watch us.”

Nagisa agreed with Kiyone’s opinion as she sipped her vegetable-filled soup, but Jean had an idea of his own.

“It depends on the person, doesn’t it? As for me, I envy them because it’s so easy to just sit around and look at things.”

Linnecarlo immediately responded to his words.

“I thought you thought it would be better to have a good paying job, even if it’s busy, rather than a cheap and easy job.”

“No, that’s basically what I think, but I do have a certain appreciation for easy, simple work. It’s not for me, but there’s nothing wrong with having a moderately easy job and enjoying your personal life.”

I know it’s a life that doesn’t suit Jean, but I understand what he means. I’m also thinking that I’d rather have a good personal life than a good professional one.

As we were eating our meal, having a casual conversation like that, there was a commotion outside. The Lubel army, which was monitoring us, started to move in a panic.

“What’s going on?”

Nagisa said, looking at the noisy Lubel ship outside.

“Looks like something’s getting closer. There are probably several other units on the lookout besides the ride carrier named Souve. Maybe someone got caught in the net.”

“Wait a minute! Does that mean that something like what Jean just said is happening? Isn’t that a big problem? Shouldn’t we prepare for battle?”

“Why don’t we just leave it to the Lubel army, they’re probably bored.”

“Can we take our time? There might be more enemy troops attacking us.”

I point out that Jean is too relaxed.

“If that’s the case, we’ll just move then. And it’s better if we don’t even show any signs of fighting. Don’t forget that we’re in the middle of an enemy country.”

I understand what Jean is saying, but it’s kind of uncomfortable to do nothing when the enemy is approaching.

After a while, we could see the enemy coming towards us. An army of ten ride carriers and about a hundred magicrafts was approaching. Perhaps to stop them, Souve and the rest of the surveillance team stood between us and the approaching enemy force.

“I warn you, Count Suidel. Your actions are against the will of the state and will not be tolerated. If you retreat, you will not be charged with a crime, but if you come any closer, you will be punished for treason.”

“Shut up! You little punk from the Central Army! They killed my brother! My precious brother was murdered by those Amurian trash! I’m not just going to sit back and let them pass through my territory! Shut up and hand over the trash of Amuria to us!”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that. If you insist, we, the Central Army, will deal with you. Please understand the absurdity of crossing blades against us.”

“Interesting! I’m going to bleed you and the Central Army dry before the Amurian trash!”

It seemed that the negotiations had broken down. Tensions were rising between the two armies, and a battle was about to begin.

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  1. laharl8080

    well, who ask you to agree to war and send your so called brother to war..
    after all iirc in medieval noble can refuse to send troops with reason defense or other or evem bribe

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