I got a fake job at the academy C14

I got a fake job at the academy C14

I got a fake job at the academy C14: Source Code (1)


At my words, the students catch their breath. Because some people don’t know what the source code is.

‘From their point of view, it would be a real surprise.’

No matter how advanced science is, this world is around the 19th century in comparison with Earth. Because magic, not science, was the mainstay, so it made a much more dramatic development than I originally thought.

Still, living in the 19th century, there were many things that were lacking. This was particularly the case in the absence of a computerized computing system.

‘A source code is a kind of blueprint that outputs a set result immediately by inputting a value. I made it by grafting it into magic.’

Of course, I didn’t make this by myself. To be precise, I came up with the idea, but the actual composition and completion was possible only with the help of the master who taught me magic.

Still, I have a stake in what I made, so there shouldn’t be any problem in teaching the students.

Considering Master’s personality, it’s not like he would say anything about this. Rather, it was the problems I would face once I ran into them.

The source code is a method that is close to a kind of trick, created based on my memories of living on Earth.

It must be unbelievable for students who know algorithms but do not know about computer hardware, software, programs, input and output, and code.

Above all, the level of wizards was stagnant due to excessive selection and self-confidence, and yet there was a prevailing tendency to make fun of science.

They would never accept the contributions science can make to magic. I’m sure they would be foaming at their mouths saying ’This isn’t magic!’

Compared to those guys, I have a freer way of thinking.

In order for the software called source code to operate, a body called hardware, programs, and data are required.

Here, hardware means a wand that can apply magic or the wizard itself. A program is a crafted spell, and data is the magic to make it come true.

In the end, the source code I used is through the biological hardware of humans. It consumes data called magic.

With the source code even complex spells can easily be casted by simply injecting a little magical power.

To put it simply, while others carefully draw each stroke to implement magic, I just slam like a stamp. It’s easy considering the difference in speed between handwriting and printing.

No matter how fast a human being can copy, there is no way he can keep up with the speed of a person who uses a printer.

People even make a lot of mistakes if they are impatient. If the procedure is out of order, the result will be wrong. Naturally, the spell loses its power and cannot be used or the reverse flow of magic power can put your life at risk.

With source code these issues don’t exist.

In any situation, only certain values ​​are provided. Its speed is something that other wizards can’t follow.

‘Of course, a rank 6 wizard or higher would be faster.’

In the first place, they are superhumans with supercomputers in their heads.

For the students of Theon Academy who have not yet fully matured, source code must be a really great revolution.

‘It’s not without flaws either. The only spells that can be used are those 3rd rank and lower. Beyond that, it causes overload due to the amount of magical power. And it’s just that making the source code is so complicated and difficult.’

It is not for nothing that computer programmers go through tests while diversifying all kinds of patterns for debugging. Because I also wrapped my hair so much that I made it. However, once made, it can be used over and over again, so it is very convenient.

In particular, I don’t have to use the 3rd rank or lower spells by using troublesome incantations one by one.

After all, the magic of source code is the product of an invention made to catch up with those who have talent as much as possible.

In this academy, where only geniuses gather, if I want to do well as a teacher for two years, I have to go ahead and teach classes with even these basics.

* * *

All the students kept their mouths shut at the emergence of a groundbreaking magic called source code. In particular, first-year students were excited.

‘I felt half cheated, so I chose Rudger Chelici’s class, but to witness this.’

Some students felt a cooling sensation on their backs.

‘If only I didn’t take this class today.’

A new type of magic manifestation that transcends common sense.

They cannot see its appearance with their own eyes, and in addition to that, they will be deprived of the opportunity to learn.

It was such a terrible nightmare for the students who were about to walk the path of a wizard, just imagining it sent chills down their spine.

‘……I’m really happy.’

All the students gathered here shared the same thoughts.

They looked at Rudger again. Obviously, his first impression was very serious, profound, and intense, contrary to what they had expected. Even so, the most important thing for a magic academy teacher is magic skills.

Just repeating what others have said is not enough to earn students’ respect.

But now all students who saw the new magic had feelings of reverence beyond respect for Rudger.

Above all, Rudger’s behavior was surprising.

Although he demonstrated in front of everyone a new method that could be called the discovery of the century, his expression showed no sign of excitement.

For this man, even the groundbreaking magic called source code was simply something that could be unfolded in front of everyone.

‘Perhaps aside from source code he has other secrets.’

If you invent something like this and show no excitement, there’s no doubt that you hide other secrets.

At that moment a spark ignited in the hearts of the 80 magic academy students present in the classroom.

‘If I can learn that magic I can make further progress.’

That strong will is revealed in their eyes, and is shot towards Rudger.

Rudger’s half-opened eyes gave them an ok response, but his back was damp with cold sweat inside his cloak.

‘Why are their eyes like that?’

For Rudger, who was expecting only opinions that he was moderately great and that he seemed like a good teacher, the students’ reaction was surprising.

Their eyes were hotter than the lava that just broke through the strata.

Feeling like he was going to burn, Rudger focused and maintained his poker face. But he knew he couldn’t depend on source code for the 2 years he would be here.

He didn’t want others to discover that he’s an impostor. He had to prepare more in the future.

‘Let’s go to the end. But first of all, what should I do with the daughter of the duke who is on the platform?’

“Flora Lumos.”

Flora, who had been focused on the source code magic that Rudger had unfolded, finally came to her senses.

Rudger’s cold, sharp eyes looked at her and felt like a cold blade had cut through her heart.

‘This guy is……’

She thought of herself as a genius and she had the talent to match it. No one doubted her and to those who did she demonstrated her skills in person.

Even though he was an academy teacher, she was embarrassed in front of him. No matter how old she is, no matter how long she learns science or magic, and no matter how hard she tries she is already ahead of her teachers.

But Rudger was different. He neither reveals nor brags about himself. In addition, he does not sway anyone else. It is as if she was looking at a pillar of steel that is deeply embedded in the ground and stands tall. It does not rust and does not wear out even in storms, rain and snow.

‘How the hell is this person a new teacher? Source code? I’ve never heard of such magic.’

The intimidation was enough to affect even Flora, who had met the royal family several times. Even the noble princess had her eyes wide open at the sight of Rudger.

“A groundbreaking method of shortening the spell casting time. Has your question finally been answered?”


Flora tried to pretend to be calm and replied that way. She kept her posture neat and leaned back to not show any flaws.

Was her behavior funny?

There was a slight but smile on the corner of Rudger’s lips. As if he had already seen through this desperately strong pretender.

“Flora Lumos.”

“……Yes. Teacher.”

“You couldn’t overcome your own intolerance, and you asked questions without my permission. Do you admit it?”

Flora bit her lip. She was proud of herself, but she couldn’t argue with that.

“Yes…I admit it.”

A feeling of defeat that she had never felt before. The envy of the students, which she usually felt, had never been as painful as it was now. Suddenly, a memory of her childhood that she wanted to forget came to her mind.

The figure of her father looking down at her with a cold gaze. She wanted to be recognized for her skills and had a goal. She was desperately holding back her tears because she was about to cry but she couldn’t break down here yet.

“I won’t say more than this, because I know it myself. However, your actions clearly challenged the school authority. As I warned you in the beginning, I am not going to let this go.”


“Flora Lumos I give you 10 penalty points.”

It wasn’t that surprising, but if the subject was Flora, the story was different.

Theon genius who has never had any flaws until now. She had absolutely nothing to do with penalty points, and she was the kind of woman she never thought she would ever be, so she was shaken, even for receiving only 10 penalty points.

“Are there any complaints?”

“……No. I think it makes sense.”

Flora bit her lip.

“Oh my gosh.”

“That Flora……”

Even the other students were surprised that Flora had been penalized. Much less that this was not a forced accusation, but a reasonable punishment that even the person herself had no choice but to admit.

Flora came down from the pulpit with weak steps and returned to her seat.

“The spell [Fluttering Flame] you showed me was more perfect than anything I had ever seen.”

She turned around and looked at the pulpit. Rudger was staring at her with an infinitely straight gaze.

“I don’t hate students with skills. So Flora Lumos you receive 10 bonus points.”

As a result, her 10 penalty points are virtually gone.

Some students felt relieved and some were envious but Flora felt unprecedented shame.

Even is the penalty points are gone her memory of receiving them is still there. Ten years from now, or maybe even the rest of her life, it was something she would never forget.

Flora interpreted Rudger bonus points as the victor’s mercy on this foolish student who dared to attack him. It left a deep scar on Flora’s self-esteem.


All she could say was this.

As she returned to her seat and sat down, Cheryl, who had been watching the whole thing, asked in a worried voice.

“Flora, are you okay?”

Cheryl knew how strong Flora’s pride was. She said that exactly what she had been through as a child forced her to be that way.

She had a hard time imagining how humiliated Flora felt when the new teacher reprimanded her in front of everyone.

“I’m fine.”

Flora replied with a smile. Her relaxed appearance was no different from her usual one and she didn’t look like her wounded person at all.

‘Ah. That’s fine. Because it’s Flora, I think she’ll be able to brush it off quickly.’

Cheryl sighed in relief. She thought that her friend might be going in the wrong direction.

Flora looked at the podium with the same face as usual but she didn’t see Cheryl or any of the students in the classroom. A scorching fire burned in Flora’s eyes, igniting everything.

* * *

I went back to my seat and looked at Flora’s condition. Belatedly, I remembered that the Lumos family was a famous duke in the Empire.

Is she not going to use the power of the family to put pressure on me for what just happened? Do you go home and tell your father?

However, Flora’s expression as she sat down was calm. There’s nothing strange about the way she naturally communicates with her friend sitting next to her.

I can see, she’s a smart kid, so I’m not going to keep this in my heart. In the first place giving her those bonus points was a kind of reconciliation attempt to avoid fighting and encourage her to do better in the future. I’m really glad that she accepted it.

“Then I will start the first class.”

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