I got a fake job at the academy C15

I got a fake job at the academy C15

I got a fake job at the academy C15: Source Code (2)


“I will select a few students who follow my class well and teach them the source code.”

After saying that the students listened to my class without saying much.

‘Dang. Dang. Dang.’

When I finished explaining the theory and simple method of discharging magic, the clock tower bell rang to end the class. I breathed a sigh of relief in my heart, thinking that I had finished the class safely without receiving any tackles.

The students did not seem to feel anything particularly suspicious as I continued to briefly explain the contents of the textbook by mixing them with practical tips.

The first lesson was done without problems, so I can carry on to the next class as it is.

I teach a total of 4 hours a week. Classes are held twice a week, divided into two hours each, so I had quite a bit of time until the next class.

As I put on my coat and was about to leave the classroom, I saw some students staring and approaching me.

I did something for a moment, but I later realized that I was missing one thing.

“Ah. By the way, I will not give you homework from the first day. Go back and review today’s lesson.”

At my words, the students smiled and rejoiced.

Even if it’s an academy where geniuses gather, they are students after all. Seeing them so happy for not receiving homework for once, I thought they were still kids.

I can’t give homework from the first day no matter where I’m. After all, other teachers besides me will give the homework. Teachers who give homework from the first day are often criticized throughout the semester.

In regards to classes, everything I give can be seen as a kind of calculation. The more gossip and dissatisfaction with other teachers, the less mention of me.

I got out of the classroom with the list of students on the pedestal. When I left, the eyes of the students flew, but I naturally ignored it.

To proceed with the next lesson I needed basic personal information about 80 students attending my class. Also, considering the unresolved issue with the secret society, I had to move as quickly as possible.

* * *

‘Wow. Really.’

Aidan, a freshman at Theon Academy, realized that he really had come to Theon after taking Rudger Chelici’s class.

‘I thought it was a vague feeling, but it was amazing.’

Aidan, who came up from the countryside, was a commoner, but he was a proud young man with a passion for magic more than anyone else.

Thanks to the hard work he had accumulated so far and some luck, he was able to pass Theon entrance exam, and as a freshman, he took his first classes with a bright attitude.

[Rudger Chelici lectures on the manifestation system.] He honestly wasn’t expecting much.

When I first entered the classroom, I secretly picked up the voices of other students, and found that the class I had chosen was more talkative than I expected.

Originally, there are a total of two manifestation system classes, and this one is taught by a fallen noble. A new teacher wouldn’t be able to teach this class but he was lucky because 5 people retired last year.

All the rumors circulating in <Akashic Records> were fake. Of course, it was the noble students who had a low mouth and looked down on others.

However, Aidan, who came to Theon from the countryside, knew only that they were seniors and did not know that they were great nobles, so he did not doubt their words.

‘Is the teacher named Rudger Chelici that bad?’

It was just a class I chose without much thought, so I regretted it for nothing. However, Aidan realized how short his thoughts were, as soon as Rudger appeared.

The man, who overwhelmed 80 students even though he was standing on the pulpit, was like a soldier on the verge of a fierce battle. And what happened afterwards made Aidan even more astonished.

He had a conversation with a female senior about the impossibility of shortening the casting speed and then she showed everyone a technique.

The moment he encountered the magic that Rudger Chelici called the source code, Aidan felt the blood boil all over his body.

It was like fireworks exploded in front of him. It was the light of knowledge that appears when you clearly witness a mystery that you have never encountered before, and it was the moment of opening your eyes to a wider world.

It sounded like an excessive leap, but at least Aidan himself felt that way.

When he was a child who didn’t know anything yet, a wandering wizard showed him magic. That magic was only 1st rank, and now that he thought about it, the wizard technique was not perfect and it was even crude.

At that time, Aidan thought that the figure was very cool.

Since then, he has continued to study magic under the guidance of the wandering wizard, although he did not feel the shock he had when he first encountered magic he remembered learning magic itself was so much fun.

Aidan grew rapidly day by day thanks to his passion for magic and, surprisingly, his talent for magic. In this way, he was able to enter the magic academy, Theon, through fierce competition.

He took his first class here, thinking that he might satisfy his craving for magic and open up a new world but instead witnessed something extraordinary.

‘Mr. Rudger Chelici is a wonderful person!’

He thought it was unusual from the first impression, but he was the real deal.

Aidan couldn’t hide his excitement, thinking he was really lucky to have taken this class.


It was then. A voice of blatant contempt could be heard from the seat next to him.

When he turned his head, a first-year boy from somewhere was looking at him with her arms crossed. His face is good-looking, but it looks quite greasy because of the blonde hair that was parted to show his forehead.

Aidan then looked around. Now that most of the students had already left the classroom, there were not many left.

“Ah! You were talking to me!”

The face of an aristocratic male student was distorted by Aiden’s innocent reaction.

“You. Are you mocking me now?”

“Yes? I didn’t mean that.”

Aidan smiled shyly and tried to say that he never meant that, but the situation in front of him was already overturned by the fact that the person in front of him had been insulted.

“You dare to ignore me, the first son of Baron Pellio?!”

Aidan broke out in a cold sweat. It seemed that he was wrong in many ways to pass for good.


A helping hand came to Aidan the moment he was contemplating how to handle this situation.

“If it’s Baron Pellio, isn’t he at the edge of the Empire?”

“What?! Who are you?”

It was a blue-haired boy who went out to help Aidan.

Jevan Pellio looked at the boy and put a smile on his lips.

“The Theon Academy admitted such a little boy?”

“It would be better than having a child of a poor baron family pass.”

“What?! You dare insult the Pellio family?!”

As Jevan clenched his teeth and tried to increase his magical power, the light blue-haired boy, Leo, did not lose his smile.

“I will make you pay the price for the words and deeds that dared insult the nobleman……”



“Try it. What will happen if you unleash your magic here and attack us?”

Everyone was shocked at Leo’s bold statement. He thought that ordinary people would bow their heads if they were moderately intimidated.

“Do you know that this is your family? Wake up. Even if you’re a noble, if you make a little fuss here, it’s not worth it. Didn’t you get any notice of that before you came in?”

“You ……!”

“If you don’t know what to do other than stare because there’s nothing to say.”

At Leo’s words, Jevan realized that there were still several students left in the classroom. Among them, there were children of high-ranking nobles whom they did not dare look up to.

Jevan looked at Aidan as if to kill him, and left the classroom without saying anything.

Aidan thought about whether this might be good or not. But right now, his priority was to thank that friend for helping him.

“Thank you for your help. I am Aidan.”

“I am Leo. Oh, and no need to thank you. I just acted because it was disgusting to see people calling themselves aristocrats.”

“Are you a good person?”

“……What did you hear me say?”

Leo looked at Aidan like a strange person and then shook his head.

“I’m just going to go.”

“Ah! I will go with you.”

“Do you know where I am going?”

“Aren’t you going to the next class? From the book I see in your hand I’m going to the same class.”

“……Sheesh. Do whatever you feel like.”

Leo spoke bluntly, but he didn’t turn down his offer. Aidan had an intuition that Leo’s behavior was just a bit strange, and he was a good person.

Leo, who was looking at Aidan who was packing his textbooks for the next class, suddenly opened his mouth.

“It would be nice to go around without showing too much.”

“Yes? What?”

“Try not to look like a plain villager who didn’t learn magic properly.”

“Oh, is that so? Sorry. I don’t know that.”

“Do not forget. This is Theon Academy. It’s full of all kinds of great people.”

“Great people? Ah. I think I can figure it out by looking at Mr. Chelici.”

Leo let out a sigh in response to the frigid reaction. Apparently, this poor friend had a lot to learn.


“Listen. Once you’ve taken the class, you too need to know how this place works. And you have to be careful about certain students.”

“Specific students?”

“Even within Theon, there are students who have an exceptionally overwhelming position. Right now, our first-year students have just come in and don’t know what to do, but from the second year on, they do.”

The most representative example was Flora Lumos.

“2nd year Flora Lumos. I didn’t know that we would be taking the same class, but it’s good to be careful.”


“There are rumors that she has a bad personality. The teacher who was in charge of the manifestation class last year suddenly quit because she had a big influence. She honestly thought she could do the same again……”

Leo also remembered Rudger Chelici class. The groundbreaking magic called source code he showed was definitely great. Because that Flora Lumos left without a click.

But he didn’t think Flora Lumos was going to collapse just because of that. Rather, there was a possibility that sparks of anger could be thrown at other people.

“So it’s best to avoid her as much as possible.”

“Anyone else?”

“There is. One of the noble bloodlines of the Exilion Empire.”

“Ah. I heard that rumor too. It’s said that there was a princess in second grade?”

“The Third Princess Erendira von Exilion. She was so noble and the emperor loved her, so she must have been able to come here. Of course, there’s nothing good about us being commoners.”

“Ah. Her.”

Aidan thought of a woman who had hair like gold threads. Blondes aren’t that rare, but there’s only one blonde with a sense of nobility.

“And finally, Freuden Ulburg.”

“That Ulburg? One of the three great duke families……”

“What other Ulburg could be in the Empire? Freuden, the eldest son of the Duke family of Ulburg. He is the man who leads the biggest faction in sophomore year. To be precise, it is an upper-class faction made up of only nobles.”

“Upper tier……clique.”

“People like us are like roadside bugs, so it’s better not to get involved. Fortunately, Freuden doesn’t take this class. By the way, the idiot who quarreled with you a while ago seems to belong to that faction.”

“Because it was unavoidable. Is there anyone else out there?”

Leo couldn’t figure out what kind of person Aidan was. But he was sure at least he wasn’t a bad guy or a dark-hearted guy.

“There are a few more.”

“Oh yeah? Who is it?”

“I’ll explain that later.”

“Great! Ah. Would you like to eat together later?”

“What? Why me?”

Aidan and Leo left the classroom murmuring. Not knowing that one of the remaining students in the classroom was watching them.

* * *

‘Hmm. Is this a private classroom?’

Standing in front of the room called the laboratory, I felt a little strange.

As it is Theon, the new teachers are given a considerable amount of personal space. The name plate at the entrance also had the name Rudger Chelici.

‘Let’s go inside.’

I was curious to see what the inside looked like, so I decided to check it out.

I opened the door and entered the classroom and I couldn’t help but be surprised to see the person who was inside.

“Oh. Mr. Rudger. Come in.”

One of the people I have to watch out for here, the president of Theon Academy was inside.

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