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The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C102

The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C102: The day before the mock battle


I was sitting by the window of a coffee shop that is famous for being a favorite of the upper class. White tables were lined up everywhere, and a red carpet was laid out. On the ceiling was a beautiful chandelier and sparkling lights.

Inside the store, there were customers dressed like aristocrats, wearing shirts with tight collars and cloaks, and women in long dresses with long hems, smiling with tea cups in their hands.

The smell of sweets and the refreshing scent of black tea mingled together and rose to a lofty level.

I sipped from a smooth ceramic teacup and sipped the tea. I wonder if the tea is made with herbs or mint. The scent is supposed to have a calming effect on people, but it feels uncomfortable and somehow unsettling.

I had no choice but to stare out the window at the cityscape of the royal capital and wait for Yulis in front of me to finish eating the cake.

I thought back as I looked at the red-roofed buildings and the magnificent royal castle against the blue sky.

As soon as I got out of the castle, I sent a messenger to investigate the possible battlefields on the list and to see how Claire’s father was doing.

While the messenger came back, I waited and thought of a plan to defeat Claire.

Today I received word of the messenger’s return. I stopped by the Sotheby’s Trading Company and found Yulis in the trading room.

I wondered why Yulis had come, and when I asked her, she answered, “To tell your brothers and the former Viscount about the escape route.”

After that, before I could ask anything else Yulis said “Let’s talk in a place where we can relax.”

God, this is so annoying. I thought it would be fine on the spot, but I didn’t want to annoy her, so I chose this restaurant that I happened to find when I was checking places for the date with Claire.

It’s a strange feeling for me to have chosen a rundown tavern for the daughter of a marquis, but a lofty coffee shop for the maid of my own house.

When I showed Yulis around this place, I felt that Yulis’ voice was a little lively, which was good. In fact when I looked at her she had already finished eating and was wiping her mouth with a napkin, looking satisfied.

“Well, let’s start the……report.”

Yulis placed the napkin neatly on the table.

The current Yulis was wearing a blue dress with bare shoulders that she had picked up from the Sotheby’s Trading Company, and her shining silver hair shone beautifully. She looked beautiful with her shining silver hair, and she had the grace, dignity, and elegance of a princess that anyone could imagine.

Yulis continued without paying attention to my inability to reply.

“As for the location of the mock battle, I’ve actually brought along a detailed report of my research on everything from river levels to soil quality, so you can take a look at that.”

What? Yulis came to check it out?

Surprised that Yulis went to check it out alone, I forgot my fears and asked her.

“Yulis checked the location?”


“In the meantime, I’ve been working at…….”

When I had said that much, Yulis interrupted me.

“Master Chris.”

“What is it?”

“The Dreschord house is facing a crisis.”


I thought it would be the usual thing, but I succumbed to the pressure that Yulis was emitting and started to talk.

“Yes. So isn’t it only natural that I, the most competent, should do it?”

“I’m glad to hear that you understand. Chris-sama can’t marry the marquis’ daughter, you know. You should marry someone more accessible.”

“……That’s right.”

From Yulis’s behavior I could only say a few words. However, something seemed to have caught her fancy and she continued in a good mood.

“Yes. I think Chris-sama would be a good match for someone close at hand.”

I didn’t want to offend her, so I just listened to what she had to say, after that, when the time was suitable.

“Also, about the Marquis of Alcala…”

“What about him? Apparently, at first, his vassals tried to stop him from drinking alcohol. However……”

Originally, the Marquis of Alcala didn’t drink. However, he asked for a bottle of distilled liquor so that he could actually know the specialties of my territory.

The distilled liquor was of the highest quality in our store, and of course it was highly alcoholic. The vassals tried to prevent the Marquis from drinking it, but the alcohol got the better of him and he started drinking it on his own. Even after I left he continued to drink for a long time.

Yulis concluded by saying that the reason why the Marquis had been prevented from drinking was that he was too strong.

I was convinced when I heard that. I’ve heard on TV that genetics plays a role in whether or not a person is a strong drinker.

There are two enzymes involved in the metabolism of alcohol. There are two types of genes that produce one of the two enzymes: 1 and 2. The enzyme produced by gene 2 has a weaker function, so people with gene 2 are more susceptible to drinking.

There are many oriental people who have 2 type 2 genes passed down from their parents, and they are weak to alcohol.

It is no wonder that there is a gene that makes people strong in alcohol because it is a different world…….What is important is that, like her father, Claire is terribly resistant to alcohol. But if this is true, there’s something I can try in the mock battle.

“What’s the matter, Master Chris? You’re smiling all of a sudden.”

“I just thought that if we were going to imitate a real battle, like a march or a battle formation, we might be able to do it.”

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