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The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C103

The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C103: The day of the mock battle

Chapter 4/4 for last week.

In front of me, the children of the nobility in their colorful armors were marching up and down the street. The sun was beating down on them, and their armor was reflecting the light, making me wonder if they had been burned.

Behind me, I heard the sound of a cart carrying a load of goods. When I turned around, I saw that there were about five carts, and a horse was lazily pulling a large load of goods behind it.

I walked backwards, staring blankly at the plain intersecting the distant sky. As I walked backwards, the rhythm of the clacking of hooves broke, and I hurriedly turned forward and pulled the gag to restore the rhythm.

“What are you scurrying around for?”

“No, I just thought this day had finally come.”

On the day of the mock battle, I was marching to my destination, pulling the gag on Alice’s horse like a squire. The destination had been announced this morning, and this time the mock battle would be held at the border of the Duke of Orrard domain.

According to the topographical report that Yulis gave me, it was a flat area between two small mountains, with a river flowing from one of the higher mountains.

Therefore, if we were going to take a position, it would be on the higher mountain where we could secure water and confirm the enemy position from high up, but after considering the geography, I decided to take the lower mountain.

Both mountains are well-maintained by people, but the higher one is a bit muddy at the foot of the river. Considering the rigors of climbing up and down with heavy armor on, there was only one mountain to choose from.

There was no way that Claire and the others, who didn’t know anything about the soil, would know that, and as expected, they were marching in that direction.

As I was thinking that this advantage was huge, Alice called out to me from her horse.

“What are you smirking about?”

Don’t report my every move to me. I’m sure you have better things to do

“Don’t look so intently.”

“No, no, no, I’m not looking that hard.”

Alice’s panic causes the horse to neigh and lash out. I managed to calm the horse down and blamed Alice for almost shaking it off.

We’re almost there, I see the mountain. I pointed to the mountain in front of us. Then Alice moaned with a red face and stared straight at the mountain.

The mountain was not a mountain, but rather a small hill with trees growing on it. One of the reasons why we chose this mountain was because the road extended all the way to the foot of the mountain, making it easy to climb.

Even so, I never thought that this place would be chosen. After listening to Yulis explanation, I thought that there was almost no chance that this place would be chosen.

In the first place, there were no mountains in the other places, just pure plains. If the goal was to prevent Alice from being injured, the plain should be chosen.

They may have expected the teams to take up positions at the foot of the mountain, but what they got were students desperate for merit. I can only say that it was completely shallow.

I don’t know what else is out there, but it’s the easiest terrain for me to win against Claire, so I didn’t worry about it too much.

As I was thinking about this, I heard another clop of hooves behind me. Eventually, the horse came up next to me and the rider spoke to me.

“We’re almost there, aren’t we? Chris.”

“Oh, Mist.”

“Yeah. By the way, did you have any news before today?”

Mist on the horse, her cherry-red hair swept by the wind, asked me in a mischievous way. From Mist’s devilish smile, I understood that she meant something with Claire.

The students were ridiculously conscious of this mock battle, for them it felt like a real war. If I were to use an analogy, it would be similar to the feeling of imitating adults at a cultural festival.

So, taking advantage of the ancient tradition of stirring up sake before a battle, I sent Claire some alcohol and tried to get the people around her to drink it as well.

I contacted Claire before the mock battle, “In war, people have always enjoyed drinking to cheer themselves up. It’s not very much, so drink it with the others,” I said, sending her a bottle of ridiculously strong liquor.

She might have thought that she couldn’t drink something sent by the enemy, but I reminded her that she would be my opponent, so I could only do so much, and as usual, Claire was completely engrossed.

I felt guilty at the sight of Claire, but I was more than satisfied that she would definitely drink now. If Claire would drink, the other men would drink out of their own silly pride.

Looking back, I was glad that it had worked.

“Ha-ha-ha. I guess.”

“What? What’s going on, Chris?”

Again, Alice panicked and her horse neighed.

“Please calm down!”

“I’m sorry. But, because……”

After the horse calms down, Alice casts a shadow over her face and murmurs sadly. I wonder why she looks so sad, but I feel bad when she looks at me like that.

“Chris, you’re such a villain.”

“What are you talking about?”

I really didn’t know, and when I asked, Mist said, “Bad man,” and chuckled.

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