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I was sold at the lowest price C340

I was sold at the lowest price C340: Bystanders


Perhaps they have decided that a battle is inevitable, the surveillance troops are now in a fighting stance. Their numbers are about the same, but the central troops monitoring us are more skilled.

“Jean. I’ll be standing by with my Arleo-2, just in case.”

I had a lot of trouble deciding on a name for my special machine, and in the end I thought that Arleo would be fine. The reason I gave it “2” is because it means “second magicraft” and also because it is a class 2 magicraft.

“The surveillance team seems to be more powerful than them, so I’m sure everything will be fine.”

“It’s better to be worried now than surprised when the surveillance unit is breached.”

“That’s true.”

“If Yuta is going to wait in his magicraft, then I’ll be in Diatena too.”

Nagisa’s personal magicraft has also been given a name. I’m not sure where it came from, but Nagisa named it.

When Nagisa and I went to the storage space where the magicrafts were, Linnecarlo followed us, saying, “It can’t be helped, can it?”

They seemed to think that it was enough for us to stand by, and Kiyone remained on the bridge of Mirai.

In the meantime, the battle between Count Suidel army and the surveillance unit seems to have started. It became even noisier outside.

As I climbed into the Arleo-2, I placed my hand on the control ball to activate it. At the same time, I asked Feri to project the battle on the screen.

“I’m projecting the battle at a distance of one kilometer in the north-northwest direction.”

When Feri said that, the image of the magicrafts fighting fiercely appeared on the screen. It’s a technology called telephoto projection, and if you’re far enough away, you can see what’s going on as if you were looking at it up close.

The battle between the armies of the Kingdom of Lubel was fierce. They are attacking each other with swords and spears in a desperate attempt to destroy each other’s magicrafts.

At first, the battle seemed to be evenly matched, but gradually, the surveillance forces began to push the Count Suidel army. I don’t know what kind of organizational structure the Royal Army of Lubel has, but it seems that the Central Army, to which the Surveillance Unit belongs, is of a higher rank. The quality of the riders seemed to be slightly higher.

However, even though Count Suidel army was inferior in terms of strength, they did not let the surveillance force gain a one-sided advantage through their desperate struggle.

“We’re not going to lose, but it looks like they’re going to do a bit of damage…….”

Jean muttered as he analyzed the battle situation.

“Jean. What should we do? Maybe I should get out there and lend a hand.”

“……Wait a minute, it’s not a good idea to go out and join the war on your own. Let’s let the surveillance unit decide.”

The surveillance team had given me a Sharestone in advance. With it, we can connect with them through the spirit box. Jean asked them directly if we could help.

“This is Mirai, a ride hover from the Amurian Union. I am prepared to assist you in any way I can. If you wish, we can launch right away.”

“Thank you for your offer, but this is an internal matter of the Kingdom of Lubel. We will solve it ourselves, so please stay out of it.”

Apparently, the help was refused. Jean seemed to have expected this.

“So it’s no good. Soldiers are so inflexible, aren’t they?

It is true that soldiers seem to have a tendency to prioritize honor and position over facts.

The battle between the armies of the Kingdom of Lubel continued.

The battle, which neither side could back down from, ended with the annihilation of Count Suidel army. However, it seems that the surveillance unit also suffered considerable damage, with ride carriers other than Souve sunk and 80% of the magicrafts heavily damaged.

The surveillance unit was in shambles, and it looked as if it would be difficult to accompany us. However, the commander of Souve surveillance unit told us in a matter-of-fact manner,

“Thank you for your patience. We’ve secured the area, please proceed.”

I wondered if it was a sign of professionalism, a proud act for a soldier, but for me, it was more about fear than respect. I was starting to wonder what kind of person the commander of the surveillance unit was.

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