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I was sold at the lowest price C341

I was sold at the lowest price C341: Elite Soldiers


The surveillance team is reorganizing the unit with the survivors and Jean is impressed to see that the work is proceeding without hesitation.

I asked Jean, as to me it looked like they were just sorting out the working and destroyed magicrafts.

”Is it really that difficult to reorganize?”

“It would be quite difficult in that situation. I’m sure the commander would like to keep as many as possible, but it’s difficult to determine if they can actually be used as a fighting force. However, the commander had no such hesitation. If you don’t have a clear picture of whether or not you can use it as a fighting force, it won’t work like that.”

“Oh, so that’s how it is.”

I watched the battle, and I think his command skills are very good. There’s nothing unexpected about him, but he used pretty solid tactics to deal with the enemy.”

Kiyone, who had been listening to Jean and me, also expressed her opinion about the commander of the surveillance unit.

I was able to meet him in person very soon. He had come to Mirai because he wanted to consult with us about our future plans.

“I’m Emitz Steiner from the Central Army of the Kingdom of Lubel. I apologize for the disturbance caused by this private matter.”

I was surprised to hear from Kiyone and Nagisa that he was probably a woman. The way he behaved and acted, he looked like a man, so I thought he was a man. Her voice is quite husky and can be interpreted as either male or female…….

As I was whispering about it being a man or a woman, Emitz noticed. She was used to this kind of situation and told me in a pleasantly clear manner.

“I am biologically a woman, but I have already decided to leave women behind and live as a man. So I would appreciate it if you would treat me as a man.”

Well, I guess everyone has their own way of life. If a woman wants to live as a man, she should do so.

“So, what is it that you want to discuss?”

The conversation had gone off track, so Jean asked Emitz to bring it back.

“In fact, I absentmindedly missed the ringleader of the earlier battle. The group that attacked us is led by a local lord named Count Suidel, but he is an old nobleman with deep ties to the lords of this area, so there is a possibility that he may get help from them and attack us again.”

“I see. So what do you want us to do?”

“Yes. If possible, I would like to ask you to stop by the nearby Lubel military base…….”

“You say you’re running low on strength and can’t withstand another attack, so you want to stop by the base to ask for reinforcements.”

“I’m very sorry if this is not what you want to do, but I would really appreciate it if you would consider it.”

“Jean. He said it’s close by, maybe we can stop by the base.”

I took pity on Emitz, who was really apologetic, and helped him out.

“I understand that we’ll be stopping by the base. But we’re not going anywhere near the base. We’ll stay close by and call for reinforcements or whatever you need.”

The cautious Jean did not want to approach the base. There is certainly no advantage for us to get close to the military base of the Kingdom of Lubel.

Emitz saluted like a military man and went back to Souve. As Emitz left, there was a bit of excitement on Mirai’s bridge about him.

“I’m sure she’ll get mad if I say this to her, but it’s a shame that she’s living as a man when she’s so beautiful.”

Kiyone also reacted to Nagisa’s words.

“That’s true. She’s got such a good capacity that if she lives as a woman, she’s guaranteed a certain level of happiness.”

“Well, I’m not even close.”

Everyone went through Linnecarlo’s words as normal. Linnecarlo looked at me as if he wanted me to agree with her. I was at a loss for words as to what to say, so I looked away and pretended not to hear.

“Well, I guess it doesn’t matter to her whether she’s beautiful or not. Live the way you want to live. It would be nice to have such a choice.”

I agree with Jean’s words. I thought, “You only live once, and as long as you don’t bother others, you can live your life the way you want.”

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