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The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C104

The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C104: Strategy Meeting


By the time we finished setting up camp in the middle of the mountain, the sun was already setting. There were a few trees around, but it was open. In addition, the ground was flat and hard, so it was easy to set up camp.

Looking into the distance, we could see the mountains in the process of swallowing the setting sun. The mountains across from us were muddy in many places, so there were only a few places where the opposing team could set up camp. It may have been to prevent people from realizing where the main camp was, but seeing that no fire had been built yet, it must have been quite a challenge.

I looked away from the mountain across from me and turned around. There were many tents and students around the campfire. The students were sitting around the fire, talking and laughing happily.

The lack of tension made me uneasy, but I decided not to worry about it, since I would have to work hard tomorrow.

“Chris, let’s start the strategy meeting.”

At that moment, Mist peeked out from a large tent and called out to me.

“Yeah. I’m coming.”

I followed Mist’s words and went inside the tent.

Inside the tent, eight students who had been chosen by the general surrounded a simple desk that had been assembled. A map was spread out on the table, and a candlestick was lit so that we could see it clearly.

I was one of the last to arrive, and as I walked over to the desk, Alice announced the beginning of the meeting.

“Let’s get this meeting started. First, please tell us your plan.”

When Alice nominated me to explain, I looked at her expectantly.

“Yes. Then I will explain the strategy.”

I pointed to a spot on the unfolded map.

“Tomorrow, we’ll use a separate force to surprise the enemy main camp and win.”

Everyone started to buzz at my words. The expressions on their faces varied from cloudy to shocked, but I guess they were reacting because they couldn’t understand what I was saying.

That’s understandable. In the topographical data that Yulis had given me, I had picked out places where the camp could be set up. In order to set up the main camp, it would have to be somewhat wide and the ground would have to be solid.

The mountain across from us had a lot of poor footholds, so they had to narrow down their choices. On top of that, it’s hard to climb and they can’t go too high. So, they were limited to one place.

“What makes you so sure it’s there?”

Alice asked, representing everyone’s feelings.

“It’s because, considering the topography of the mountain across from us, that’s the only place they can set up their main camp.”

I explained, and Mist opened her mouth happily.

“Yeah. That’s why I allowed the campfires.”

Mist was right. Even though it is difficult to climb, their main camp is higher than ours, and this open space is vaguely visible from the other side.

So, she allowed it because she thought that if they are going to find out anyway, it won’t make any difference if we build a fire.

“That’s right. If they’re there anyway, they’ll know what we’re doing.”

“But even if we know their main camp, they know our main camp. In addition, they can see our main camp. We’re still at a disadvantage, aren’t we?”

The student with the next highest power last Mist frowned and spoke up. I’ve been waiting for that question. What the heck, this feels super good.

I open my mouth, wondering if this is how it always feels to be the hero of an “I’m so good” story.

“That’s where the trick is.”

“What do you mean?”

“Even though they can see us from the other side, it’s a long distance so they can only catch a glimpse of our camp.”

I continue with a smug look on my face.

“So we’ll set up multiple stirrups and make them glow with the reflection of the sun. That will make it look to them like there are people in the main camp.”

“What’s the point of that?”

“We don’t want them to know that we will launch a sneak attack. That will catch them off guard.”

They all nodded their heads in agreement.

If they knew we were going to surprise them, it would only be a simple assault. There were an equal number of us and them. If we don’t take any action, we are sure to be found out.

“But even if we try to surprise them, won’t we fail if there are too many of them in their main camp?”

Alice asked with a worried look on her face.

“Of course. That’s why we need to send troops to the front and have Claire send reinforcements.”

Even as I said that, I knew I could handle that.

This is because I sent Claire some alcohol. If she was distracted by the students who were under the influence of alcohol and was also attacked by several students, even Claire would not be able to stand it.

“I see. So it’s going to be tough on the front lines.”

Alice’s face turned mysterious, and they all followed her as their faces shadowed.

“No, it’s not that hard. If they know that the rest of us are in the main camp, they will send reinforcements to not lose the front line.”

When I finished, the atmosphere softened. However, there was no doubt that the front line was in trouble, so I continued.

“Still, as long as we don’t know how many troops the opponent will send out to the front, we will have to fight without the ambush troops. We have to fight hard to a certain extent so that they don’t see our dummies and think that we can bring down their main camp with just the troops we sent to the front.”

At these words, they all gulped again. I have a suggestion for everyone.

“That’s why I want you to go to the front, Lady Americia.”

“What? Me?”

Alice scowled, pointed at herself, and looked at me. I nodded and continued.

“Yeah. I just need you to stand back and watch everyone fight. I’d like you to help boost the morale of everyone.”

“I don’t know if I can do that.”

In place of the anxiously muttering Alice, the other students began to shout happily.

“If Americia-sama is watching, then we should be able to protect her!”

“I’ll protect her!”

“How can I look like a fool in front of Americia-sama?”

Yeah. It’ll be a nice morale boost. Well, it doesn’t mean much, though.

Alice opened her mouth happily, as if everyone’s voices had made her feel better.

“Chris, you don’t mind if we win, do you?”

When Alice said that, I felt a little uneasy.

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