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I was sold at the lowest price C343

I was sold at the lowest price C343: Weird Weather


The stop at the base was a complete waste of time, but we didn’t care and set off for our destination. The research facility of the ancient civilization was still some distance away, and it was going to be a long journey.

Linnecarlo said with concern as she watched Souve, the surveillance unit’s ride carrier, follow Mirai.

“I think part of the elemental line directly connected to the core is damaged. It could stop at any time.”

Feri’s pseudo body analyzed Souve condition. She looks like a normal human being, but this Feri is a fake made with homunculus technology. Feri’s main body is inside Arleo-2, and this pseudo-body is remotely controlled.

“If it stops, we’ll have to leave them behind. That way there will be no one to monitor us.”

“You’re so cold, Jean, after saying earlier that you expect Emitz-dono to work hard.”

“If they slow us down we’ll leave them behind.”

“If I think about it, there’s no reason to be concerned about an enemy that’s watching us without our permission.”

Linnecarlo agrees with Jean’s words.

“Well, that may be true, but won’t it become a problem between the Amurian Union and the Kingdom of Lubel?”

“If anyone is to be blamed, it will be the commander in the field, Emitz.”

I know his face, and I feel a little sorry for him. …… As I looked at Souve, who looked like he was about to stop, I gave him a shout in my mind, “Don’t stop.”

Whether my support was working or not, Souve never stopped, and managed to keep up with Mirai. However, there was another problem that threatened to undermine their efforts.

“There’s a storm coming…….”

Jean muttered as he looked at the clouds in the distant sky.

“Is it going to rain?”

“Fool, it’s not that simple! It’s the kind of storm that won’t let a magicraft go unscathed. It’s not a problem for a large ride carrier like Fugaku, but Mirai might not last…….We’ll have to hide somewhere.”


“There’s no base or city here, so we’ll just have to find a big cave or something…….”

“It’s no use getting lost. Why don’t you ask the local surveillance unit?”

Kiyone’s opinion was immediately adopted and Jean asked Emitz.

“I’m sorry, I’m not from this area myself, so I’m not familiar with the geography. However, I do have a subordinate who is from this area, so I will check.”

Emitz checked with his men and was informed that there was a large limestone cave a few kilometers to the east.

Okay, it’s a bit of a detour, but we’re moving east.

It was not the direction of our destination, but to avoid danger we headed for the limestone caves. Souve was aware of the danger of the storm and didn’t object to it.

The limestone cave was indeed large since Mirai as well as the Souve, a medium-sized ride carrier, managed to fit in.

A short time after the two ships had taken refuge in the cave, a storm started raging outside. I thought it would be more like a typhoon, but it was nothing like that. It was a hellish scene with countless lightning bolts flying around that seemed to be as powerful as Linnecarlo’s magic strike.

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