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I was sold at the lowest price C344

I was sold at the lowest price C344: A Brief Moment


“I wonder how long it will take for the storm to subside.”

Nagisa muttered to herself as she looked at the scene outside the cave, the weather raging wildly.

“Sometimes it stops in a day, sometimes it lasts for a week. The weather is too much for humans.”

“A week! I hope it won’t last so long!”

Linnecarlo said in a tone of voice that clearly showed she was disgusted from the bottom of her heart. If we were to stay in this place for a week, the free-spirited and dynamic Linnecarlo might go crazy.

“Well, that’s a rare occurrence. Most of them should be over in a few days.”

I didn’t want to be stranded here for a week either, so I hoped the weather would improve soon.

Even though it was a large limestone cave, it was an enclosed space, Souve and Mirai were closer than ever. I don’t think they’re going to attack us, but we’ve got to stay alert. We took turns waiting on the bridge, keeping an eye on Souve. In the midst of this tense atmosphere, Feri spoke up.

“Yuta, I have a suggestion, why don’t I repair that ride carrier called Souve while I’m at it?”

I certainly don’t have anything in particular I want Feri to do, since we’re just waiting for the weather to improve. Souve will probably break down and won’t be able to keep up with us, so we might as well fix it while we can. That’s what I thought, but Linnecarlo reacted when she heard Feri’s words.

“Wait a minute, why should we go to such lengths to repair the enemy’s ride carrier?”

It was a fair point.

“Although they belong to an enemy nation, we are not currently in direct conflict with them, so I don’t see a problem.”

Kiyone agreed with Feri’s opinion. It’s a good thing that she’s a kind person, she might have thought that Emitz would be in trouble if Souve broke down and we couldn’t be monitored.

“For me, it doesn’t matter either way.”

Jean says.

“I think it’s better to repair it, but what does Yuta think?”

Nagisa also seemed to be in favor of repairing it.

“I’ll ask Feri to repair Souve. If it doesn’t affect us too much, they might as well owe us a favor.”

Linnecarlo was still mumbling, but it was decided by a majority vote that we would offer to repair Souve. At first Emitz was puzzled by the unexpected proposal, but in the end he accepted it, as he didn’t want to lose the ability to monitor us.

“Thank you very much. It was too damaged to be repaired by Souve’s mechanics. The mechanics there seem to be excellent, by the way. I can’t believe that a place like this, which is not even a workshop, can repair a delicate part that is directly connected to the core…….”

Emitz was amazed at Feri’s handiwork. He’d be even more surprised if he knew we had the technology to generate a core.

With the repair of Souve, the distance between us and the surveillance team seemed to have shortened a little. The eyes of the soldiers of the surveillance unit looking at us have clearly changed.

At first, their expressions were stern, as if they were looking at a dangerous object, but now their expressions have softened considerably. The atmosphere improved to the point where some of them even greeted us when their eyes met ours while watching from the bridge of Mirai.

“It seems that Feri’s repairs were not in vain, and the awkward atmosphere has eased considerably.”

When I told her about the change in atmosphere, she replied while looking through a magazine.

“I’ve heard rumors that they have a great mechanic over there. I’m sure it’ll turn out all right.”

“It would be hilarious if we had to fight a fully equipped surveillance unit.”

Linnecarlo complained, still concerned that her opinion had not been accepted. It’s true that it might not be a laughing matter if we end up fighting, but strangely enough, I don’t think I’d regret it even if we did.

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