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I was sold at the lowest price C345

I was sold at the lowest price C345: Leisure Time


“Hey, Yuta! Why is your laundry in my laundry basket?”

Nagisa said she was going to do the laundry, so I quietly put my dirty clothes in her laundry basket, but it seems she noticed.

“A little more won’t matter because the effort is the same.”

In this world, there are tools like washing machines. It is called a magic washing box that cleans clothes without using water, and its usage is not much different from that of a washing machine. So I think it’s okay to have a few more clothes to wash, but Nagisa doesn’t seem convinced.

“That’s not the point! You’re being careless about mixing your clothes with a girl’s!”

“What? When my mom was in the hospital a long time ago, your mom did my laundry and our clothes were washed together.”

“When are you talking about? Don’t mix the senses of an ignorant little girl with that of a mature girl! You even put your underwear! What the hell are you thinking?”

“Don’t you dare hold up my underwear in that way!”

What are you talking about? Give me a reason why!”

I was trying to wash it because it was dirty, and there was no way I could explain that. I had never beaten Nagisa in an argument before, so there was no way I could win. I tried to fight back in a nonchalant way, but she said every word back with double the force.

After that, Nagisa put my laundry in the magic washing box, even though she complained about it. After all, if she was going to wash my clothes, she shouldn’t have complained, I thought, but I was grateful.

Anyway, I had nothing to do until the storm stopped. Nagisa would probably tell me that I should at least do the laundry myself, so I didn’t say anything about it, but I was bored.

“Yuta, will you accompany me for a little sword training?”

Seemingly sensing that I was bored, Kiyone invited me to train. Yeah, I never know what the resurrected old man will say if my sword skills are dull.

“Okay, let’s do it.”

“Then let’s go outside, since Mirai’s hangar is too small.”

Unlike Fugaku and Musashi, there is no extra space in Mirai’s hangar. Kiyone and I took our swords and left Mirai.

“Yuta, where are you going?”

Just as we were walking out, Nagisa passed by and called out to us.

” Sword training.”

“You’re so carefree when you make me do your laundry.”

“What do you mean carefree? Sword training is a noble pursuit.”

“Well, maybe it is, but……I want to get some exercise too, can I join you?”

Well, Nagisa was really good with the sword, wasn’t she? I’m sure she’ll be able to handle it.

“Oh, where is everyone going?”

Linnecarlo spotted us trooping out and called out to us in a panic.

“We’re going outside to practice sword fighting.”

“Oh, I’m coming too!”

But Jean, who was nearby, stopped her.

“No Linnecarlo. You’re on sentry duty! Make sure you’re on standby and ready to go at any time!”

It seemed unlikely that the surveillance unit would attack, but one of us would always be on duty, waiting close to the magicrafts at any time. Now it was time for Linnecarlo to be on duty.

She looked at me in frustration when Jean pointed it out. I can’t be bothered with a face like that…….

First, Kiyone and I stand together. We faced and greeted each other, then approached each other at once and swung our wooden swords. The first strike was repelled with a dry crunching sound.

“It seems that your skill has not dulled. I’m sure father will be pleased to see it when he comes back.”

“If I don’t improve he’ll be mad at me.”

“Yes, that’s true. Well then, I’ll give you a good workout as your older sister.”

When Kiyone said that, she launched an onslaught that I could not imagine from her slim body. I managed to block about five moves, but on the sixth move, I was struck hard in the shoulder. The pain created a momentary gap, and she struck me again and again with the wooden sword.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen Kiyone’s sword so effective!”

“Don’t get any funny ideas and fight back!”

I stepped back and regained my stance, holding my wooden sword at the top and moving into an attacking stance.

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