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I was sold at the lowest price C346

I was sold at the lowest price C346: Nagisa vs Kiyone


I took an upper stance and kneaded my ki. A half-hearted attack would not work against Kiyone. I need to be able to kill her with a single blow. I raised my spirits even higher and prepared to attack.

Kiyone didn’t make any moves, as if she wanted to take the full force of my blow. However, she slowly approaches me and puts pressure on me.

I can’t expect Kiyone to have even a brief opening. If I wanted an opening, I would have to create it myself. I decided to create an opening by striking hard from above.

With a long stride, I quickly closed the gap and approached Kiyone. Kiyone emitted a strong killing intent, and for a moment I was stopped in my tracks. However, I knew that if I hesitated here, I would be killed, so I swung my sword down as if to shake off the killing energy.

A quick, powerful sword was swung at Kiyone. Kiyone caught the blow without avoiding it. It was more powerful than Kiyone expected, and she seemed to lose her balance for a moment. I was going to put all my strength into it and push it in, but as if to take advantage of the opportunity, I drew my sword to launch my next attack.


The moment I drew my sword, Kiyone, who had quickly switched her system, unleashed a thrusting attack like a flash of light.

“It was a trap…….It looked like you lost your balance…….”

“If you can’t see through that, you’re not ready.”

I’m still a step behind Kiyone. Okay! I’ll get her next time! That’s what I thought as I stood up…….

“Kiyone, will you practice with me next?”

“Wait a minute, Nagisa, I’m not done yet.”

“What are you talking about? If that was the real thing, you’d end up dead.”

“No, but.”

Nagisa forced me to step back and faced Kiyone. Perhaps because she was a hardcore martial artist trained since childhood, she seemed to be stimulated by Kiyone’s identity as a swordsman.

“It’s a different style than I’ve seen before…….It’s certainly more interesting than watching Yuta fight.”

“I’m also elated for the first time in a long time. Kiyone, let’s go all out.”

The two exchanged light words and held their wooden swords. The atmosphere of a serious match makes me nervous.

Kiyone was the first to move. She aimed at the tip of Nagisa’s nose with a light thrust, as if to see what would happen. Nagisa, a master of aikido, was a good judge of character. She didn’t move an eyebrow, as if she had seen that the sword would not reach her.

Kiyone’s eyes changed as she realized Nagisa’s skill in this exchange. She overflowed with a spirit that she didn’t show in her training with me, and I can tell that she became serious.

Kiyone swung her sword with gusto. Nagisa was moved by her swordsmanship, which seemed to cut down even a huge tree with a single blow.

She raises her sword and catches Kiyone’s sword. However, Nagisa’s sword was soon overpowered by Kiyone’s sword and turned downward. However, she knew that this was a sword technique called “Ryuhen” in Kouri-ryu aikijutsu. It is a technique that changes the direction of an attack by receiving it, and Kiyone’s sword was swept away in a different direction than she aimed.

Even Kiyone was surprised by this. She hurriedly stepped back and changed her stance. Kiyone’s next stance was something I don’t see very often, with the hilt of the sword next to her face and the tip of the sword pointing at her opponent.

Kiyone’s attack from that stance was fast. It was a series of thrusts that seemed to leave an afterimage, a series of divine speed moves that I would never have been able to handle. Perhaps she saw Nagisa’s technique earlier and switched to the sword of agility, thinking that the sword of power would not work.

I was curious what Nagisa would do against this sword.

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