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Haunted Duke’s Daughter C65

Haunted Duke’s Daughter C65


“Your Highness.”

Lilia pasted a smile on her face to the prince. The prince seemed to be wary of Lilia for a while, but then swallowed his gulp and gave her a mending smile.

“You surprised me with your sudden appearance. What do you want?”

“I have something very, very important to tell you.”

Perhaps sensing the anger in Lilia’s voice, the prince nodded, his cheeks tugging.

“Let’s hear it. You may enter.”

The prince gave her permission, so Lilia entered the room.

The room was not so different from Lilia’s room. There were a lot of chairs and tables, probably because there were a lot of visitors, but other than that, there was nothing different. Lilia threw her gaze to the corner of the room and bowed her head, though her eyebrows furrowed suspiciously.

“It’s been a while, Mr. Glenn.”

“No, I think we see each other every morning, don’t we?”

In the corner of the room was one of Lilia’s classmates, a male student with fiery red hair, Glenn Crescendo. He was supposed to be the prince’s bodyguard after graduating from the school, and was said to be as skilled with a sword as any adult.

Glenn smiled weakly at Lilia.

“Liliane, I’m afraid of your face. Please stop.”

“I’m sorry. To be honest, it’s all I can do to control this anger. Or would Master Glenn be able to take it for me?”

“His Highness is there, so don’t hit me.”


The prince, who had been wonderfully betrayed, shouted in surprise and then slowly moved his gaze toward Lilia. When Lilia smiled at him, the prince took a step back.

“Yes, anger. Let’s hear it.”

“Please look at this.”

Lilia placed the invitation she had received from Tina on the table in the center of the room. The prince looked at it and tilted his head. Glenn came over to look at it as well.

“This is the invitation I sent to Tina, isn’t it? Why do you have it?”

“No, wait a minute! You sent it?”

The prince looked at Glenn with a puzzled look on his face.

“Of course I sent it. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to see Tina.”

“Oh……So that’s what……is all about. Lady Lilia has every right to be angry…….”

Lilia was surprised by these words. What he just said must mean that Glenn had a sane mind. At least he wasn’t as stupid as the prince.

S–There are decent people here.

L–So how did this happen?

When Lilia glared at Glenn for an explanation, he let out a pathetic scream and interrupted the prince. The prince protested, but Glenn looked unconcerned.

“I know exactly what Lady Lilia is angry about. A baron family of low rank is invited to an evening party hosted by the royal family. Even a fool like me can imagine what will happen.”

“But, you know,” Glenn said, looking all sorts of discerning.

“He’s even dumber than me when it comes to love.”


“Yes, sir. I’m aware of that.”


The prince’s face turned into a sullen scowl, and Lilia who saw it raised her eyebrows. Glenn quietly left the scene.

“Your Highness.”


“Sit down there.”

Lilia then pointed to the floor in front of her. Not a chair, but the floor. As a matter of course, the prince glared at Lilia, wondering what she was talking about.

“Do you have a problem with that?”

“No, no…….Nothing…….”

Seeing Lilia’s smile, he sat there quietly. The prince looked around as if to ask for help, but the servants who were gathered in a corner of the room, shivering. Not even the soldiers were willing to come into the room.

“Your Highness, no one is going to help you. You deserve what’s coming to you, so you’d better meekly accept Lady Lilia’s wrath. Don’t worry, I’ll pick up your bones.”

“Wait a minute, Glenn. At least stay by my side…….”

“Well then, Lady Lilia. Don’t be shy.”

Glenn gently stepped back. The prince’s face was stained with despair, and the thunder of Liliane Aldis struck.


Under the cherry tree, Sakura was laughing so hard that she was hitting the ground repeatedly.

“Hahaha……! Hihi……!”

Outside, Lilia’s lightning still continued to strike. I looked around and saw Glenn, the servants and the soldiers shivering in the corner.

“Hmm, hahaha……! I know how you feel. I’m scared, this is really scary!”

Lilia’s anger is basically quiet. Quietly, with a smile, she makes the other person shrink. It seems that even Lilia can explode when she gets really angry. It’s a good discovery.

“I told you before, didn’t I? I told you to think about Tina-san! Think about the people around you!”

Lilia’s thunder continued and Sakura felt a little nostalgic as she listened to it.

Much of what Lilia said was what Sakura had said to Lilia. She seemed to have remembered it well. She was honestly happy about that.

“It’s going well.”

Sakura was laughing as she listened to Lilia’s angry voice.

There was no one watching Sakura, only the thin black device in her hand illuminated her.


“Oh…….Okay, well, I understand…….Looks like I was wrong about…….”

When Lilia regained her composure and took a breath, the prince, who had been released for the time being, sat deep in his chair and sighed long and hard.

Looking at the prince, she felt that she had gone a little too far, but there was no regret and no remorse. She just followed her feelings and acted accordingly. Lilia herself can be said to be the same as always.

S–For your friends, that’s where you always change.

At Sakura’s teasing tone, Lilia made a Buddha’s face. The prince in front of her tensed up, but she didn’t care.

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