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I got a fake job at the academy C20

I got a fake job at the academy C20: Abraham Van Helsing (1)


Teacher Selina, who was smiling brightly today as well, nodded her head at my question.

“Yes. Rumors have already spread among the students. Werewolves exist only as urban legends. Is it funny?”


“No matter how many geniuses there are, I think they are still students. You don’t have to care about such a joke.”

Selina laughed bashfully saying that the students’ imaginations were so cute, but I couldn’t help but sigh.

It is said that the first source of the rumor was students who had gone out to the nearby city of Leathervelk the day before. At sunset the first eyewitness saw a black shadow gliding across the roof of a building through the night mist that subtly descended.

I shook my head.

“Aren’t they still children?”

“Yes. Still, it was a little strange to hear that the werewolf that was seen outside the city was also seen in Theon.”

“In Theon?”

“Did the children in the city spread the word, so the students inside the school saw something and thought it was a werewolf?”

“Theon is so wide and since it is a place where all kinds of magic are spread, it is said that there are cases where strange phenomena occur due to magical powers. There really are 7 ghost stories, right?”

“Are you talking about the 7th ghost story?”

“Yes. Did you not know?”

“Ms. Selina is well aware of ghost stories.”

“Yes Yes?!”

These were just words of praise, but for some reason, Selina-sensei overreacted a bit. Her eyes widened and her cheeks flushed pink. Her hair stood up as if it had swelled a little.

When she looked at me wondering why she was reacting like that, she hurriedly said as if making an excuse.

“I was just thinking about what topics would be good to have conversations with students”

“Okay, calm down.”

Seeing her arms swaying to and fro, it felt like if I made a mistake, she might bump into a plate and spill food.

“No. Not really.”

However, Ms. Selina continued to make more desperate excuses as to whether she felt something impatient in my attitude.

When I thought our meal was unlikely to continue as it is, Ms. Merylda, intervened.

“Ah. Come to think of it, Mr. Rudger, I heard that you did quite splendidly during your first class, is that true?”

“What do you mean?”

“It is said that I showed a groundbreaking magic that increased the speed of spell casting. What did they say the name was?”

“Source code!”

Selina also forgot her embarrassment, turned on the lights in her eyes and shouted. Due to her loud cry, a momentary but silence lingered in the teacher’s dining room.

Selina realized her own mistake and bowed her head. Her earlobes, exposed through her pink hair, were dyed bright red.

I sighed a little and nodded my head.

As I nodded my head in agreement, eyes flew in from all directions. It was the gaze of the teachers who were eating at the other table.

As I was wondering why, Ms. Merylda came closer and explained it to me so that I could hear it.

“It’s because everyone is interested in Mr. Rudger’s magic,” she said.

“My magic?”

“Oh. Are you pretending not to know? Mr. Rudger had already shown his magic in his first class, and rumors spread within Theon.”


I put a piece of meat in my mouth and figured out how things were going.

‘Are they interested?’

From the first day of class, I vaguely guessed that it was going to be like this.

From the point of view of the people of this world, the source code borrowing the 21st century computer programming method would be truly innovative. It was fully expected that the ripple effect would surely reach other teachers as well.

“I heard that it dramatically shortened the speed of spell casting. Is it true?”

“Yes. That’s enough to make a lot of money by filing a patent to the tower.”

Selina responded as well.

Well, to say the least, it’s not wrong. Source code will become a wind of change in the now stagnant magic society. In fact, if I provide this kind of magic to the tower that has a magic patent system, I will be able to sit on a cushion of money.

“I don’t care about that.”

I pretended not to be humble, but I know better than anyone that it is better not to apply for a patent.

For those who do not yet know what it is, providing a newly developed magic to the tower would be a great thing, but the reality is a little different. There is definitely a magic patent system in Magic Tower.

Wizards who lack money want to make money using such a patent system, but such a good appearance is only superficial. Even a patent becomes a patent only if it is properly recognized by the tower.

The problem is that most of the magic that is submitted as a patent is usually hit with all kinds of excuses in the Magic Tower.

‘I’d rather just make excuses. There are many people who would abuse this.’

Other new teachers may still have a positive perception of the tower, but I have a different perspective because I have already experienced how dirty and degrading the tower is.

Indeed, even if those old judges developed a new magic that could not be criticized, the problem still exists.

‘If you don’t have a supporter or the backbone of an aristocratic family, you will be robbed of the magic to be patented.’

Or, if a person is dissatisfied with the tower and does not apply for a patent, he may be dragged into a back alley and forced to give up the magic.

Actually there was such a case.

In other words, the patent system used by the tower is nothing more than a fake with no reputation. Knowing that, I did not dedicate my magic to the tower to make money.

‘At least, Rudger’s status is better now.’

Although he is a fallen aristocrat, he is currently working as a teacher in Theon, so it is not bad in terms of awareness. However, even with such a status, if I’m careless, my nose will be cut with my eyes open.

A stagnant place where greedy old men are rampant it’s like gooey mud.

In any country, such a place is disgusting and deliberately showing the source code in Theon was an act that involved some calculation.

First, spread the word to the students and tell them that the groundbreaking magic source code was invented by Rudger Chelici.

Rumors among students spread will to the teachers, and even among teachers, rumors will spread to the outside of Theon. That’s how it’ll get into the ears of the tower.

For a person to go in with their head bowed first and apply for a patent, it is a mistake, however, when the other side approaches me because they are anxious about the appearance of a new magic, then our positions are reversed.

And the status of the Rudger will rise even higher. He is a teacher of Theon with considerable talent, rather than a new teacher who has nothing.

If you have a business card like this, they won’t be able to ignore me easily. It will take some time, but there is nothing better to solidify my position.

‘But the problem is that other teachers are turning their eyes to me.’

Selina and Merylda are fine because of their good personalities, but the other teachers have been blatantly jealous of me. In particular, Chris Benimore’s eyes, one of the teachers who joined at the same time as me, seem to have the magma seeping in his eyes.

I’ll kill people with those eyes.

“I’m sorry though……”

“You don’t have to be sorry for showing it to students first.”

I turned around like that and got up from my seat.

“I will go first. I have my next class.”

“Ah yes! Work hard!”


I nodded my head lightly to the two teachers who greeted me, and then quickly walked out of the teacher’s dining room.

* * *

Merylda narrowed her eyes as she looked at Rudger as he left. From the first time she saw him, she thought he was a great man, but after talking to him a while ago, she realized for sure.

‘Instead of revealing it to the tower, he kept it secret until now and showed it in the first class.’

From Merylda’s point of view, Rudger’s behavior was not like a wizard these days. Because he is too cold-hearted, he lacks a lot of empathy, so he is selfish and lacks consideration for others.

In the world of magic now, even a master who should teach someone does not trust his pupil. She felt desperate because she had also been through a similar situation.

But what about Rudger?

Although he possessed that great magic, he did not show off his skills around him. And what’s even more surprising is that his magic was used in front of the students.

‘No matter how young the students are, if you show them how to use magic, some savvy people might catch it.’

Doesn’t that guy even worry about losing his magic? There are only two reasons for doing this. One, the magic is too difficult.


I determined that it doesn’t matter if I lose it.

‘Ah, maybe.’

But it wasn’t until then that he showed the dignified attitude he showed when he ate a little while ago.

That can’t be the explanation.

‘This kind of person is a new teacher like me.’

The more she thought about it, the more humble she felt. Merylda sighed and turned to her side.  Selina, her classmate and close friend stared blankly at Rudger’s departure.

‘I’m pretty obsessed with this one too.’

After Merylda shook her head, saying she couldn’t help it, she immediately smiled mischievously and tapped her fingertips on the nape of her Selina’s neck.

* * *

The Saturday after the theory class.

At noon, when the sun was shining brightly, I went to Leathervelk, a city near Theon. First of all, it was nominally a simple walk to see the nearby city, but in reality, it was because I had a prior commitment.

The appointment is in the evening, but there is still plenty of time left. I came out earlier to see what Leathervelk was like.

‘The city itself looks pretty cool.’

Leathervelk, a city with advanced engineering, is a huge city with more than 500 km of Ramzier River flowing through its center.

The flowing rivers and countless railroads on the ground were blood vessels that instill the vitality of the city, and the people living in it are full of vitality.

Leathervelk, which has become the center of all kinds of commerce, magic, and engineering, has earned the reputation of being the most developed city because it is adjacent to Theon Academy.

I walked through ‘Center Pod’, the main street of Leathervelk. Unlike other districts, here, gentlemen and ladies in suits were quietly enjoying their leisure time.

Center Pod, a place that symbolizes the revival of Leathervelk. This is a residential complex inhabited by the wealthy, the trees were beautifully carved, and steam and golem wagons roamed every road.

I sat on the terrace of a secluded cafe and drank coffee. Even on weekends, the subtle scent of coffee beans that permeated the quiet cafe and the scent of the coffee I drink mix to evoke a strange mood.

‘That’s cool.’

It is a beautiful place and I want to live in a place like this at least once. It is natural to have such a thought.

‘A house is definitely expensive.’

I got up from my seat, paid for my coffee and I headed to the next area.

‘Grand Chapel’ is the downtown area most frequented by people in Leathervelk. A huge white cathedral in the Gothic Revival style stood tall. It wasn’t just the downtown area but it was full of all sorts of things that I had never really seen before.

Machines that emit white steam from external combustion engines made of brass and mechanics that work on those machines.

Children playing with small clockwork toys.

People on the street playing accordions, cellos, and violins, and citizens dancing while listening to the music.


As I wandered around the city like that, the sun was setting.

“Dang. Dang. Dang.”

Huge clock towers towering all over the city rang the bells announcing that it was 6 o’clock. Since it was early spring, when there were still traces of winter, the sun set early and the air that touched the skin quickly cooled.

I fastened the front of the black coat I was wearing and headed to the meeting place.

So far, I have only seen the beautiful appearance of Leathervelk, but the place I go this time is the opposite. Shadows cast clearly under intense light. It was a place called the ugly bare face of this city.

Pushing the wide-brimmed hat on my head even deeper, I walked through the mist rising from the waters of the Ramzier River.

When even the clouds of blazing scarlet flames drifted westward, and the dark blue skies covered the entire city of Leathervelk I stood in front of an alleyway in the factory area where there was a thick fog.

There is no one here. Street vagrants also gave up begging and returned to the depths of the alleyways, and children coughing harshly and working to earn a living went home.

I am the only one here

The scarlet light from the street lamp collides with the fog and scatters haze. In that empty stillness, I leaned my back against the smudged bricks, waiting for the person I was supposed to meet.

‘I came early and you’re late.’

Just as I was thinking about it, I heard a sound from the back of the alley where I was leaning.


It is a sound that a human vocal cord can never make.

I turned my back from the wall and looked into the alleyway. A pair of red eyes appeared from the inside of an unknown space where gray mist and black darkness were half mixed.

‘It’s true.’

I remembered Selina words from the previous day in the dining room, the rumor that the students saw werewolves. She went on to say that it was just a ghost story, but looking at that now, I wondered what she would think.

At that moment the being in the dark rushed forward in an instant. I stared at it and immediately raised my fist and slammed it on his head.


Screams spread briefly in the fog.

I looked down at the guy sitting in front of me.

“Why are you late, are you trying to play with me?”

“It’s been a long time.”

Saying that, the guy who pats his aching head with his hand is the acquaintance I was going to meet, and can be called my subordinate.

“It’s been a long time, Hans.”

“It’s been a long time, older brother.”

He was the one who spread rumors of a werewolf among students.

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