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I was sold at the lowest price C347: Watching the Battle


Nagisa did nothing in the face of Kiyone’s continuous thrusts at divine speed. No, it only looked like she did nothing. All of Kiyone’s thrusts failed to reach Nagisa, who was not moving. It was impossible for Kiyone to overestimate the distance between them.

After she looked closely at Nagisa’s feet, she noticed that she was slowly changing her stance with her footwork.

When Kiyone realized the situation she took a large step forward and swung her sword. I’m not sure if Nagisa’s change in timing alone was enough to deal with the sharp blow aimed at her leg, but she avoided it.

Kiyone had predicted her dodging motion and immediately launched a follow-up sword attack. The follow-up blow aimed at her chest seemed to have been fired in anticipation of Nagisa’s evasive maneuver, and her stance made it difficult for her to avoid it.

Nagisa immediately met it with her sword. As expected, she didn’t have the time to use Ryuhen, and it seemed blocking was the only thing she could do.

Kiyone seems to be more powerful than her and Nagisa is slowly forced to retreat.

Instantly, Nagisa let go of the wooden sword and took off from the spot. This startled not only me in the gallery, but also Kiyone. Taking advantage of Kiyone’s surprise, Nagisa quickly closes the gap between them. And then, with her hand, she swatted away Kiyone’s hand holding the wooden sword.

Taken by surprise, Kiyone’s wooden sword was knocked away. In addition, Nagisa went for hand-to-hand combat. However, there are body techniques in the Veft style as well.

Before her arm could be completely locked, Kiyone escaped Nagisa’s restraint by disengaging her shoulder joint. She then rolled forward to break free, and picked up the wooden sword that Nagisa had let go of.

Seeing this, Nagisa picked up the wooden sword Kiyone had dropped and readied it.

After the attack and defense, a cheer went up. I looked to see what was going on, and before I knew it, the gallery had grown. The guys from the surveillance unit were observing the stand-off between Nagisa and Kiyone.

The two faced each other with serious expressions on their faces, as if they didn’t notice or care that the gallery had increased. As they slowly approached each other, they began to clash their swords at once. The fierce clash of power against power, speed against speed, was so intense that it even looked like a serious battle.

Kiyone seemed to have the upper hand in terms of strength and speed, but Nagisa’s skill seemed to make up the difference. The match was evenly poised, and either side could have won.

What decided the match was a small gap. When Kiyone took a step back after Nagisa’s blow, unfortunately there was a gap and Kiyone’s foot was caught in it. It was a small gap, but it was enough for Nagisa.

“There’s a gap!”

Nagisa’s wooden sword struck Kiyone in the chest.

“I’m surprised that Nagisa has this much talent in the martial arts.”

“That last one was completely luck, and I don’t know what would have happened if we had continued fighting like that.”

“No, it’s a sign of inexperience to get your foot stuck in a ditch like that. If it were father, it wouldn’t have happened.”

Surely, dad would be able to avoid the situation.

When the fight was over, there was a spontaneous round of applause. Perhaps impressed by their match, the soldiers of the surveillance unit praised the two of them.

“I’m surprised to see such a high level of swordsmanship here. Is that level of skill normal in the Amurian Union?”

Emitz also seemed to be watching the fight and spoke to me with admiration.

“No, those two are special. Kiyone is a former member of the Sword Clan, so she’s a bit different.”

“Kiyone! Sword clan! No way, Kiyone, one of the Twelve Heavenly Masters!?”

I knew about Kiyone’s fame. Emitz was as excited as a fan who has met a celebrity.

“I never thought I’d meet that Kiyone,” he said. “If the Amurian Union has Kiyone on its side, then our defeat in the last battle makes a little more sense.”

He accepts his country’s defeat and looks at the enemy riders with admiration. My first impression of Emitz was that he was a stubborn elite soldier, but I realized that he might be a surprising person.

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