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I was sold at the lowest price C349

I was sold at the lowest price C349: Ambush


The storm had come to an end and now we could finally head for our destination. We stepped out of the cave for the first time in three days.

“It feels better under the sun than in a damp limestone cave, doesn’t it?”

Jean looked comfortable as he stretched out in the sun.

“I agree with you. If we had stayed in that cave for two more days, there would have been mold.”

Probably not mold, but I agree that it’s better in the sun.

Feeling grateful for the daylight, we moved from the limestone caves through the mountainous area to the plains where we had a good view. Just when we thought we were moving in peace and relaxation, we were interrupted by obstacles waiting for us.

Jean stopped Mirai, as if he had noticed something and picked up the binoculars that were hanging next to the desk in the cockpit.

“Looks like it’s an ambush.”

Jean mutters to himself as he looks through his binoculars. Thinning them out and looking into the distance, he could indeed see multiple ride carriers and magicrafts.

“What do we do, take the long way around?”

“No, it’s too late, we’re already surrounded.”

Jean said as he checked his binoculars in all directions. The same kind of troops were approaching from all sides.

The surveillance team seemed to have noticed this situation and sent us a message.

“It seems that Count Suidel has regrouped his forces and is waiting for us. We’ll take care of it, so Mirai, please evacuate to the northwest where the siege is weaker.”

“Even at a quick glance, the Count of Suidel’s army was far more numerous than the surveillance force. It didn’t look like they could win. However, Jean responded to the offer.”

“Copy that. Mirai will evacuate to the northwest and stand by.”

“Wait, Jean! Emitz and the others won’t stand a chance! We’ll have to…….”

“I’m telling you, we can’t do that. If we fight here, we’ll put the Emitz in a bad position. It will also break the promise between the nations and cause trouble for Ranelle and the Amurian Union.”

“We can’t just stand by and do nothing!”

“If Mirai is attacked, we will counterattack, so you stay at Arleo-2.”

“I don’t get it! If we’re going to counterattack anyway, it doesn’t make any difference if we go out now!”

“The process is important. The only time we can fight is when we’re defending ourselves.”

I was not convinced. However, there was no way I could move if I was told that Emitz’s position would be compromised or that I would cause trouble for Ranelle. I decided to keep my mouth shut and wait in Arleo-2.

Nagisa and Kiyone also headed for their own magicrafts, without being told whether they felt the same way I did or not. Seeing this, Linnecarlo also synchronized with the flow.

The magicrafts are sent out from Souve, the ride carrier of the surveillance unit. There are about twenty of them, only a fifth of the magicrafts of Count Suidel’s army.

Count Suidel’s army seems to understand the situation and is clearing out the surveillance forces first. They deploy their forces to attack Souve and slowly encircle the surveillance unit. The small number of surveillance troops were not dispersing their forces poorly, but were densely packed and ready to intercept the enemy.

All I could do was pray, and I was getting a little frustrated. I clenched my fists and suppressed my feelings whenever I thought of the faces of Emitz and the soldiers of the surveillance unit.

The encirclement of Count Suidel’s army closed in on the surveillance force and they clashed. The magicrafts clashed fiercely with each other, hitting each other with their weapons. The surveillance team is outnumbered, but their riders are a little more skilled, and they are evenly matched.

All right, I’m hoping that this might……be the case. But as time went on, the difference in strength began to show.

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