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I was sold at the lowest price C350

I was sold at the lowest price C350: Consensus


Another magicraft of the surveillance unit has been killed. With this, only about half of the 10 machines remain. Count Suidel’s magicrafts are still about eighty percent intact. If this continues, the surveillance unit will be annihilated.

“Jean! Just me! If I don’t go, the surveillance unit will be wiped out!”

Jean heard what I said and thought about it.

“……Wait a minute, I’ll talk to Emitz.”

Jean said, and opened a line with Souve.

“This is the Iron Knights. I’d like to make a proposal to the surveillance unit of the Central Army of the Kingdom of Lubel. Would you be interested in hiring us as mercenaries?”

Well, there’s his move! If I was to be hired as a mercenary to fight for the surveillance unit, then I would have to keep up appearances. However, I received an unexpected response from Emitz.

“I appreciate the offer, but in the Kingdom of Lubel, hiring mercenaries requires the permission of a general. I don’t have the authority to do that, so I’m refusing.”

It’s a blind spot that there is such a rule. Damn it, what am I supposed to do?

One more of the surveillance unit’s magicrafts is destroyed. Souve is also surrounded by enemy magicrafts and beaten to a pulp. They’ve managed to prevent them from entering the ship, but it’s only a matter of time.

At this rate, the surveillance team would surely be wiped out. I couldn’t stand the thought of leaving them to die because of the strange interaction we had in the limestone cave. Even if Jean, Emitz, and the others involved were convinced of this, I was not. I managed to find a reason to fight.

“Jean, why don’t you call Ranelle and ask her permission? Tell her what’s going on and I’m sure she’ll understand.”

“……Yeah, I’ll bet on that.”

Jean also seemed to really want to help, and agreed to my proposal. But unfortunately, Ranelle was in the middle of a meeting and was not in a position to talk to me right away.

In the meantime, two more magicrafts of the surveillance unit were destroyed. The magicraft that was guarding Souve was also killed, and enemy machines began to enter the ship. They can’t hold out much longer at this rate.

A message was sent to us from Emitz of the surveillance unit. It was a word of apology.

“I apologize for the inconvenience I have caused you due to my lack of ability. Please leave this place and head for your destination while we draw Count Suidel’s army away from you. We have just informed the Central Command of our readiness to break up the army. In the future, Count Suidel will be punished by the forces from the center. Until then, I pray that you will all stay safe.”

Hearing that reminds me of that smile on Emitz’s face. The words that I wished would come in a time of peace go through my mind. I want to help. That’s what I was thinking from the bottom of my heart.

“Even if it’s a problem later, I’m going out there! If anything goes wrong, I’ll take full responsibility!”

“Don’t say “take responsibility” so lightly! There’s only so much personal responsibility you can take….I don’t have a choice. Linnecarlo, Kiyone, Nagisa, and Feri, can you hear me? We will decide to act as the Iron Knights.”

“I don’t have any feelings about the surveillance unit, so it doesn’t matter to me, but if Yuta wants to do that, he can help.”

Linnecarlo agreed with me.

“I remember the warmth in the palms of each hand I shook, and I can’t leave them to die. I’m at the end of my patience, just like Yuta.”

Kiyone, who was as kind as anyone could be, also seemed to be compassionate towards the surveillance unit and wanted to help.

“That’s right, there is no choice but to help in this situation…….”

Nagisa, a caring person, naturally chose to help.

“I will follow Yuta’s decision.”

Feri also expresses her stance.

“Well, if it’s the consensus, then there’s no other way…….All of you, go out and help!”

I was waiting for those words. But if it’s the consensus, it means that Jean has also agreed to help, right? I didn’t want to waste time getting into it, so I let Arleo-2 go out without saying a word.

Kiyone, Linnecarlo, and Nagisa followed suit and hurried to help the enemy troops who were watching them.

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