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I was sold at the lowest price C351

I was sold at the lowest price C351 – Crushed


By the time we came to the rescue, there were only two magicrafts left standing in the surveillance unit. These two machines were also in shambles and were barely working.

It seems that Souve core or power components have already been destroyed, and it can’t move, so it continues to put up a weak resistance with the one remaining cannon.

“Nagisa and Kiyone, go save Souve! Linnecarlo and I will help the monitoring unit’s magicrafts to destroy the enemy!”

When I instructed them to do so, the three of them briefly agreed and moved quickly.

The number of enemies is not large, less than 100. There would be no need to use the four-element gun. Linnecarlo may have made that decision, but she unleashed a magic strike as her first attack. A few dozen pillars of lightning strikes rampaged through the enemy army in all directions.

The magicrafts that touched the pillar of lightning were shattered into pieces while being electrocuted.

I landed near the two surveillance units’ magicrafts that were barely standing, then I swung my sword down on the enemy magicrafts that were attacking. I slice one in half, and then swing my sword around in a spinning motion, slicing off the heads of four more magicrafts.

I shoot a series of magic light bullets at the magicrafts of Count Suidel’s army, which are in a hurry to counterattack. The white light pierced the enemy machines one after another. Perhaps surprised by the unknown attack, the surviving enemy magicrafts began to flee from the scene.

Count Suidel’s army was reduced to less than half of what it had been by my and Linnecarlo’s attacks. Whether it was impatience or calm judgment, the remaining Count Suidel’s troops gathered around a large yellow ride carrier and tried to regroup their formation.

“It seems that Count Suidel is probably in that yellow ride carrier. If we let him escape again, it’ll be troublesome, so let’s make sure we get him.”

Just as Linnecarlo said this, a large explosion came from the direction of Souve. I hurriedly checked the situation via communication.

“What’s going on, Nagisa?”

“I don’t know what caused it, but Souve gun ports exploded! The bridge is half blown up and on fire!”

I’m horrified to hear that. Is Emitz going to be okay? I looked at Souve and saw a cloud of black smoke coming from it.

The enemy magicrafts that were attacking Souve have been taken care of, so Nagisa and I will help the wounded on board.

Says Kiyone, who remains calm even in such a situation.

“I’m counting on you, Kiyone, Nagisa!”

I’ll leave the rescue of Souve to you two while Linnecarlo and I will deal with Count Suidel. As Linnecarlo said, we have no intention of letting Count Suidel escape. I instructed her to make sure that we get him.

“I’ll go in head-on, and you fly around to the rear.”

“Understood. I won’t miss a single magicrafts!”

I charged at Count Suidel’s army while hovering so that Linnecarlo, who was flying behind me, would not be noticed.

Count Suidel may have been caught off guard by the fact that it was only one machine, but he was ready to intercept it without fear. It would be more convenient if he would not escape.

I headed straight for the yellow ride carrier where Count Suidel was supposed to be but the enemy’s magicrafts surrounded me.

“Amurian Union worm! I’ll avenge my brother! You will suffer and die!”

I planned to annihilate them to keep Count Suidel from escaping, but now there was no need since I confirmed that he was in the yellow ride carrier.

I said to Linnecarlo as I cut down the enemy magicrafts surrounding me.

“Linnecarlo! There’s no doubt that Count Suidel is in the yellow ride carrier! Aim and fire at the yellow ride carrier!”

“Yes! I’ll finish them with one blow!”

Viktor began to transform in the sky and the four elemental cannon appeared. A heavy bass sound resounded, and a pillar of light pierced the yellow ride carrier in an instant.

The high-density four-element cannon, which had converged in range, shattered the large ride carrier with a single blow. Parts were blown apart, and a pile of rubble was cruelly built up.

Count Suidel was defeated and with the general defeated, the remaining troops began to flee.

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