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I was sold at the lowest price C352

I was sold at the lowest price C352: Survivor


Count Suidel was defeated and the surviving enemy forces scattered and fled. With the general gone, the army was no longer a threat. Rather than chase the fleeing enemy, we prioritized rescuing the surveillance force.

Due to the relentless attack by Count Suidel’s army, there was only one survivor in the wrecked magicrafts. Furthermore, that survivor was also very badly injured. There were only two medical pods available in Mirai so I was worried about how many lives I could save.

“Nagisa, Kiyone. How’s the crew of the Souve looking?”

“I’m afraid we can’t help them much.”

It seemed that we should be more worried about how many survivors there were than about the medical pods.

Linnecarlo and I put the badly injured rider into the medical pod, and joined the search for survivors in Souve. Carefully clearing away the debris with our magicrafts, we search for survivors.

As I moved the large piece of metal away, a familiar figure appeared from below.

“Emitz! Are you okay?”

There was no reply from the battered Emitz. I got off the Arleo-2 and rushed over. Kiyone, who had been watching, also rushed over.

There was no response from Emitz, but I could see that he was breathing slightly. He was still alive.

“Kiyone! Emitz is still alive!”

“Let’s hurry and get him to Mirai.”

The two of us put him in the Arleo-2 and hurried to Mirai. I hope I can make it in time……I prayed as I flew Arleo-2.

When I arrived at Mirai, I was greeted by Feri external unit. Jean joined in, and the three of us placed Emitz into the medical pod.

“Does everything look okay, Feri?”

I asked Feri, who was looking at the instruments of the medical pod and making some adjustments.

“Yes. It looks like we made it in time. He should be fine now.”

Hearing this, I felt deeply relieved.

I then searched for more survivors of the surveillance unit, but could not find any. I regretted that I hadn’t made the decision sooner.

“I could only save two people…….”

In response to my words, Jean calls out to me.

“It’s possible that we could have helped more. Besides, you’ve been trying to help them all along, haven’t you? If anyone is to blame for this, it’s me for stopping you.”

Jean didn’t do anything wrong. However, I think he was concerned about me when he said that he was responsible for everything. I felt so helpless that I kept my mouth shut.

Emitz was trying to complete his mission. Jean was making a decision that took into account the situation and our position. I know my thoughts were childish and ego-driven, but I still can’t change my mind.

“Jean, I’m sorry. Next time something like that happens, I won’t hesitate to go out there.”

When Jean heard this, he smiled and replied,

“That’s fine. It’s my job to figure out all the nasty stuff.”

I felt the warmth of a well-behaved older brother putting in a word for his free-spirited younger brother. I was really glad that Jean was with me.

The medical pods in Mirai were state of the art and he would be fully recovered in five days. We decided to discuss what to do in the meantime.

“He’s not getting out of the med-pod until he’s fully recovered. We can’t even hand him over to the Kingdom of Lubel for five days.”

Jean explained the current situation.

“How much further to the research facility of the ancient civilization?”

I asked, and Feri answered immediately.

“It will take about three days to get there.”

“If we’re arriving in three days, wouldn’t it be better if we handed them over after we’re done with our business?”

Nagisa had a point. We should arrive in three days, finish our business in two days, and then send the recovered Emitz to the facilities of the Kingdom of Lubel. Nagisa’s opinion was adopted, and for the time being, we headed for the research facility of the ancient civilization.

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