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Haunted Duke’s Daughter C69

Haunted Duke’s Daughter C69


After getting ready for tomorrow, I lay down on my bed and immediately fell into a daze. I felt a slightly familiar sensation, and I remembered that it was today.

When I came to, I found myself in a black world.

“It’s Lilia!”

Then Sakura hugged me from behind. I was able to avoid it as it was expected behavior, but I didn’t resist.

“Sakura. It’s too hot.”

“A little more.”

“It can’t be helped…….”

Lilia’s cheeks loosen up in embarrassment.

Sakura embraces Lilia without hesitation, saying that she misses human skin, which is a little embarrassing. It was a little embarrassing, but considering that she didn’t hate me, I didn’t feel uncomfortable.

Lilia remained in Sakura’s embrace for a while, staring lazily at the cherry blossoms in front of her. Although she knew it wasn’t a real flower, Lilia liked this tree that was blooming so beautifully.

Eventually, satisfied, Sakura let Lilia go. But she still held Lilia’s hand, as if she had something on her mind. It was nothing to worry about, so she let her go without saying anything.

“Well then, Lilia. Let’s talk about something serious.”

Sakura said with a serious expression, and Lilia nodded, a little surprised.

“First of all, our first goal has been achieved!”

Sakura raises her hand, “We did it!” Since they are holding hands, Lilia naturally raises one of her hands as well.

“I’m not sure what our primary goal is.”

“Let’s see. For now, I guess it’s to get Lilia to admit that she’s trying to change. I thought the prince would be the hardest part, but I guess it worked out better than I thought.”

Good, good, good, Sakura nodded in satisfaction to herself. She hadn’t heard any of that, so it didn’t make any sense to Lilia. Perhaps sensing this, Sakura looks at Lilia and says,

“We decided to take it one step at a time. And that first goal has been achieved.”

“I’m not sure I understand…….So it’s not over then, is it?”

“Yes. There are still a lot of people who don’t approve of Lilia, or rather are afraid of you and the prince hasn’t accepted Lilia yet. They just recognize that Lilia is trying to change. So don’t let your guard down. Don’t ruin it by doing anything weird.”

She looked at Lilia with a serious gaze. Unknowingly, Lilia swallowed her saliva. She nodded firmly and said that she would be careful. The smile finally returned to Sakura’s face.

“Yes! The Lilia of now will be fine! So let’s keep at it!”

“Yes. I believe in you Sakura.”

When she said this firmly, Sakura smiled shyly.

“By the way, Sakura. I have one question for you.”

“What is it, what is it? I’ll answer anything!”

“Okay, then. What is your purpose?”


Sakura opened her eyes wide. Her smile disappeared and she just rolled her eyes in astonishment. Lilia saw this and laughed. She knew that such a reaction meant that Sakura had a purpose.

“You know what? That…….I’m just trying to help Lilia, okay?”

Sakura was still trying to act like a fool, but Lilia got annoyed and glared at her.


She looked at Sakura’s face and kept her mouth shut.

Lilia feels indebted to Sakura and even if Sakura has a purpose, that won’t change. She has decided to trust her completely.

Sakura’s expression was distorted, as if she was about to cry. There was no way Lilia could question Sakura like that.

Lilia took a slow breath in and let it out. Then she shrugged her shoulders.

“I understand that you can’t tell me.”


“That’s enough for now. Sakura can tell you when she feels like it.”

“Yeah…….I’m sorry, Lilia.”

Lilia was dismayed to see Sakura so depressed, which she couldn’t imagine from her normal self. ‘I didn’t mean to make her look like this,’ she thought.

“I’m sorry, too. I really don’t want to force you. You don’t have to worry about it.”

Then I gave Sakura a gentle hug. Sakura gasped in surprise for a moment, followed by a happy laugh.

“How embarrassing is that?”

“There’s no one here.”

“That’s true! Then I’m going to enjoy Lilia!”

Lilia looked at the cherry tree from the side as she dealt with Sakura, who was pawing at her as before. There was something black glowing at the base of the tree.


Lilia shook her head, though it bothered her a little. Reluctantly, she had just cornered Sakura earlier. Let’s just pretend I didn’t see anything for now. I’m sure Sakura will tell me about that too, eventually.

“That’s enough of your bullshit!”


She spent the rest of the time playing with Sakura in that way, keeping her happy.


The appointed time passes while Lilia waves her hand and disappears. The colors rapidly disappear from the world. The cherry blossoms that had bloomed so profusely, and everything that emits a small light, all turn black. And so, everything in the world Sakura sees is dominated by black.

Black, everything is black, a black world where nothing is visible.

“It’s okay……..Still okay.”

Looking back at the time she spent with Lilia, Sakura endured the time in darkness. Thinking of Lilia laughing happily in this place, Sakura smiled.

“I’ll take care of it. I’ll make sure you get the help you need…….”


“Until the end.”

Ah-ha, Sakura’s laughter, the laughter of a girl enduring loneliness, was sucked into the black world.

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