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Haunted Duke’s Daughter: Sakura

Haunted Duke’s Daughter: Sakura

This is story 1/3 that marks the end of Volume 1.

Author Note: This is a story about the end before the beginning. There is a description of a character dying, so if you don’t like it, please skip it.


Sakura Fuyutsuki was born and raised in a town that is neither big enough to be called a city nor small enough to be called a country. Her name comes from the fact that the cherry blossoms were in full bloom on the day she was born. When the young Sakura learned this, she said to her parents,

“It’s random!”

“It’s not random!”

I was very angry. It was unreasonable.

Sakura has been a popular girl since she was a little. Even though she was a girl, she loved to move her body and often played tag and ran with the boys. It was not as if she didn’t get along with the girls, and she participated in playing with dolls and playing house.

She would play with anyone and quickly become friends with them. She was not afraid to get involved with anyone, no matter who they were. This was Sakura’s childhood.

This did not change when she entered elementary school and junior high school. She still loved to play outside, and even when her feminine characteristics began to emerge, this did not change, to the consternation of the boys who played with her.

Her grades at school were also excellent, and even though she did not attend any cram schools, she always maintained a single digit ranking. According to her, if you take your classes seriously, you can almost always understand. Her good friend gave her a hostile look for this, and she hasn’t said anything about it since.

There were those who were jealous of her, but Sakura treated them with open arms. She proactively taught those who didn’t understand their lessons, and talked with those who had introverted interests.

The people around her had different opinions of Sakura.

She is the picture of innocence. She is kind to everyone and takes good care of everybody. She’s always cheerful, but that’s why she’s sometimes hard to read. She doesn’t seem to understand the struggles of others when it comes to studying.

She is loved by many and hated by some. That’s Sakura Fuyutsuki.

When it came time to take the high school entrance exam, Sakura was the same as always. Even when everyone around her started studying, she never dropped her grades. That’s why everyone was curious to know where she would go to high school, but she chose the public high school closest to her home.

The reason was simple: it was close. Another reason was that the school uniform was similar to that of the junior high school. It was a black-based sailor uniform, and people around her said it was plain, but Sakura liked it.

At the graduation ceremony of the junior high school Sakura was repeatedly greeted by the younger students, and when she finally got out, her best friend was laughing at her.

“Sakura is as popular as ever. I envy you.”

“Don’t make fun of me. I’m a little tired, as you can see…….”

I answered my friend who was waiting with the same smirk, and together we headed home.

The way home is the same. It has become a daily routine for the two of us to go home while chatting about trivial things. I felt a little sad when I realized that our daily routine would end today.

“High school soon…….Sakura’s nice, isn’t it? It’s close.”

“That’s the only reason I chose it!”

“I’m rather impressed with your grace.”

Her tone was exasperated, but her friend had her usual smile. She knew Sakura’s personality very well.

After that, until they reached her friend’s house, they enjoyed their conversation as usual. There was nothing major to talk about. It’s just about the dog they have at home, her brother, and so on.

“We’re here,” she said.

I found myself arriving at my friend’s house.

“Sakura, you didn’t forget our appointment tomorrow, did you?”

“No problem! Meet me in front of the station at ten o’clock for shopping!”

“Good. See you tomorrow.”

Sakura waved back to her friend, who waved back to her. They parted as usual, and Sakura headed home alone.

As I walked, I made sure to greet everyone I passed. My face was well known around here, so everyone greeted me with a smile. I think it’s a very nice town.

With a good mood and a happy smile, I walked my usual way home. Then, I noticed that the streets had completely stopped. I suddenly realized that the streets were completely deserted.

“Mmm! This is the scent of a case!”

I try to say something like that. Naturally, there is no one who will respond.

“Yes. I miss you.”

I give a small sigh and hurry home. I tried to make a joke out of it, but I was feeling a little scared. It was still early afternoon, and yet it was so quiet, as if no one was around. How could I not feel uneasy?

I walked a little further.


Sakura stopped in her tracks.

“Oh, my……?”

I couldn’t move my legs. When I tried to walk, I couldn’t move as if I was sewn up. I gulped in fear and tried to scream for help.


I can’t speak.

“What the……..”

I couldn’t even breathe.

I slumped and sat down on the floor. I held my throat and tried to breathe somehow. But no matter what I did, I could not get my breathing back.

At this point, I became aware of the definite possibility of death. Immediately, my heart began to ache from fear. Tears naturally began to flow.


Why is it so painful? I don’t know. I don’t understand anything. I thought I had lived a good life so far. I’ve made friends with a lot of people. I’ve been living my life to the fullest. So why did this happen all of a sudden?

The strength drained from my body. I fall down on the ground, but I can’t give up, and I look for someone but there is no one.


I squeeze my voice out, but there is no one to hear me.

I didn’t want to die, I thought strongly. There were still so many things I wanted to do. Tomorrow I had promised to go shopping with my friend, and next month I would start high school. I was so excited about my new life.

Why did this happen?


I desperately reach out my hand. I know that no one will take my hand, but I still reach out to grab something.

Eventually, my hand fell to the ground, unable to grasp anything.

This is how Sakura Fuyutsuki ended her short life, without knowing the reason or cause, and without being taken care of by anyone.

It would be a while before she learned that the one who claimed to be God had killed her just to ‘pass the time’.

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