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I was sold at the lowest price C355

I was sold at the lowest price C355: Stand / Yuki


“Oh, Yuki and Mary, it’s been a long time.”

The familiar face of the female scientist said in an unconcerned tone.

“Good to see you, too, Dr. Brule.”

Mary returned the greeting, glaring at Dr. Brule with hatred in her eyes.

You don’t have to look so frightening. Your Ludia value has been enhanced by Rafishal’s technology, right? I deserve to be thanked not hated.”

“How can you say that? Look at this!  Look what they’re doing to me!”

“It’s normal to put chains on ferocious livestock. If you want them off, you’ll have to earn Master Rafishal’s trust.”

The moment I heard the word “livestock,” a strange anger arose in me. I followed my emotions and slapped Dr. Brule on the cheek with my right hand as hard as I could. A dry clack sounded on the bridge. Dr. Brule glared at me while holding her cheek.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“I am Yuki, one of the Ten War Gods of the Elysian Empire. Do you understand what it means to insult the Ten War Gods who have become the symbol of Elysia, Dr. Brule? I don’t think Rafishal will activate this red gem for you.”

It was a well-known fact that the ten War Gods were second in rank only to Rafishal and the Emperor. Dr. Brule also understood this. No matter how meritorious she was for reviving Rafishal, and no matter that she was a member of the Messiah family, she could not bend that fact.

“I’m sorry, Miss Yuki.”

Dr. Brule’s attitude suddenly changed as if she understood the situation.

“And apologize to my precious second-in-command.”

“My apologies, Lady Mary…….”

She couldn’t seem to say anything back to the system decided by Rafishal, whom she worshiped. Suppressing her feelings, she apologized.

“Well, good. Now, can you tell me more about the mission?”

“The mission is to resurrect two people.”

“Who are these people?”

“Legendary riders, two of the strongest in history.”

I half-heard the story and checked the situation further.

“What is the purpose of reviving these legendary riders? Even now, the Elysian Empire has enough power.”

“Rafishal-sama is planning to fight against the world. No matter how much strength we have, it will never be enough.”

It seems that there is no upper limit to how much power one can desire. I was already disgusted with the mission, but I went on.

“So, what is the reason we were called in as reinforcements?”

“There is an area in the ruins where countless runaway Guardians are running rampant, and we were unable to break through with our current forces.”

“So we just need to get rid of the Guardians?”

I answered lightly, since I had some experience fighting Guardians.

“There are countless powerful Guardians, but with the power of the Ten War Gods, that should be easy.”

Perhaps sarcastic, Dr. Brule says flatteringly. I nodded my head in agreement, not feeling particularly offended by her words.

I wanted to get this over with right away and go home. I instructed my men to prepare for a sortie. No matter how powerful the Guardians were, I didn’t have the slightest idea that Rose Needle, which was composed of Exlanders, would struggle.

At the same time that the Rose Needle was going out with all its forces, the remaining forces of Scarfi were also going out. I didn’t expect them to be much of a force, but I didn’t reject the joint front because I knew they would have their own position.

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