I got a fake job at the academy C24

I got a fake job at the academy C24

I got a fake job at the academy C24: Black Dawn (1)


I crumpled the note and put it in my inner pocket.

I was troubled, first of all, I understand that Black Dawn has something to do with this werewolf incident. However, the escape of a werewolf was probably unexpected, given that I was given the order to remove him if capture was not possible.

‘The problem is that if caught, Black Dawn will be severely damaged.’

If they take a hit, that’s good news for me but the problem is that my identity might be revealed. In other words, Rudger Chelici has something to do with the creation of the werewolf.

You need to catch all 3 of them. No, now there are two. In other words, I have to find and catch the werewolves before Theon, and then kill them.

‘By the way, the werewolves had a mark.’

Perhaps the mark itself has something to do with the guys who did the experiment. The problem is that Rudger Chelici has something to do with it in some way.

To be honest, if this had nothing to do with me, I would have just left it to Theon. But if I’m involved here, it’s a different story. If caught, I die.

“Mr. Rudger, is something wrong?”

“It’s nothing.”

I shook my head in response to Selina’s question.

First of all, it was confirmed that there were three werewolves. I got one, so there are two left, one in Theon and one in Leathervelk.

‘I have to hunt them down.’

Meanwhile, the war between the president and Hugo was almost over.

“Well, it’s up to you to act like that, Mr. Hugo. However, I hope that the given task will be handled seriously.”

“So you are going to strengthen patrols?”

“It’s not just that. We as teachers cannot sit still until the number of victims increases, and above all, late at night when all the students go home.”

At that, Hugo had an annoyed expression on his face. Rather than worrying about the student, he seemed dissatisfied with the fact that a person his size had to go around patrolling.

However, the incident has already occurred, and the seriousness of the situation is also recognized by other teachers. Even Hugo was in a position that he could not openly oppose.

“The teachers should warn their students not to run around late at night. It doesn’t matter if you give a penalty point for any violation of it. This is an instruction given by myself as the president. Do you understand?”

“All right.”

After the meeting, the teachers got up from their seats and dispersed one by one.

I also got up and tried to go back to the office, but some people blocked my way first.

“Are you Mr. Rudger Chelici? Nice to meet you. My name is Daniel Masrak, the astrologer.”

It was obvious why they approached me, the greed in their eyes said it.

“I’m sorry, but I’m busy, so I’ll go first.”

I immediately dismissed their interest and left the meeting room.

* * *

Instead of heading straight to my office, I moved to a less crowded warehouse.

“Come out.”

If it was the guy who sent me a message in the meeting room, he would have been waiting for me to come out. It is not possible to convey all of your wishes in a few lines of messages, so there must be something he wants to say.

As I was afraid to speak, I could feel a shriek from behind the pillar, and then someone stuck his head out.


“Tell me.”

It was the Dark Dawn’s member who tried to approach me after I joined Theon.

“What’s going on?”

“That, so……”

She was visibly embarrassed, not knowing that she would ever see me again. Then she revealed herself completely behind her pole, and I was a little surprised to see her in Theon’s uniform.

Maybe she was a student here. The reason most Black Dawn members are hiding as users is that the student’s identity cannot be so easily manipulated.

In order to enter this place, you need to have the talent or skills to pass the entrance exam, if you don’t know anything else.

At the time of our first meeting, she wasn’t even wearing a uniform, so I didn’t know she was a new student.

“Just move on. Follow me.”

“Ah yes.”

I took the lead, and she followed.

Something came to my mind, so I looked back at her and asked.

“Do you like coffee?”


* * *

We sat facing each other in a quiet cafe. She had been shrugging her shoulders for a while, not knowing what to do.

I glanced at her. White skin and dense facial features, with voluminous brown short hair and a slightly delicate physique. I can’t see her ears and her bangs are long, that are about to cover her eyes. She literally looks like a little squirrel.

I shouldn’t have threatened her so much the last time we met. I took a sip of the hot coffee placed in front of me and placed it aloud on the table.

Just right.


She shrugged her shoulders as the coffee cup and table made a sound.



“I won’t ask you twice. Name.”

“Sedina Rosen.”

“Is that your real name?”

“Yes Yes.”

“Isn’t that a pseudonym?”

This is surprising, having a surname in this world means that you are not a commoner, but a higher class. Noble, priest or the wealthy.

Why would someone who grew up in such an environment where there was nothing lacking, had enough talent to enter Theon, but was only the lowest third order, join a secret society?

‘No. On the contrary, the more you come from a family like this, the less you may be treated.’

The strangest part is that there are only third-orders with this kind of talent. Well, I’ll ask about that later.

I flicked my fingers lightly.

“Tell me exactly what happened without missing anything.”

“Uh, I……around……”

“I used voice-blocking magic. Even if we scream here, the conversation won’t leak out.”

“Voice blocking magic? W, as expected, First Order-nim.”

It was really strange that she kept calling me First Order. No, to be honest, it’s uncomfortable.

“First of all, you need to change the name. Don’t call me First Order from now on.”


At my words, Sedina opened her eyes wide.

“I am now a teacher at Theon and you are a student.”

“Yes Yes.”

“From now on, call me Mr. Rudger.”

“How can I be disrespectful…….”

“It is an order.”


When I said strongly that it was a command, she nodded, saying she understood. However, as opposed to being mournful, her lips kept trying to rise because she was happy that she was allowed to call me by my name.

“So what is the situation?”

“Oh, yes. I’ll explain everything. The recent werewolf incident happened in our Black Dawn, or to be more precise, in an affiliated organization that has teamed up with us.

I was momentarily taken aback by the sudden change in her tone of voice, but I naturally nodded.

“Keep talking. Every detail, without omission.”

“Factions exist within the Black Dawn, as the First…Mr. Rudger, knows. In particular, Victor Dreadful, another First Order-nim, was the one who worked hard on this project.”


Actually I don’t know anything. I pretended to know everything, and responded to her words.

Victor Dreadful, I’ll have to remember this name.

“The Shamsus School, which was created by gathering scientists expelled from the Society for conducting unethical experiments with the warlocks of the back alleys, engaged in Cryptid Experiments as they did before.”

“Exactly what kind of experiment did they focus on?”

“Only a few people know that, so I’m up to that point…… Oh, and by the way, when Victor asked Mr. Rudger to help him, he lent him his name.”

“He only lent me his name. I never knew it would come this far.”

From the reaction, it seems that Rudger was quite close with the person named Victor, but it has now become poison.

The Shamsus School must have studied the cryptids, and the subject eventually escaped, that’s what’s happening now.

“At first, it was their fault, so we had to let them take care of it, but in the end, one of the escaped subjects hid in Theon through the sewer pipe.”

“So there must have been a victim the day before.”

“Yes. This was something that our Black Dawn never expected.”


“Oh, sorry. I talk too much……When I get excited, I often make this mistake. Um, like me……”

Sedina Rosen’s attitude changed noticeably and passively, perhaps because she thought my stare had a different meaning.

I immediately shook my head.

“No. Unlike the stuttering when we first met, you were surprisingly good at explaining, so I just admired it.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You are surprisingly good at talking. Could you explain more? It was good to hear.”

“I, really?! Yes! All right!”

Sedina continues the explanation as soon as I throw a few words of praise.

I sighed in relief, if she stops explaining, I can’t figure out any more information. Now I had to pull out everything I could pull out while I was in Sedina’s respect by putting on a shell called First Order.

First of all, Sedina Rosen is the lowest third order member in the Black Dawn, but her own abilities are quite outstanding. From gathering information to continuing the explanation, the conversation itself is quite smooth, without interruption.

The note I received must’ve been sent through one of her secret spells. But why is someone with this level of ability only a 3rd order?

First of all, the fact that Sedina has a surname means that her family is a pretty good place.

‘Reaction that causes rejection when she says her last name in her self-introduction. That is, she doesn’t like her family. Rejection? Resistance? Something much bigger than that?’

The problem is that she must have joined the Black Dawn of her own will, but it didn’t seem that way to the other members.

She may be a spy, or she herself is a character with a screw loose somewhere, so she probably didn’t get along well with the other members.

‘Secretly sending a magic note to me, gathering information quickly and even entering Theon. Her position is low compared to her superior ability. The organization wants to throw her away after using her?’

Sedina herself must be passionate enough to swear allegiance to the Black Dawn by devoting her body and soul, but the organization itself doesn’t like her. She tries hard but her situation doesn’t improve and she gets bogged down further.

‘From the standpoint of the Black Dawn, I’d like to have it for now, but I’m hesitant about how to use it.’

The First Order that she’s under doesn’t care about her. Maybe she’s just trying to use it like a consumable item for a mission that requires her life to be thrown away. Her future was already decided.

‘Will a Second Order take care of her?’

I just saw a crack in Theon for the first time at the previous meeting and now I could also see one in Black Dawn. There is no perfect group in the world.

‘Maybe this……’

Knowing that Theon and Black Dawn both have significant problems felt like a way out for me. Hopefully I can get something through Sedina.

“Once you capture the specimen, it is better not to leave any evidence behind. Capture is a priority, but in the current situation there is no other choice but to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Since there are three, we can do our best……”

“No. Two.”


I took out the werewolf restraint orb from my inner pocket and showed it to Sedina.

“This is……”

“One guy was already caught.”

“Damn, when……”

“Two days ago in Leathervelk.”

Perhaps she didn’t know that I had already caught one of the three, so her face went hazy.

“First Order-nim.”

She has a very respectful expression.

“Anyway, are there two left now?”

“Yes, yes.”

“You said that one hid here through a sewer pipe, so we will have to widen the search around that area. Theon doesn’t know this information yet, right?”


“Then I must move right away.”

I said that and got up from my seat. Sedina looked up at me, wondering if I was already finished, but I thought she was rude, so she immediately bowed her head.

I unblocked the sound barrier and said,

“Sedina Rosen. See you next time if you have a chance.”

“Yes Yes! That……Rudger, sir.”

Sedina blushes shyly while she speaks. Looking at it this way, she just seems like a young girl of my age. How did such a child somehow end up joining the monstrous organization called Black Dawn?


I left the cafe after emptying my coffee.

* * *

Flora Lumos was going to study at the library leisurely because it was a public class today.

In her usual way she would have pranked someone today but she recently found herself unable to sit still because a teacher ignited the magical will within her.

As she thought so, she was walking through an outdoor corridor lined with arched columns.


Through the glass window on the second floor of a cafe not far away, she saw a familiar face, Rudger Chelici. But there was something strange about the man’s attitude.

‘Who’s the girl on the other side?’

Now, Rudger, who exudes a softer feeling than usual, was talking to a girl face to face.

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    The teacher character of mc is very similar to the mc of The Villain wants to live and this girl attitude is also similar to the silvie girl to the point it feels plagiarized. The mystery of mc’s past makes the novel like original otherwise I would have dropped it.

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