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I was sold at the lowest price C356

I was sold at the lowest price C356: The Runaway Pack / Yuki


With Dr. Brule’s guidance, we marched into the area that was overrun by runaway Guardians. It was in a vast domed building that was part of the ruins, and we were told that we would have to pass through here to get to the two legendary riders.

“Yuki, there are more of them than I imagined. Let’s draw them towards us and destroy them one by one.”

As Mary said, there were indeed quite a few Guardians. At a cursory glance, there were probably 500 of them. And all of them were of a higher level and had the fighting power of an Exlander. Seeing this situation, I was convinced why even the Sword King was unable to handle them.

For safety’s sake, Mary’s suggestion seemed like a good one, but it would take too much time. I gave Mary an alternative plan.

“I’ll charge into the center single-handedly and destroy the Guardians. Mary, you will lead the men to draw them away and destroy them one by one.”

“Have you changed your personality a little, Yuki? Are you really that brave?”

I felt a little nervous when she said that. I wonder if I’ve changed my personality!

“It’s a matter of efficiency. I don’t really want to charge into the enemy, either.”

“Well, I’m sure the current Yuki won’t lose to a few Guardians, but don’t be too reckless.”

I’m thankful for my friend who genuinely cares for me even though I’m stronger.

I felt no fear as I faced the myriad of Guardians. This was because I was aware of the difference in power. The power of an Exlander would not be enough against me now.

The color of the Guardians’ eyes changed from blue to red when they saw Elvira Kai figure. Then they all attacked me at once.

I pierce the first Guardian that jumps at me with my rapier. The pierced guardian is consumed by the black mist that spreads from the damaged area and disperses. The power of the Black Mist, the dark magic strike of Elvira Kai, is immense. With just a small scratch, it will rapidly corrode and destroy the opponent.

Three more Guardians attacked me but I evaded their attacks with a high-speed step and attacked all three at the same time with a series of thrusts, piercing them down.

The runaway Guardians are emotionless and fearless. Even after their comrades were defeated, they pounced on me one after another, trying to destroy the Elvira Kai with their claws and razor-sharp fangs. I don’t like to imagine it, but before I was strengthened by Nitro Ludia, I would have been easily killed by the first attack.

The Guardians are powerful but in front of the current Elvira Kai their movements seem to be in slow motion and I can easily avoid them. The Guardians posed no threat to me and I could easily destroy them with a strike of my rapier.

Mary and her men must have gained tremendous enhancements, but it still doesn’t seem to be easy to deal with the higher level Guardians. They are using their coordination to destroy them little by little. One-on-one seems to be a disadvantage, and the subordinates who let their guard down received painful wounds from the Guardians.

Scarfi’s troops seemed to have received Nitro Ludia, but they didn’t seem to be elite and weren’t doing well against the Guardians at all. There was only Scarfi struggling and the rest were a complete liability.

Looking at the battles other than mine, I suddenly thought……How much stronger have I become?……They say that Scarfi is one of the Twelve Heavenly Masters, but the current me can kill him instantly. No, I feel like I can fight all the forces here, including the Guardians, and still win.

Thinking about it made me feel scared for no reason. It was not fear of my own strength, but of the thought that made me think that way.

I’m intoxicated by my own strength…….

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