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The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C109

The Struggle of a Weak Aristocrat in a Different World C109: End of the mock battle


I matched my own sword with Claire’s and as the swords crossed, sparks flew. I was pushed away, and with the momentum of turning over, I rolled backwards and stood up to regain my stance.

It was a good thing that I was able to get back on my feet, but Claire, who had closed the distance between us in an instant, unleashed a stab and the tip of her sword was right in front of me. I panicked and tossed my head to the side, but a silver flash ran across my face, slicing through my cheek. I moved my upper body as if tracing the shape of a U, anticipating the flash that would come back.

As expected, I ducked, and this time I thrust back, but my strike was easily dodged with a sway.

Just as I thought I was in trouble, a powerful slash came at me. I turned over halfway, put my sword out in front of my shoulder, and caught it. In my hand, I felt the impact of a metal bat hitting a hard rock with all my might, and my body felt as if I had been hit by a car.

There was no way I could withstand such an impact, and my back was slammed into the ground. My body jumped up from the impact, and my vision went blank for a moment. However, I caught the sword swinging down as if to catch up with me, and dodged it by rolling over.

I fought back the dull ache that echoed in my back and stood up, distancing myself from Claire.

The back of my throat is clogged, I can’t breathe, and heat rises to my face. My mouth was filled with the smell of iron, I was nauseous, my hands were numb, and I was shaking. But I held the mock sword without letting go of it and looked at Claire.

Claire’s earlier demonic demeanor was gone, she lowered her sword and looked down.

“It’s not as if knowing……is going to change that.”

I can’t read the meaning of Claire’s words. The pain that spreads through my body interferes with my ability to think.

“Chris. I’ll do my best. If you’ve got a problem, I’m going to get rid of it. If you don’t understand me, I’m going to make you understand me. If you don’t turn to me, I’ll turn to you.”

After saying that, Claire pointed her sword at me. I couldn’t understand what Claire was saying, and my brain went blank from the suffocation. But as Claire held her sword up in my field of vision, only a fighting spirit similar to a sense of mission arose in me.

I just have to give it everything I’ve got.

The pain instantly disappears. I feel a level of concentration I’ve never felt before. Even though I can’t feel the pain, my nerves are sharp all the way down to my fingertips. Then I run out and swing my sword at Claire.

She dodges with her quick movements. Not caring, I continue to swing my sword. But the sword continues to cut through the air over and over again. The sword was getting closer and closer to Claire. Finally, it snatched Claire’s armor. Claire lost her balance, and staggered back.

I quickly closed the distance and swung my sword down at Claire with all my might. It was the fastest way to cut through the wind and head straight for Claire. It was like a bolt of lightning, the best blow I’ve ever struck.

However, the sword did not hit Claire, instead it bounced off my hand from the impact and in front of me, a steel boot gleamed.

When I looked at Claire, I didn’t see any expression of impatience on her face, she was just quietly putting her foot down.

Watching Claire like this, my heated brain cooled down. Then, like a stone dropped on the bottom of a river and the sand rising up, I started to laugh. It was so ridiculous that such a strong person had misunderstood that I was stronger than her, it made me laugh.

“Chris. Do you still want to do it?”

Claire asked in a gentle tone. I think Claire already knows that I’m weaker than her. That’s why she said what she said. Now Claire would no longer think anything of me. There’s no need to fight anymore but I still can’t feel the pain. Something is canceling out my pain and then the reason comes to mind.

“No, not like this.”

I said, and picked up my sword.

Surely there was no need to fight. But that was just a moment ago. I was able to make Claire understand the truth. But if I don’t, she will just leave and the Alcala family will back out according to Claire’s assessment. If that’s the case, my will to fight back and at least raise my reputation is what’s keeping me fighting.

“…… Chris. That’s enough. I’ve got something to say to Chris.

“Understand what, Claire? I’m not done yet.”

I said back, and after a moment, Claire raised her sword.

“If Chris doesn’t understand what I understand, I’ll make him understand. I can’t tell him unless he understands.”

Claire’s eyes were serious, and they were filled with intense heat. It seems like she’s still serious about this but I couldn’t back down either.

There was a nice breeze blowing in, and we both started running at the same time.


I stopped, startled by the sudden voice.

I turned toward the voice and saw Alice with dirt on her cheeks, smiling happily.

“Chris, I did it!”

When I looked at where Alice was pointing, I saw smoke rising from the mountain across us, signaling the end of the mock battle. It’s a situation that would normally bring about an outpouring of excitement, but there’s a subtle air of awkwardness in the air.

“There is an awkward atmosphere. Am I, perhaps, doing something wrong……Chris?”

As I was listening to Alice’s words, I was suddenly struck by pain and my eyes went blank.

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