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Haunted Duke’s Daughter C70

Haunted Duke’s Daughter C70

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“No way, no!”

The prince’s shout echoed in the classroom. Everyone looked at the prince, then at Lilia, who was standing in front of him but then gently averted their eyes, as if they had somehow guessed why.

“I told you, Your Highness, it’s about competence.”


In both of their hands was a report card. Lilia’s had the number one written on it, and the prince’s has the number two. The prince was unhappy with the results.

“I’ve spent more time studying……than I’ve ever spent in my life…….Why is it that I’m losing out to Liliane, who even teaches others……!”

S–He looks incredibly shocked. Poor prince.

Sakura’s voice was quivering with laughter as she said this. It seems that Sakura really doesn’t like the prince, even though we’ve made peace. If that’s the case, then it would be good to add a word for Sakura.

“Your Highness, I already know the answer.”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you think I’d lose to someone who was in love with me?”

I tell him so with a big smile on my face. His Highness was dumbfounded for a while, but eventually he turned away as if he understood, without losing himself in anger.

When Lilia gave a small cough, the prince hurriedly made an angry expression and shouted to Lilia.

“When did I ever fall in love? Next time, it won’t be like this…….!”

S–Hahaha! Sounds like a line from a common villain!

Sakura seemed to be really enjoying herself. Lilia was also naturally in a good mood and just said what she wanted to say.

“Your Highness, you’re talking like a villain.”

Someone at the prince’s side erupted in laughter. I looked over to see Glenn holding his mouth and trying desperately to hold back his laughter. I thought to myself, “Why are you laughing?”


The prince said nothing more and sat down in his seat. To the uninitiated, it would appear as if the prince, realizing that he was at a disadvantage in an argument, had avoided the contest.

I think I have ruined the prince’s reputation, but it doesn’t matter that much. The prince’s reputation was too high. Regardless of how gifted he is, this prince is probably the only royalty who has been able to maintain the top ranking. That’s how hard he had been working.

But it was I who had shattered that effort.

“Love……..Oh, yes, indeed……..Think a little more…….”

The prince was mumbling to himself. Although I felt like I had said something unnecessary, I decided not to say anything more.


I turned back to the teacher when he called me. He chuckled in annoyance.

“I’m about to explain the exam…….You won’t need it.”


“Have a safe trip back and make sure you’re ready for tomorrow.”

“Thank you, sir.”

I bowed my head firmly to the teacher. The teacher rolled his eyes in slight surprise and then nodded a little happily.

Today is the final exam of the semester. Tomorrow we’ll start our vacation and each of us will return to our parents’ home. Naturally, I was no exception, and I would be returning to the mansion tomorrow. It was time to say goodbye to the dormitory for a while.

S–I’m going to miss them. I’ve gotten to know everyone so well.

L–Yeah? It’s been a while since we’ve had a chance to relax.

S–Mm-hmm……..That may be so, but…….

Well, I guess I need a break, Sakura sighed.

When she returned to her room, Lilia found that Alisa had already prepared a cup of tea. To Lilia’s surprise, Alisa said.

“You came back very early from the last exam. That was to be expected.”

Alisa pulled out a chair for her and Lilia sat down with a wry smile.

“How did you do on your exam?”

“First place.”

“Again? That’s great…….”

Alisa was as happy as if it were her. Seeing this, Lilia finally began to feel real. Holding back the urge to scream, she exhaled slowly but couldn’t stop her cheeks from relaxing.

“Lady Lilia, I have something for you from Lady Tina.”

“From Tina? Why didn’t she just give it to me?”

Tilting her head, she looked down at the paper box that Alisa had brought. It was a very familiar box, and Sakura’s reaction to it was the same as always.

S–Strawberry Daifuku! That’s Tina…the goddess!

L–That’s too cheap, really…….

I chuckled inwardly and looked at Alisa. Alisa quickly nodded and explained.

“This morning, after Lady Lilia left, she came to deliver this to me. She wanted me to give it to you to congratulate you on your first place.”

“Earlier this morning? I didn’t know the results yet.”

“Yes. But she didn’t seem to doubt it.”

Lilia’s eyes widened a little, and then she turned away and Alisa smiled somewhat happily at her.

S–Lilia! Strawberry Daifuku!

L–Yes, yes.

Sighing, I put the strawberry daifuku in my mouth. It tastes the same as always. Sakura started humming in a good mood.

L–I’ve been thinking about this for a while.


L–Is that song from Sakura’s hometown? I’ve never heard of it.

S–Yes, it is. I’ll teach it to Lilia next time.

So let’s sing together, Sakura laughed, and Lilia nodded, as she had no reason to refuse.

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