I was sold at the lowest price C359

I was sold at the lowest price C359

I was sold at the lowest price C359: Weapon


As I approached the cocoon, the attack of the white threads intensified. They attacked from every direction, trying to catch Arleo-2. I avoided them in a zigzag pattern so that they would not be able to predict my movements, and approached the cocoon further.

This is an opponent against whom magic bullets will not work so I entered Ludia concentration mode. As my concentration increases, the shape of my sword changes, it becomes larger and sharper, and a blue light envelops the blade.

I slash at the cocoon with my sword, which has been strengthened by Ludia concentration. The mass of white threads covering the cocoon was cut and even the white threads, which are strong enough to repel magic bullets, were unable to stop the slash of Arleo-2’s sword.

“Yuta! Watch out! Something’s moving!”

Nagisa warns loudly when she sees the inside of the torn cocoon. I peeked inside, wary. It was pitch black and I couldn’t see very well, but I noticed that something was lurking in the form of a number of small red lights.

After I cut through the cocoon, the white thread stopped attacking me instead, the cocoon began to act strangely.

The cocoon began to expand, making a creaking sound, as if the expansion had reached its limit. The thing that had been lurking inside the……cocoon finally came into view. The hole in the cocoon grew to more than half of the total size, and a black entity crawled out to break through the cocoon.


“……It’s uglier than I imagined…….”

When Nagisa and Linnecarlo saw the thing that appeared, they showed a strong reaction of rejection while Kiyone calmly stared at it.

Lurking in the cocoon was a spider-like monster, moving its countless legs uncomfortably, and its head, which was small in relation to its body, had countless red eyes that shone eerily.

In addition to such an uncanny appearance it had a body that was bigger than a magicraft. It was no wonder that Nagisa and Linnecarlo freaked out.

“What the hell is that? Is it a giant beast?”

I thought it was a new kind of giant beast, as Jean had said but Feri denied it.

“It doesn’t match the data on the giant beasts. However, I don’t think it’s completely different…….No way…….it’s a giant beast weapon! If that’s the case, we can’t be careless. Yuta, I recommend that you do everything in your power to destroy it.”

“What’s a giant beast weapon?”

“It’s a monster created by a scientist from the ancient civilizations in an attempt to convert giant beasts into weapons. I know this place was originally a research facility for giant beast weapons, but I heard that all giant beast weapons have been destroyed…….I didn’t expect there to be any survivors.”

“Weaponizing giant beasts! Sounds like a bad idea.”

The giant beast weapon approached Kiyone’s Kiku-Ichimonji at an incredibly fast pace. Kiyone reacted to the incredible speed of the weapon and raised her sword.

There was a high-pitched click, and Kiyone’s sword was flicked back. It was surprising that Kiyone’s sword, which could cut through even an Exlander machine, was repelled.

The giant beast weapon hit Kiku Ichimonji with its body and knocked him down. It then covered him up and tried to bite his neck with the two nipper-like fangs on his head.

“I won’t let you!”

Nagisa, who was close to Kiyone, immediately moved. Even though she was intimidated by its appearance, she was a martial artist. She overcame her fear and slammed her fist into the giant beast weapon.

The punch was so powerful that I could see the circular wave motion, and it was powerful enough to pull the giant beast weapon off Kiku Ichimonji.

Diatena fist blew the giant beast weapon away and at the same time a thunderous magical strike was shot from Viktor towards the rolling giant beast weapon.

“Get the hell out of here!”

Given the strength of the attack I didn’t think it would end there so I closed the gap between me and the huge beast weapon that had been struck by the lightning in order to attack it further.

“This is the end!”

Arleo-2’s sword sliced through the beast’s weapon and the giant beast weapon, which had been split in half, undulated for a while, then stopped its activities.

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