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Haunted Duke’s Daughter C71

Haunted Duke’s Daughter C71

L–But this is more of a congratulations to Sakura than to me.

S–Oh…….It’s really…….I’m sorry, Lilia.

L–Why are you apologizing? This is because of Sakura, so you’re not to blame.

When Lilia said that, however, Sakura vigorously denied it.

S–Because Lilia did her best, you know. No matter what I say, it’s meaningless if Lilia doesn’t work hard. That’s why this is the result of Lilia’s hard work.

I don’t know if that’s how it is, but for Lilia, without Sakura, she wouldn’t have gotten this grade. But even if she said that, Sakura would not be convinced. After some thought, Lilia nodded.

L–This strawberry daifuku is my reward for Sakura. I’m fine as long as I get to hear Sakura sing.

S–Eh! Oh, a song……..I’m embarrassed when you say it, but…….Okay, okay, I’ll do my best!

L–I’m looking forward to the next weekend.

I smiled slyly at her.

S–Lilia. I’m not sure how to behave.

Lilia’s cheeks tensed up. Gently, she looked up to see Alisa staring at her with a very nice smile.

“I’m very glad you’re happy, Miss Lilia.”

“No, no, it’s not that I’m not happy, it’s just that……”

Apparently, Alisa had misunderstood her brilliantly. Lilia thought about how to clear up the misunderstanding, but she couldn’t come up with a good idea, so she decided to give up.

After finishing the strawberry daifuku, I started to think about what to do. There was a knock at the door of my room but Alisa immediately opened the door and answered it. As I watched, Alisa turned around and said,

“Lady Lilia, Miss Christly is here to see you.”

“Chris? All right, let her in.”

Alisa bowed and opened the door.

Chris came into the room, and Alisa led her to sit down opposite Lilia.

“What’s the matter? I thought the teacher was still explaining the exam.”

“It’ll be enough to ask someone to tell me later.”

As I recall, Chris had attended almost all of her classes diligently. Lilia rolled her eyes in surprise at Chris’ unusual words. I don’t know if she noticed it, but Chris continued.

“Tomorrow the students will start going home.”

“Yes, they will.”

“But first, there is something I would like to discuss with you, Liliane. Will you listen to me?”

This was also unusual. It wasn’t often that Chris would ask me for help. That’s why I naturally prepared myself for what it would be like.


“Yeah. It’s about His Highness.”

Lilia’s eyes widened.

“You’ve fallen in love with His Highness?”

“That’s not possible.”

It was an immediate answer. Lilia opened her mouth halfway and made a dumb face, and Chris immediately realized what she said and panicked a little.

“His Highness is charming, yes, charming! That’s why it’s impossible for me to turn my back on him.”

“So? What’s on it?”

“Stick to……! Yes, that’s right. The content.”

With a small cough, Chris sat back in her chair.

S–Hey, don’t you think she’s a funny girl?

L–She’ll dig her own grave from time to time.

S–What a natural! Well, not quite.

Chris’s eyes were wandering here and there, as if she was having trouble saying something. Lilia, who was beginning to feel annoyed, tapped her finger on the table, and Chris straightened her posture in panic.

“Actually, you know…….I need some relationship advice.”

“What……? You want love advice?”

“Not for me but for His Highness.”


Lilia was at a loss for words and gently looked away. She thought for a moment, then said,

“I’m going to the library.”

“Lilia! You have to help me!”

“Chris, you’re showing your true colors.”

Chris came back to herself and cleared her throat. Then she put a smile on her face.

“My apologies, Miss Liliane.”

“I don’t mind if you don’t.”

“No. I am in the room of a duke, even if it is in the school. I’ll just take your consideration.”

S–She’s a very tough girl, isn’t she? No, it’s probably a good thing.

L–Yeah. It’s so annoying.

S–You’re so articulate…….

Hearing Sakura’s giggles, Lilia sat down in her chair with a small sigh.

I didn’t think that the prince would ask Chris for love advice but it’s a good decision.

Chris wouldn’t give him any strange instructions but I don’t understand why she would come all the way here to report it. I guess there must be something going on.


“I’m glad that His Highness has asked me to help him, because it means that I can keep track of his movements. I’m also taking your advice very seriously.”

Then there seems to be nothing wrong with it. Chris saw that Lilia was puzzled so she continued with a serious face.

“Lady Liliane. Do you think that His Highness’ feelings will be fulfilled?”

The answer to Chris’s question was a given.


Tina is a baroness. No matter how you look at it, she doesn’t have the status to be a full-fledged queen. The nobles would not be convinced unless she was at least a senior noble.

S–You’re simply not interested.

L–I guess you could say that.

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