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Haunted Duke’s Daughter C72

Haunted Duke’s Daughter C72


“I wondered if I should continue to consult him. Should I speak up for His Highness’s sake? What do you think, Lady Liliane?”

Lilia nodded, she could not help but understand what Chris was trying to say. Even if she were to give advice to the prince, she would probably feel uneasy if she knew that they would not get together.

But I also believe that their fears are unfounded. I’m sure the prince understands that much. Even if we don’t do anything, he will take care of it.

“It’s fine as usual. I’m sure His Highness is aware of that.”

“Do you think he understands……?”


S–He’s the prince, isn’t he?

L–What do you think, Sakura?

S–Hmm? Let’s just leave it alone. I hate to say it, but if you don’t even realize it, I can’t handle it.

It sounded a little thorny, but I think it was definitely true. When I told her what Sakura had said, Chris nodded.

“Thank you, Lady Lilia. I am relieved that you have come to the same conclusion as I have.”

“What? You didn’t have to come if you’ve already decided.”

“No. To be honest, I was worried……..”

Chris smiled vaguely at that. Lilia didn’t ask any deeper questions, but took the cup of tea.

“By the way, Liliane, what are your plans for the vacation?”

Chris asked, and Lilia shook her head.

“I haven’t decided anything in particular. I’m thinking of spending some time at my parents’ house, though. What about you, Chris?”

Come to think of it, I hadn’t asked Chris how she was spending her vacation since she came to the school. I was a little curious, so I asked her, and she gladly answered.

“I’m the same way. I’ll take my time.”

She said that she would think about the rest later. I felt my cheeks relax a little at the similarity of her plan. However, I quickly cleared my throat to cover it up.

After that, the two of us continued to drink tea in a relaxed manner. Occasionally, we would talk as if we remembered something, but it was always about two words or less.

Just as I was beginning to think that it was time for lunch, there was a knock on the door again. Alisa went to greet the guest.

“Lady Lilia. It’s Lady Sera.”

Lilia’s eyebrows twitched. She and Sera talked every morning, but it was rare for her to visit Lilia’s room herself. It was probably the first time. Surprised inwardly, she nodded to Alisa and invited Sera in.

“Excuse me…..huh?”

Sera froze, her eyes bugging out of her head. I tilted my head to see what was going on and followed her gaze.

Chris didn’t look surprised, but she froze when she saw Sera.

“I’m not sure why Christel is here……?”

Chris, who had come back to her senses at the sound of Sera’s hard voice, did not answer, but threw a glance at Lilia. She looked at her as if she wanted to know what she should do. Lilia didn’t have any particular idea either, so her mind was completely blank.

L–Sakura, help me!

S–…….I think you should just introduce them to each other like normal. I don’t think Sera would talk now even if you tortured her.

“Welcome, Sera. It’s unusual for you to come here on your own.”

“Oh, yes…….Am I bothering you?”

“No, not at all. Alisa, prepare the tea.”

Alisa quickly bowed and started preparing the tea. Lilia beckoned to her, and Sera walked up to Lilia’s side with a hesitant look. When she pointed to the chair next to Chris and told her to sit down, Sera’s cheeks tensed up.

“Oh, um…….You know…….”

“Don’t worry, it’s not like I’m in any kind of conflict with Chris.”


Sera let out a squeak of surprise and turned back to Chris. Chris was frowning suspiciously at her.

“Chris. You don’t have to worry. I trust this girl.”

“Oh, really?…….If you say so, then I believe you.”

She was easily convinced. I thought it might take some convincing, so I was disappointed.

“Sera, just trust Chris. That’s enough for now.”

“Okay. I understand.”

She answered immediately as well. I was still thinking of persuading her, but I was confused.

S–They trust you, it’s the result of your hard work.

L –I’m rather worried, though.

But since Sakura is convinced, there will be no problem now. That’s what I told myself, and decided to return to the story.

“So? What do you want, Sera?”

“No…….Tina told me yesterday that she would be on her way later and that I should go ahead of her.”

“I haven’t heard anything…….”

Slightly puzzled, I threw a glance at Chris. But Chris shook her head, laughing a little sadly.

“Well, I’m not that close to the girl.”

It was true that Chris was not close to Tina. Just as we were thinking about what Tina wanted to do, there were three knocks on the door. This time, Alisa opened the door immediately and said,

“It’s Miss Tina, Miss Alia, and Miss Katie.”

The corner of Chris’s eyebrows lifted.

L–What’s the matter with this girl?

S–Maybe it’s like, “I warned you before, what do you think you’re doing?”

L– Oh, I see.

I’m convinced, but I can’t be bothered to stand between them. Lilia said to Chris in a slightly harsh voice.

“Chris. I know how you feel, but you have to control it.”

“Yes, I’m sorry.”

Chris immediately mended her expression. Lilia confirmed it and then nodded to Alisa.

Alisa invited Tina and the others in. Tina and the others were also surprised to see Chris and rolled their eyes.

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