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I was sold at the lowest price C360

I was sold at the lowest price C360 – The Decline of Civilization


With the main body defeated, the cocoon dried up as if it had lost its power. We should be able to pass through here safely now.

“A nasty piece of beast weaponry.”

Jean said from Mirai’s bridge, looking at the dried up cocoon.

“I wonder why they decided to weaponize the giant beasts. Didn’t they cause so much pain?”

I asked, and Feri’s pseudo-body paused heavily before saying,

“Humans are truly foolish creatures. Once the giant beasts were sealed away, the machines that were made to fight them were used to fight the same humans. Whenever a conflict broke out, they would even use the giant beasts they had sealed themselves to gain more power than their opponents. It’s a ridiculous world.”

“It doesn’t matter if the enemies are giant beasts or people. As long as you can become stronger than those who disagree with you or who you think are in your way, that’s all that matters, right?”

Jean, perhaps well aware of the foolish side of people, said this in a throwback manner in sympathy with Feri’s words.

“If we fight each other like that, in the end there will be no one left, friend or foe.”

“A sharp opinion for Yuta but that’s how ancient civilizations declined. The collision of great powers will only result in annihilation.”

I guess the reason for the decline of ancient civilizations that had great technology is because of that great technology.

We’ve defeated the giant beast weapon and we’re moving on, but if I think about it, it doesn’t mean that the safety of this research facility has been secured.

No, on the contrary, now that we know that this facility was originally researching something as dangerous as a giant beast weapon, the possibility of something more dangerous happening in the future has increased.

Everyone else seemed to have the same idea as I did, and became more alert. In order to be able to react quickly to danger, we decided to take turns waiting in our magicrafts, and we also decided on a watch duty.

We didn’t know what was waiting for us in the future so we decided to take a rest when we could, and after checking the safety of our surroundings, we decided to take a short break.

“It’s hard to get a good night’s rest when you realize that there might be other giant beast weapons out there.”

Linnecarlo said, but she was relaxing, drinking fruit water and reading a magazine.

“Lately, there’s nothing but war everywhere. Hasn’t the war between the Valkyria-Lubel Alliance and the Amurian Union been reported yet?”

Jean was reading a magazine and muttering to himself.

“What’s in that thing you’re reading so much?”

Jean had bought a lot of books before he left the Kingdom of Lubel. He’s a studious guy, so in his spare time he reads some books, especially the magazine with the flaming bird on the cover that he’s reading now.

“This is a magazine that summarizes what’s going on on this continent. There are other magazines, but this one published by Radle Publishing is the fastest.”

“Oh, really? I guess it’s like a weekly magazine on Earth. So, what kinds of articles are in it?”

“Well, the front page article features the Ten War Gods of the Elysian Empire. Apparently, a bunch of monsters with hundreds of thousands Ludia value have been appointed.”

“Hundreds of thousands! That’s amazing.”

“What are you talking about? Well, now it’s clear, Yuta, that even among the Ludia values inflated by the Nitro Ludia technology, you’ve turned out to be extraordinarily awesome.”

“Is that so?”

“The riders of the Elysian Empire are among the best on the continent but compared to you they’re still way weaker.”

Well, I don’t really feel it, but if Jean says so, I guess it’s true. Jean started to introduce the Ten War Gods, but I wasn’t really interested, so I didn’t listen and went to the cafeteria to get a drink.

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