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I was sold at the lowest price C361

I was sold at the lowest price C361 – Defense Systems


After a short rest, we set off for the lowest level. From the level where the cocoon was located, we proceeded further down through a passage that led to the bottom. The pathway, made of an indeterminate material such as metal or stone, spiraled downward gently.

After a while, the spiral passage ended and we came to a large floor. Jean, who was looking ahead while piloting Mirai, spotted something again and complained.

“There’s another weird one.”

What Jean found were countless large cylinders, arranged in an orderly fashion on a large floor. It was obviously an unnatural object, but it didn’t look like a giant beast weapon, but rather an object of art. However, the identity of the cylinders seemed to be in Feri’s database, and the answer came quickly.

“It’s a defense mechanism for the research facility. It’s a type of Guardian with high offensive capabilities.”

“A Guardian with high offensive capabilities…….Another nasty one.”

“What should we do, should we all go out and destroy it?”

Kiyone’s suggestion was very simple and straightforward, but Jean didn’t seem to think it was the best choice.

“No, wait. It hasn’t shown any signs of attacking us yet. Maybe it’s broken? If we attack, it might start moving.”

“It’s unlikely that it’s broken, since the facility’s automatic repair function is still active. The fact that it hasn’t moved yet could simply mean that we haven’t entered its defensive line yet, or that it’s still identifying us.”

“If that’s the case, it’s not safe for us to stay here. Let’s move back a bit and figure out what to do.”

Jean said and tried to make Mirai retreat, but the gate, which had been open until a moment ago, had closed before we knew it.

“What the hell! When did it close?”

Jean hurriedly brought Mirai, who had been retreating, to a halt.

“There’s something wrong with the pillar!”

Nagisa’s words caused everyone to look at the Guardian. The Guardian’s pattern on the column was glowing red.

“It seems that the Guardian has been activated.”

“It’s a …… trap! He wanted to lock us in here.”

“No, the Guardian’s thoughts are only executed with defense as the top priority. They will not choose to make sure that the other party will not escape like this.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“This research facility may be under the control of someone else.”

“You mean there are survivors of the ancient civilization?”

“We don’t know that but I’m sure they’re not very friendly to us.”

“It’s not going to be smooth, is it? Well, it’s no use thinking about an invisible enemy right now. First we have to deal with that thing in front of us. Okay, everyone, let’s go! Let’s annihilate the Guardian!”

This is what happens in the end, right? We boarded our magicrafts and immediately set off.

The number of Guardians was close to 100. I can’t imagine what kind of attack they would do with their pillar-like appearance. I’m not sure if it’s safe to rush in…….

“The Pillar Guardian’s main weapon is the lightning magic strike. It has a range of about 30 meters and is powerful enough to deal a fatal blow to an Exlander-class magicraft.”

Feri, who completely saw through my thoughts, gave me the information I needed. If that’s the case, it’s dangerous to approach carelessly. Especially with the Quadruple Highlander’s Kiyone’s Kiku Ichimonji, it wouldn’t be able to withstand even a single blow.

“Kiyone, the Pillar Guardian’s attack is going to be dangerous, so just stay back and let us handle this.”

“There’s no problem. No matter how powerful the attack is, I just have to avoid hitting it.”

It’s true that Kiyone would avoid all of this, but it would be a bit frustrating to watch…….

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