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I got a fake job at the academy C28: Werewolf (3)

Chapter 3/3 for the week. Also I changed Tracey to Tracy.

“Yes?! Wait! Aren’t you supposed to ask if we’re okay at times like this?!”

Erendir thought she had heard wrong.

The teacher who saved them from the werewolf instantly gave them penalty points, this seemed quite unfair to Erendir.

“Erendir, are you saying you did well?”

“I got permission from another teacher!”

“Noisy. Even if you get permission, you should act carefully. Don’t you know what could’ve happened to you just now?”

“That, that…”

Rudger was merciless even if his opponent was a princess. Even Erendir couldn’t really refute Rudger’s words.

It was her status as a princess that allowed her to wander around at night like this and made it easy for her to make the excited students bow their heads and send them back to their dormitory.

“Then, at least make up for the penalty points of this child.”


Rudger’s gaze turned to Rene.


“Yes. Mr. Rudger.”

“Why didn’t you go back to the dormitory?”

“That, that……”

“I admit that you are passionate about studying, but don’t you know that doing such a thing in this kind of situation will cause trouble to others?”

“……I’m sorry.”

Rudger shook his head.



“Take responsibility for Rene and send her back to the dormitory. That way, she’ll be free of the penalty points she just received.”

“Yes? Really?”

“Should I say it again?”

“……No. All right.”

Erendir replied yes, but couldn’t shake the doubt that came to her mind.

‘Why is there such a big difference in the way I was treated compared to her?’

While complaining in her mind the werewolf caught in the fire jumped up.

“Over there sir!”

“I know.”

Rudger stood in front of Rene and Erendir, staring at the werewolf. Most of the wounds from the magic had healed, but the guy was still distracted by the shuddering pain.

The werewolf, who had been staring at them with eyes full of endless hostility, suddenly moved but instead of attacking he ran away.

“Oh! It escaped!”

At the same time as Rene shouted, Rudger followed the werewolf. He never meant to miss the werewolf he had barely found.

Rene and Erendir haven’t noticed yet, but that werewolf’s neck was also stuffed with restraints. It was fortunate that the restraint ball was covered with hair and could not be seen properly. However, if someone else finds it later, it will be difficult to even destroy the evidence.

Rudger filled his legs with magic and ran.

As he chased the werewolf through the dark grass and across the garden, he saw the werewolf crawling up the outer wall of the nearby research building to the roof.

Sharp claws pierced the exterior walls of the building with ease, and its gigantic body eventually reached a rooftop full of spires.

‘Can’t let it escape.’

Rudger immediately soared vertically into the air using a wire launcher and landed on the roof. Erendir and Rene, who were still watching the scene from afar, opened their mouths in admiration.

“Is that just floating magic?”


The two people, who could not see the wire launcher because it was dark at night, thought that all of Rudger’s movements were thanks to magic.

Two silhouettes stood on the roof facing each other. It was not clearly visible from a distance, but it wasn’t difficult to tell who Rudger was based on its size and approximate appearance.

“Full moon.”

The clouds in the sky lifted, and before long a cold and cozy silver light poured down like the hem of a curtain. Tonight was a full moon night.

Rudger moved first and the werewolf  also rushed to Rudger. The two of them crossed each other and a close battle ensued.


“Oh my gosh.”

There was something about Rudger’s appearance that was hard to take their eyes off of. Under the moonlight, Rudger moves were like a dance, as he avoided the werewolf’s attacks.

Even though the girls were far away, they could feel the trembling attacks on their skin but nothing could touch Rudger.

He used multiple attributes magics arrows like fire, ice, wind and although their power was only around second rank they precisely targeted the werewolf’s vital parts and inflicted him with wounds.

‘It’s said he was in the army before he came here.’

Erendir thought of Rudger Chelici. She wasn’t particularly interested in him, but her maid brought her his information, just in case, so all she saw was on a whim. As she remembered, Rudger Chelici was in the army, and even achieved a record while hunting cryptids.

As she watched Rudger fight Erendir thought that he looked more like a hunter than a wizard.

The werewolf made a rough noise and rolled over the roof, then glided down the slope. Rudger did not miss it as a predator that never misses the gap created by its wounded prey.

Three ice spears the size of a fist pierced the werewolf’s body in a row and fixed it on the roof. Even though a werewolf has excellent regenerative ability he still pierced instantly because of this attack.

The fight was over.

‘Whoa. I’m tired.’

Rudger realized that he had expended considerable mana in the fight.

‘It’s not good to use a lot of magic power.’

Luckily, he met Hans and was able to bring his medicine back. If he hadn’t, it would have been a big deal.

Originally he didn’t want to use magic against the werewolf but because he’s in Theon and many eyes are watching him he couldn’t use other methods.

‘It’s impossible for a magic teacher not to use magic in front of his students.’

First of all, he is a famous teacher of Theon, but if he uses tools or other methods he used in his hunter days, not magic, that would raise suspicions.

‘I need to finish it before it gets any more troublesome.’

Aside from this guy, there is still one more lurking in Theon.

‘I was planning to finish both werewolves by the end of today.’

As Rudger slowly approached, the staggering werewolf suddenly flashed his arms.

His doubts disappeared the moment he saw the fragments of the building thrown by the werewolf.


Rudger immediately unleashed his magical powers, creating a barrier around his body. The shards that flew in were hit and bounced off, but the problem was that the werewolf bought time for his next move.

He immediately raised both of his hands up and slammed them hard on the roof. Due to the werewolf’s strong muscular strength, the roof collapsed, and the werewolf also fell. Debris spread and a cloud of dust rose around it.

Rudger narrowed his eyes at the sight.

‘A Werewolf his head?’

Even if they are artificial creatures that are not cryptids, as they are based on wolves, their instincts as beasts are of course the most advanced.

Not only did he run away when he felt a crisis, but Rudger didn’t even expect that he would throw up the wreckage of a broken building.

‘Did I miss it?’

Rudger, who entered the building through the hole in the roof, realized that the werewolf had disappeared and clicked his tongue. However, he didn’t completely miss it because there was a scent that subtly stimulated his nose in the air.

‘It was good that I buried the incense in the middle of the fight just in case.’

Rudger followed the scent of the werewolf’s traces. He still had the thoughts of finishing the entire thing today because he wanted to live.

* * *

“Tracy! Tracy! Where are you?”

“Aidan. I can’t see her no matter how much I look around. Wouldn’t it be better to just give up?”

Aidan and Leo were diligently searching out of sight to find Tracy.

The last time they heard that Tracy had gone to the forest to the east, the two continued to search for her even as the sun went down. However, no trace of Tracy could be found.

Leo, who was starting to get annoyed, spoke first.

“I thought Tracy couldn’t do it, so she would have resigned on her own. Wouldn’t that be the case since we can’t find her?”

“It’s our fault for not properly rejecting Tracy’s bet, no matter how absurd it was.”

Leo put on a sullen expression at Aidan’s reply.

It was Leo’s fault that Tracy made the bet and he was feeling a little guilty, that’s why he kept looking for Tracy even after nightfall.

“Still, if we get caught by the teachers, we are at risk too. Others will say that it is only a penalty point, but from the point of view of the person who has to be concerned about his rank, such a penalty point is too important.”

“I still can’t let it go.”

“Do you really believe Tracy is still looking for the werewolf?”

“If it was someone else I wouldn’t but Tracy….”

In fact, even Aidan didn’t know why he was so sure what he had said.

There was something familiar in Tracy’s eyes: it was the obsession of a person who always wanted to achieve something. He thought that if she was like that, maybe she could really mess around with her life to catch the werewolf.

“Ugh. Okay. Let’s search for another 30 minutes. If we can’t find anything we’ll go back.”

Leo sighed as he looked at Aidan. He knew enough that this good-natured guy was stubborn and didn’t make any compromises at important moments.

It was the moment when the two of them, who had taken a little rest, were about to move again.


A girl’s scream is heard from afar. The strangely familiar voice was, of course, the voice of Tracy Friad, whom they had been looking for.


“Over there!”

The two ran through the grass and branches to where the scream was heard. At that moment, the grass on the other side shook and someone jumped out and Aidan, who was running in the lead, collided with it.

“What is it all of a sudden?”


Aidan lifted his head as he felt the strong pressure on his body had fallen backwards. The first thing he saw was red hair that did not lose its presence even in the soft moonlight.



Tracy, realizing who she was hugging on top, got up in a hurry.

“You! Why are you here?”

“I heard your screams……”

“What?! What scream?!”

Seeing Tracy blushing and yelling at Aidan, Leo sighed, thinking that he was worried about nothing but then the cry of the beast was heard.

“Ugh! Aidan, you heard it?”

“Huh. Is it really a werewolf?”

The vigilant gazes of the two men turned towards the bushes and they both pulled out their wands but then Tracy stood in front of them.

“Both of you wait a minute.”

“Tracy what are you doing?”

At Aidan’s question, Tracy hesitated then placed a finger on her lips and motioned for the two of them to follow.

Aidan and Leo looked at each other wondering what this was, but eventually decided to follow Tracy’s footsteps. The three of them moved quietly and eventually reached the front of the basin where the ground was swept away.

“Look over there.”

As they looked in the direction she was pointing in a quiet voice, they saw something wriggling in the center of a basin full of fallen leaves.


Aidan, a country boy with good night eyes, immediately recognized what it was.


It was definitely a werewolf. There were scars all over the place, and he was still gasping for breath, but that was definitely the case.

“Are you a kid?”

The small werewolf was a baby that had not yet become an adult.

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