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I was sold at the lowest price C363

I was sold at the lowest price C363: Awakening


The research facility was much more spacious than we had imagined, and it looked like we would be able to complete the treatment of Emitz and the others before we reached the lowest level.

“It’s time for Emitz to wake up. The treatment was supposed to be completed after everything was over, so it’s a bit tricky to handle.”

Jean looked at his watch and said with a slightly troubled expression.

“What difference does it make if Emitz is asleep or awake?”

“You idiot, you’re forgetting that Emitz is from an enemy country, and now we’re going to reanimate dead people. If the Kingdom of Lubel were to find out that such technology existed, it might even start a new conflict.”

“Don’t worry about it, just tell him to shut up and he’ll keep it to himself.”

“You’re forgetting that Emitz is an elite soldier. How can a soldier fail to report to the military?”

“Military or not, he’s a good guy. I’m sure he’ll keep his word.”

“You’re a real softy, aren’t you? Well, if you’re going that far, I’m not going to say anything else, but be prepared for a certain amount of trouble.”

Jean is a worrier but I think it’ll be okay.

A panel on the medical capsule signals the end of the treatment. Feri’s pseudo body approached the capsule and operated it. I tried to get closer too, but Nagisa and Linnecarlo stopped me.

“You can’t get any closer, Yuta! In fact, get out of the room.”

“That’s right. Emitz is not wearing anything, so the boys must leave the room.”

Even though he abandoned his woman side, it doesn’t mean that his body changed. It would be better to leave the room here as they had said.

I walked out of the room and after a few moments of silence, I was allowed to enter. I walked in and found Emitz sitting in a chair, dressed in what looked like a nightgown.

“I’ve caused the death of so many of my men by my leadership, and yet I’ve survived with impunity.”

He said with a sad expression on his face. It was typical of Emitz, but it would be hard for him to continue living with such feelings so I said,

“It’s not that Emitz’s leadership was bad. It’s just that a lot of things went in the wrong direction.”

“You’re right. Emitz doesn’t have to take all the blame.”

Nagisa also continued with my words and Linnecarlo also patted Emitz on the shoulder and told him something.

Emitz must have felt something, because her expression became distorted and she began to cry profusely. I couldn’t tell if they were tears of apology for her dead subordinates or tears for our concern, but after she stopped crying, she returned to the dignified appearance of an elite soldier.

In addition, the treatment of another survivor was completed. That person was also a woman, and I was once again removed from the room.

The female survivor, a rider named Mirti Kazaf, was a mid-level rider and a troop leader.

“Captain Emitz! I’m so glad you’re okay!”

“I’m glad Lieutenant Mirti is okay too.”

Emitz and Mirti salute each other and rejoice for each other’s safety. Emitz seemed to be really happy that Mirti was still alive, as he thought everyone else was dead.

“I’d like to send you to a Lubel military base right away, but our business isn’t finished yet. I’m sorry, but you’ll have to stay with us a little longer.”

Jean told Emitz and the others about the situation in a straightforward manner.

“I have no objection.”

They also offered to help and this would make the watch rotation much easier.

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