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I was sold at the lowest price C364

I was sold at the lowest price C364: Classmate Information


With the addition of Emitz and Mirti, the meals became a little livelier. We were worried that we might run out of food because of them, but Mirai was loaded with enough food, so there was no problem with two more people.

“We’ll just have what you can spare.”

“What are you talking about? I told you we have enough food. Don’t be afraid to eat.”

Surprised that his meal was on the same menu as ours, Emitz said so with reserve, but we really weren’t in trouble, so he didn’t have to worry about it.

Nagisa and Kiyone called out to them not to be shy, and the two of them put their hands on their food with trepidation.

“Oh, it’s delicious. It’s been a long time since I’ve had something this good.”

Emitz must have meant what he said, because he didn’t seem to be able to act very well. Well, it’s true that this stewed soup that Jean makes, full of spices similar to curry, is quite delicious. It’s one of my favorite dishes, too.

“There will be plenty of refills, so keep eating.”

Jean seemed to be in a good mood.

After finishing the meal, I listened to Emitz and Miltie’s story over a cup of tea. I had heard some of Emitz’s personal story, so I knew about him, but I was surprised to hear that he was from a famous warlord noble family in the Kingdom of Lubel.

Mirti said she was from a regular family but because she was a half-raider, the military took her away and she was able to enter a military school. Normally, ordinary citizens aren’t even given the opportunity to learn, but it seems that those with a high Ludia value are given preferential treatment in these areas.

“So Yuta is from Earth? That’s why he’s so strong, isn’t it?”

When I told him that I had been transferred from Earth, Emitz showed interest in me.

“The way you say it, it sounds like you know some Earthlings. Are there any Earthlings in the Kingdom of Lubel?”

“We have dozens of them in the military alone. They are all powerful riders and are very dependable.”

“Some of my acquaintances were sold at an auction at the same time as me so I wonder if they ended up in the Kingdom of Lubel.”

I was ashamed to admit that I didn’t remember much about the auction at that time. I was quite upset because I was made fun of for having a Ludia value of 2, and I didn’t have any detailed information in my head. So I didn’t keep track of who was being bought and by whom.

“When you say you know them, do you mean they’re close in age?”

“Yeah, we’re all the same age.”

After I said that, I remembered Professor Minami, but I didn’t dare correct him. Emitz thought about it for a while and then answered.

“There is one person. Haruma Sakaki. Do you know him?”

“Whoa! Haruma is in the Kingdom of Lubel? Yes, he’s a classmate of mine. Is Haruma doing well?”

“I don’t know him directly, but he was appointed as a high-ranking official in the Science and Technology Department at such a young age, and he’s also an accomplished rider, so I guess you could say he’s sailing smoothly.”

“I’m glad to hear that. The Science and Technology Department……seems like a difficult place to be. Well, that guy was smart, so I guess he’s doing well.”

We have been at war with the Kingdom of Lubel. Does that mean that maybe we fought Haruma as well……The thought of that made me feel a little uneasy. I was horrified to think of……my classmates in this way.

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