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Haunted Duke’s Daughter C78

Haunted Duke’s Daughter C78


“Lilia, do you want to eat with me?”

Lilia couldn’t help but giggle at the box of strawberry daifuku.

“Yes. Thank you, Tina.”

I felt misunderstood to the extent that I couldn’t cover the fact that my favorite food was strawberry Daifuku, but since Sakura was happy, I gave up inwardly and accepted it.

By the way, Sakura is humming in a good mood, as usual.

We ate some strawberry daifuku that Tina had brought along on the way, and continued rocking the carriage. Eventually, a little after noon, we arrived at the Aldis family mansion.


That was the first thing Tina said when she saw it. Her mouth gaped open, exposing her stunned face. When Lilia cleared her throat, Tina hurriedly closed her mouth.

“Come on, let’s go in.”

She opened the heavy door and tried to enter.


I just closed it.

“Lilia, what’s wrong?”

In response to Tina’s question, Lilia was silent. If you look closely, you can see that her cheeks are drawn together, but Tina is behind Lilia, so she can’t tell.

L–Sakura. What was that? I’m hallucinating, aren’t I?

S–I’m afraid it’s real. I think it was your father since he was excited that Lilia was bringing home a friend.

Lilia held her temples to keep her headache at bay and sighed loudly. She turned back to Tina, who was tilting her head curiously, and said

“Tina, what you are about to see is not a normal scene. It’s definitely different.”

“What? I don’t understand……..”

Lilia turned to the door, then opened it and stepped inside.

“Welcome back, Miss Liliane!”

At the welcoming words of dozens of servants Lilia’s cheeks tugged and Tina rolled her eyes in surprise. Several servants gathered around and took Tina’s luggage, saying they would take it to her room.

“Lunch is ready. This way, please.”

Then the servants led Lilia and Tina into the dining room.

A sumptuous lunch was lined up on the dining room table. Some of the plates were empty, but they understood when they looked behind the table. A simple kitchen facility had been set up and two cooks were waiting. Lilia gave the cooks a dumbfounded look, and they both chuckled.

“Come in.”

The servant led me to a seat. I looked at Tina and saw that she had gone pale.

“Tina. Are you nervous by any chance?”

“Oh, ha-ha…….I’m really nervous…….”

The cook begins to cook the thick meat. We can tell from the meat that it is high quality. Lilia couldn’t think of anything to say, and Tina opened her mouth stupidly.

“Lilia, what do I do?”


“I don’t have any money. I don’t know what to do…….”

Lilia sighed and waved her hand.

“Don’t worry about it. You’ve come all this way, so enjoy it.”

“Is it okay?”

“It’s okay.”

When Lilia said this, Tina was still fidgeting. She couldn’t bring herself to say anything else, so Lilia waited for the food.

Many dishes were laid out, including a thick steak, and we ate them all.

“I should have eaten the strawberry daifuku……later…….”

Lilia nodded silently at Tina’s pained words. Sakura was the only one who seemed happy, and that annoyed her more than a little.


S–Hmm? What is it?

L–Just remember.

S–What? I mean, why are you thinking of green peppers? No, don’t eat the peppers!

Ignoring Sakura’s screams, Lilia stood up in a panic. Tina stood up as well, tilting her head.

“Welcome back, Lilia and welcome Tina-san.”

The two of them turned at the sound of the voice. The man there was Kelvin Aldis, Lilia’s father.

“Wow…….Good looking……”

“What? Tina is into that……?”

I stared at my father’s figure intently. He has a muscular, toned body and a somewhat well-rounded face. The teeth peeking out from his smile are white and even seem to be shining.

“Yeah. Hmm……”

“What? Hey, Lilia, why are you leaving? Lilia!”

Tina started to get upset, and Lilia gradually distanced herself from her. As he watched them smilingly, Kelvin noticed something.

“What? So, that means that Lilia, you know, I’m…..”

My father collapses from his knees, hands on the floor, dejected. Lilia didn’t say anything since she is busy with Tina.

“…………. What’s going on?”

The clamor continued until my brother walked in.

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