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Haunted Duke’s Daughter C79

Haunted Duke’s Daughter C79

Chapter 5/5 for the week.

Moving from room to room, Lilia and the others were in a larger guest room. Tina’s luggage was carefully placed in the corner of the room and she sat on the sofa in the center of the room, looking nervous.

Lilia sat down next to Tina and looked at the three people facing her. Her father, Kelvin, looks as if he has aged in a short time. Her mother, Aisha, sits next to her and gives Tina a searching look. Her older brother, Cross, stands behind them on the couch with an expression of resignation on his face, as if he has stopped thinking about everything.

He introduced himself, that’s fine but what is it about the expressions on the faces of these three people?

S–Ha-ha-ha! That’s chaos! I feel so bad for your dad!

L–I’m not sure about that. Did I do something wrong?

S–It’s terrible that you haven’t noticed. Lilia, you don’t have to worry about it. Let’s just get on with it.

Lilia tilted her head inwardly, but followed Sakura and cleared her throat. Her father came to his senses and straightened his posture. She pretended not to have seen the sigh of relief her brother let out.

“I’m sorry I’m late, but I’m back.”

“Ah, yes. Welcome back, Lilia. As your father, I’d like to be the first to greet you…….”

“Whose fault is that, I wonder?”

He cleared his throat, and her mother apologized but her expression did not change, though.

“Father, may I make an introduction?”

“Oh ……”

She still looked depressed, but I decided not to worry about it.

“This is my friend, Tina Breha. She is a baroness.”

“Oh, um! Nice to meet you!”

Tina stood up briskly and bowed his head. My father seemed momentarily amused, but quickly smiled and motioned for her to sit down. Looking a little embarrassed, Tina took a seat.

“Tina, these three are my family.”

“Kelvin Aldis. Nice to meet you, Tina.”

“Cross Aldis.”

The two men greeted her first but the remaining one, my mother, said nothing and stared at Tina.

“Oh, um……?”

With an anxious look on her face, Tina opened her mouth fearfully. My mother still didn’t say anything, but after a while, her expression suddenly softened.

“I’m sorry. I’m Aisha Aldis, Lilia’s mother. It’s nice to meet you, Tina.”

Tina was confused and looked at Lilia but this is something Lilia doesn’t understand either.

Her mother is almost always the same when she meets someone for the first time. At first she is curt, and then she splits into two, either she will be even colder, or she will be softer, as she is now. This reason is something Lilia does not know.

S–She’s a genie.

L–A genie? What’s wrong with genies?

S–Your mother can see spirits. Maybe she can talk to them. She probably asked the spirits to find out about Tina beforehand. If the spirits say she’s a good person, she welcomes her, and if they say she’s a bad person, she’s cold.

Lilia’s eyes widened and she stared at her mother. She tilted her head, wondering what was wrong with her mother.


She quickly hides her expression. Lilia can’t see the spirits and if she asked her mother, she would be asked back how she knew. It would not be good if she could not answer anything at that time.

“Father, what happened to Theo?”

I asked my father to divert the conversation. He chuckled and replied that he was in the garden.

“He is tending to the flower beds before Lilia comes home. You left it to him, didn’t you?”

I was slightly puzzled, not knowing what was going on, but quickly remembered that I had entrusted my brother Theo with the flower beds that I and Alisa had been tending.

“I’m looking forward to seeing it. I’ll go there afterwards.”

“Oh, by all means, go ahead and do so. I’m sure Theo will be very pleased.”

My father nodded and smiled a little happily.

After that, they talked for a little while and then the three of them left the room. When my mother finally told Tina that she could use this room, Tina was very surprised and was afraid that she could not use such a luxurious room.

“Miss Tina. You’re here as a friend of Lilia’s.”


“I’m honestly glad, because I didn’t expect her to bring any other friends besides Chris-san.”

With that, her mother left the room. Tina was stunned and dumbfounded, but quickly bowed her head in panic.


S–Lilia. Your face is red.

L–Leave me alone.

Lilia replied to Sakura’s light-hearted remark with a Buddha’s face.

After that, there was nothing special planned. Lilia called out to Tina, who was looking restless and was slightly amused.

“What’s going on?”

“Oh, um…….I thought they must all be expensive…….”

This room is the guest room. Some of the guests who visit here stay overnight. Naturally, most of the guests who stay here are high class nobles so we can’t afford to use cheap furnishings. My father is not a person who cares much, but even so, he makes sure that the furnishings are of a certain standard so as not to be underestimated by the other nobles.

When I told her the price of the sofa, Tina jumped back in surprise.

“Oh, my God, Lilia! I just sat down!”

“I’m not going to charge you for sitting down. Don’t worry about it.”


No matter what I said, Tina was reluctant. It looks like she won’t even use the bed at this point. I don’t know what Tina is thinking.

S–Lilia, it’s something that people who aren’t used to worry about. I think it’s rather hard to rest when she has a room like this.

L–I don’t know what she’s worried about…….Is that how it is?


Lilia is not happy if her friend who came to stay with her can’t rest. With a small sigh, she told Tina to wait for her and left the room.

Her mother had returned to her room and when Lilia entered the room, her mother rolled her eyes in surprise.

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