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I was sold at the lowest price C366

I was sold at the lowest price C366: Underwater Trap


We had a brief discussion about what to do about the situation where we were unable to proceed due to puddles.

“We’ll have to go through another route, won’t we?”

“Surely that’s the only way…….”

“But there’s a good chance it’s a trap, right?”

“We’ll just have to destroy any trap we come across.”

“Looking at the clever tactics such as the wall that looked like a door and Guardians ambush I think the people who live here are tricky opponents. If it’s a head-to-head fight, I don’t think we’ll lose, but if there are unexpected traps, we might get hurt.”

I don’t think I’d lose in a fight, as Kiyone said, but it would be tricky if there was a hell of a trap set up. But if we can’t get through, there’s nothing we can do about it…….

“I’ve been reviewing the map of the area around here, and I think I may be able to remove some of the water from this puddle.”

Feri unexpectedly gave me some new information.

“How do we do that?”

“I think we can break down the wall at the end of the puddle and let the water flow into the lower levels.”

“What kind of wall is that?”

“It’s a relatively thin wall, so it shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Okay, let’s go with that idea! I want Yuta and Nagisa to go into the puddle and destroy that wall. Linnecarlo and Kiyone go out and keep an eye on the area in case something happens.”

It was Jean’s decision to remove the water from the puddle. We boarded our magicrafts and set off. Kiyone and Linnecarlo took care of the surrounding area, while Nagisa and I went into the puddle.

“The water is so clear. Where does this water come from?”

As Nagisa said, the quality of the water was surprisingly good, and we could see well into the distance. It’s certainly strange that such clean water should be stored in a man-made facility.

“Isn’t it possible that a water pipe has burst?”

“How can a burst pipe cause such a large pool of water?”

“I don’t know, but that’s all I can think of.”

As I was guessing, Feri gave me the answer.

“There are signs that water was deliberately poured from the underground veins. It may have been done to reduce the routes to the lowest level.”

“I see. So this is also the work of the inhabitants of this place.”

Even in the midst of the puddle, the magic light was shining brightly in the area. The light was so bright that we didn’t get lost and reached the wall we were looking for. However, at that moment, Feri shouted a warning.

“Yuta, there’s an irregular change in the water flow! Please be careful! Something is approaching!”

Immediately after that warning, I felt a strong shock. It seemed that something had hit Arleo-2.

“Ggh! What the hell! Where’s the enemy?”

I quickly checked, but I couldn’t catch sight of the enemy, who was probably moving at an astonishing speed.

“Yuta! Up here!”

Nagisa told me as I looked anxiously for the enemy. When I turned to look, I saw that something huge, with the appearance of a tuna, was swimming at great speed.

“A fish?”

“It’s a beast weapon probably created from a giant beast that specializes in underwater activities.”

“Let’s hope there aren’t others like it.”

“Be careful, Yuta. He moves a lot faster in the water than Arleo-2 and Diatena.”

Indeed, no matter how versatile the Arleo-2 is, its movements are limited underwater. In comparison, a fish beast weapon that looks like it exists only to operate in the water has a great advantage over us.

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