I was sold at the lowest price C367

I was sold at the lowest price C367

I was sold at the lowest price C367 – Underwater Battle


Feri told me that I should not use powerful magic shots such as the four elements cannon underwater. The reason for this was due to attribute repulsion, but I didn’t understand it. At any rate, she reminded me not to use them because it would become dangerous.

“Nagisa, I’ll serve as bait, you attack from the blind spot!”

We’re losing in maneuverability underwater, but fortunately there are two of us here. We decided to make up for our mobility by working together.

I held up my sword to provoke the fish beast weapon. It may not be very intelligent, but it was easily taken in by my challenge and came at me with great speed.

The strong Arleo-2 would not be fatally injured even if it was to take a serious charge, but I guarded with both arms just in case.

The fish-giant weapon hit Arleo-2, and I feel a considerable impact. However, as expected of the sturdy Arleo-2, the damage does not seem to be too great.

The fact that it rushed and collided with Arleo-2 caused the fish-giant weapon to temporarily stop moving. Nagisa took aim at it and attacked with her sword and pierced the gills of the fish beast weapon. I’m not sure if it has a sense of pain, but the fish-giant weapon tried to pull out the sword.

I firmly grabbed the head of the fish-giant weapon and stopped it from moving. Nagisa then pulled out her sword and sliced the fish beast weapon in half.

“That took care of it.”

“It was quick, but not very strong.”

Nagisa evaluated the fish beast weapon but Feri’s words drowned out our enthusiasm.

“We’re not done yet! Multiple readings are approaching!”

“What? How many?”

“Hundreds of responses!”

Give me a break…….It’s tough to deal with that many.

“Yuta, let’s break down the wall! If the water is drained, there’s nothing those fishes can do!”

“You’re right. Okay, I’ll attract the fish beast weapons, while you destroy the wall!”

“All right. I’ll try.”

Just as Feri had said, a swarm of fish beast weapons swam towards us from the back. One of them wouldn’t be a big deal, but if that many attacked us, it might be a bit dangerous.

“Feri, how long would it take Nagisa to destroy the wall?”

“Even without the use of powerful magic strikes, with Diatena’s attack power, she should be able to destroy it in about two minutes.”

“Alright, let’s buy some time until then!”

I think I can handle two minutes. I focused my attention so that the fish beast weapons would not go toward Nagisa.

Seeing the group of fish beast weapons, I naturally entered Ludia concentration mode. I shut off all information from my senses and tried to feel the enemy’s attack with my body. I’ve already seen and understood the movements of the fish beast weapons earlier so I readied my sword and prepared to attack.

I could feel the water around Arleo-2 moving violently and see that the swarm of fish beast weapons was coming at me at once.

From the shaking of the water, I predicted the trajectory of the fish beast weapons assault and avoided them. I didn’t receive any impact, so it seemed that I had successfully avoided them.

I avoided another series of attacks with minimal movement but I was unable to respond to the next one that came without pause. I was hit in the back, and received a strong impact.

“Damn it, I missed.”

They continued to charge at me with no time to rest. I was able to avoid about 80% of them, but the remaining 20% were direct hits. I was getting more and more annoyed with the impact of each hit. Frustrated, I swung my sword at one of the fish beast weapons just as it was about to charge, and sliced it in half.

However, the situation would not change even if I cut one of them. On the contrary, it seemed they were angry that their comrade had been killed, and their attacks became more intense.

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