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Haunted Duke’s Daughter C80

Haunted Duke’s Daughter C80


“What’s the matter? Your friend came to visit, so you should stay with her.”

“Yes. I’ll be right back. But first, let’s talk about Tina’s room…….”

I told her almost exactly what Sakura had told me. My mother wrinkled her brow and nodded,

“You’re right…….It must be difficult for her to spend time in that room. It was not my intention either, so I’ll get another room, ready right away.”

The next room that was prepared for Tina was a smaller guest room. My mother and I showed Tina in, and we both looked at her. She was still tense, so we thought we’d try another room.

S–I think that’s enough. If you go any further, I think she’s going to feel the pain of being cared for too much.

L–I understand. It’s hard to choose a room…….

This was when I was still young, but when Chris and others came to stay with us, or when I went to stay with Chris, neither of us had any reservations. I wonder if it’s a difference in the way we were raised.

“Tina…….I’m going to go check on the flower beds that I left for my brother, what do you say?”

Tina, who had been bowing her head fearfully to the servants who were moving her belongings, turned around vigorously and her face lit up. That was all the answer I needed.

“I want to see it!”

“Okay. I’ll show you.”

“Oh, but it’s…….”

I looked at the servants who were still working. Maybe she thought it would be better to help. Lilia let out a small sigh and took Tina’s hand.

“Don’t worry about it. Let’s go.”

“Oh, wait, I get it……!”

I walked out the back door into the garden. The boy standing in the flowerbed right next to me nodded his head in satisfaction.


When Lilia called out to him, Theo turned around vigorously. When he saw Lilia, he smiled like a flower blooming and jumped towards her. Lilia accepted it and patted his head.

“Welcome home, sister!”

“It’s been quite a while. I had lunch here. By the way, Theo, can you please leave us now?”

Theo jumped back as if in a panic. Then he quickly bowed his head.

“I’m sorry! I was just so happy to see you…….”

“It’s okay. Don’t worry about it.”

Before I became a recluse, I used to think that Theo was very annoying, but now I have changed my mind a little bit and I think that this is not so bad. However, I still find him annoying.

“Theo, let me introduce you. This is my friend Tina Breha.”

“Nice to meet you, Theo, I’m Tina.”

Tina smiled at Theo. Theo opened his mouth to say hello, then froze when he saw Tina. Lilia and Tina tilted their heads suspiciously. Theo is still frozen with his mouth open, unable to speak.

S–Ahh…….So this is what happens.

Sakura’s words sounded somewhat convincing. It means that she knows the reason why Theo froze.

L–What do you mean?

D–Let’s see…….Lilia, don’t get mad. It’s not Tina’s fault, okay?

As Lilia raised an eyebrow, Theo started to move. He turned to Tina, straightened his posture, and bowed firmly.

“Nice to meet you! I’m Theo Aldis!”

A cheerful greeting and…

“I love you! I fell in love at first sight!”

A confession.



This time, Lilia and Tina froze. It was Tina who made the first move after being frozen for well over ten seconds.

“Um……I’m sorry, I think I heard you wrong. Can you try again, please?”

You’re right, you heard wrong. I didn’t think my brother, who just hugged me, would suddenly confess his love for you.

“I love you! I fell in love with you at first sight!”

She wanted to believe that she had heard wrong.

Lilia nodded and then smiled at Tina.

“Yes, it is. Tina.”

“Oh, wait, wait, wait, Lilia……..”

“I’m going back to my room. Take your time.”

I said with a smile and left the place.

“Li, Lilia!”

Tina called my name to stop me, but I ignored her and went back to my room.

If someone were to ask Lilia if she was close to Theo, she would say that she was not. Theo had a one-sided affection for her, and Lilia remembered dealing with him in an appropriate manner. But still. It was unpleasant to see Theo falling in love with another woman.

It wasn’t jealousy from love, of course, it just made her feel bad. That’s all.

L–Speaking of which, Sakura. It seems you knew this was coming, didn’t you?

I asked Sakura, and she seemed to chuckle.

S–Yes, I did. I wasn’t so sure, though. I’m sorry. I should’ve told you in advance.

L–It’s okay.

Lilia sighed deeply and looked up at the sky.

S–You know what? Lilia. There’s nothing wrong with Tina. Don’t get mad at me, okay?

L–I’m not mad at you.


I don’t mean to be angry. I know that Tina is not at fault, this is all my problem. As Lilia tried to take a deep breath to calm down, there was an unexpected knock on the door.

“Come in.”

The door was opened and Tina entered the room.

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