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I was sold at the lowest price C369

I was sold at the lowest price C369: Legendary / Yuki


After fending off the runaway Guardians, we entered the area where the two legendary class riders were sleeping. It was a stone building shaped like a pyramid, and I could sense the atmosphere of something sleeping there.

“Here lies a legendary rider……”

I muttered to myself but Dr. Brule responded to my muttering.

“That’s right. The two blades that Rafishal-sama needs in order to spread his wings are here. Once Rafishal-sama gets them, no one will be able to stop him.”

An even more powerful force will be added to the already immensely powerful Rafishal. When I thought about it, I wondered if it would be better not to revive the legendary riders. But if I did, the jewel in my chest would never forgive me. It’s okay if it’s just me, but I don’t think Mary and her men will be safe.

“Brule, why don’t you just finish the resurrection?”

Dr. Brule walked towards the pyramid as Scarfi urged her to do so with the external output sound of his magicraft.

“The magic stone of resurrection, given to me by Master Rafishal…….If I insert it here, the legendary riders will be revived.”

Dr. Brule said, and clicked the circular stone into the belly of the dragon-shaped stone statue in front of the pyramid.

The eyes of the stone statue of the dragon glowed then the earth shook with a gurgling sound and the pyramid split in two. What emerged from the pyramid that had been split were two magicrafts wrapped in a blue shield that started to disappear slowly.

“Astaroth and Beelzebub, I can’t believe I’m about to see the legendary magicrafts that were the strongest in the age of ancient civilizations…….”

Brule stared at the magicrafts that appeared, somewhat impressed.

After the blue shields were gone for a while, I heard the sound of activation from the two magicrafts. It seems that the seal has been completely broken and the legendary riders have been resurrected.

However, the situation changed dramatically here. One of the magicrafts that started moving slowly disappeared. No, it just looked like it disappeared because we couldn’t catch it moving too fast, but it was approaching us at a great speed.

The next thing I knew, it was standing in front of Scarfi’s magicraft and sent its head flying in an instant.


“Gyahahahaha~! What’s with this fragile magicraft! It’s weak! It’s weak! Weak! If you want to catch this Pernecissa, you’d better bring the three pillars with you!”

A voice was heard from the legendary magicraft. The tone of voice was incoherent and I couldn’t make sense of it but I understood that it was terribly strong.

“How dare you!”

Scarfi was hit and Mary started to counterattack. However, the legendary magicraft lightly caught the attack with its hand.

“Didn’t they teach you not to point a knife at other people?”

It appeared to be just a light sweep of the hand. However, the result was powerful enough to blow off part of the exterior of Mary’s magicraft and her arm.

Mary was struck, and my anger was ignited. I close the gap between me and the legendary magicraft, and use my rapier to aim a thrust at its neck. However, the attack was lightly avoided.

“I was disappointed with all the small fry, but I might be willing to play with you.”

When I heard those words, I felt a chill run down my spine. I hadn’t felt it in a while, so I had forgotten about it, but perhaps this feeling is called fear…….

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