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I was sold at the lowest price C370

I was sold at the lowest price C370: Overwhelming / Yuki


The legendary magicraft moved. It was too fast for me to react fully, grabbed me by the head and pulled me towards it. The power was unbelievable. Elvira Kai is not a power-type magicraft, but it still has the power to surpass most of its opponents but he was so overwhelming that it was almost impossible to resist.

“Get your hands off me!”

Since I am not in the thrusting range, I aim at the opponent’s legs and attack with my rapier. The slender sword is a thrusting weapon and has no blade, but if I bend it and strike quickly, it can attack like a whip. It is powerful enough to destroy an ordinary magicraft, but it did not work on this legendary machine.

“What’s the matter? Is that the extent of your ability? If that’s the case I’ll end this battle now.”

“Don’t be ridiculous!”

I started to concentrate and felt a sense of release as something blew out of my body. The area between my eyebrows becomes hot, and I focus even more on the hot spot, telling Elvira Kai that I intend to fight. I entered my maximum fighting stance.

“That’s good Ludia concentration. Then maybe we can play some more.”

I ignored his words, grabbed the hand of the legendary class that was holding the head of the Elvira Kai and forcibly pulled it off.

“Ha-ha-ha! All right!”


I delivered a thrust with my rapier. In my mind’s eye, I envisioned my rapier piercing the throat of the legendary rider, but that didn’t happen.


The legendary rider easily grabbed the super-speed rapier thrust with his right hand and blocked it.

“The power and speed are perfect, but the trajectory of the attack is too straightforward, so it can be read, you see. It’s easy to get blocked like this. You have to be careful not to let your opponent read your attacks.”

I pulled my rapier, retrieved it from the legendary class’s hand, and unleashed my second thrust. The thrust, using the rapier’s elasticity, undulated like a snake and struck the legendary rider with an irregular movement.

However, the attack was easily blocked.

“You’re moving better, but you’re not as powerful or fast. You can’t even kill a small animal with this.”

I can’t believe that Elvira Kai’s attacks are completely ineffective…….

“You’ve let me down. I’m sorry, but I’ve lost my motivation. I’m going to destroy you now.”

As he said this, the legendary class slowly approached me. Perhaps it was the spirit coming from the opponent, but I felt an indescribable presence that made me unable to move.

“Come on, spurt some blood and die. You can at least entertain me while you die.”

The hand of the legendary class reaches out to the cockpit where I am. If I don’t do something, I’m dead…… Just as I thought that, a voice called out from behind the legendary class.

“Stop it, Pernecissa. Looks like those guys are not the enemy.”

The other legendary rider spoke.

“Why, Astaroth? What do you mean, they’re not our enemy? There are no allies for us anymore, are there? Then they’re our enemies, aren’t they? I kill my enemies.”

The magicraft of the one called Pernecissa said and shook his fist at me.

“I’m telling you to stop! Don’t you believe a word I say, Pernecissa?”

With those words, Pernecissa movements came to a halt.

“I understand. Don’t shout so loud, Astaroth. I’m sorry.”

There was one thing I learned from this exchange. The person riding Astaroth is in a much higher position than Pernecissa, who has shown overwhelming power.

The frightened tone of Pernecissa suggests that he is clearly intimidated and overwhelmed by power rather than a simple hierarchy.

If that rider can overwhelm Pernecissa then how strong must he be?

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