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I got a fake job at the academy C29

I got a fake job at the academy C29: The person who sees, the person who solves (1)

Chapter 1/3 for last week. Sorry for not posting any chapters last week I’ve been very busy. I will post at least 1 more chapter today.

Aidan and Leo only looked into each other’s eyes. The culprit who drove Theon into the chaos was now in front of them but he was still a cub. Even the grunting made it clear that he was injured somewhere

“I stumbled upon it a while ago.”

Why was Tracy screaming? She was wandering around without much thought and suddenly found a werewolf. Tracy, who blushed as if she was ashamed of that fact, immediately raised her nose.

“What do you think? Did I win the bet?”

“You just found it. Wasn’t the bet capturing it?”

At Leo’s point, Tracy immediately became furious.

“Yes? Then I, right now……!”

“Tracy, wait a minute.”

Aidan pulled Tracy back as she was about to descend into the basin.

“What are you doing?”

“Oh sorry. I did not know.”

“Aren’t you too rude to a lady?”

“That’s not what’s important right now.”

“What is it then?”

A smirk crept across her lips as if Tracy realized something immediately.

“Heh heh…Aidan Are you impatient because I found that werewolf? You were secretly pretending not to, but you were also concerned about losing to me.”

“Tracy, didn’t you feel something strange?”

When a serious question came back to answer provocation, Tracy pouted her lips as if she had lost steam.


“Over there is a werewolf cub. Regardless of whether it is possible for a werewolf to have a cub, the cub over there right now looks injured. I can’t seem to move properly.”

“Yes. But why?”

“Look, there are fallen leaves all around. Besides, it’s a clever location that people don’t notice around here. No matter how wide Theon is, I have never heard of a place like this in the forest.”

“No, I mean, what does that mean?”

“Do you think that little werewolf settled down here alone and collected fallen leaves?”

Having heard that Tracy realized something and kept her mouth shut. There’s no way an injured werewolf cub could have come all the way here alone. It sounds like there is something else out there that has helped him.

“Who the hell?”

“I don’t know who it is. Perhaps……There may be another werewolf.”

Even as Aidan said that, he did not take his eyes off the werewolf baby because by any chance, he might notice their existence and attack them all of a sudden.

Although he is a cub, he’s bigger than most large dogs. Risk factors could not be ruled out.


Aidan, who was closely examining the werewolf, noticed something strange. Near the nape of the werewolf’s neck, covered in fallen leaves and showing only a bust, it was as if he had seen something glistening in the moonlight.

‘That’s a collar……?’

At that moment, Aidan decided that the werewolf was not simply a natural occurrence.

“Aidan? What are you doing?”

Leo spoke, feeling that Aidan’s expression was unusual.

Aidan glided down the basin as if he had made up his mind to do something.

“Aidan! Hey, hey!”

Leo was perplexed, and so was Tracy. The two hurriedly followed Aidan, who came down to the center of the basin that was more than 5 meters high and slowly approached the werewolf cub.

“Aidan! What are you doing now! It’s dangerous!”

“There is something strange about it.”

Aidan wanted to confirm it with his own two eyes. At that moment, the werewolf cub opened his eyes and stared at Aidan.

Aidan paused as he approached cautiously. Their gazes were entangled in the air, and a suffocating tension lingered.


Aidan swallowed his dry saliva and slowly reached out his hand.

“It’s okay. I mean no harm.”

The reason he said that was because he saw the werewolf’s eyes and there was no hostility or intent to kill in them. Those transparent, clear eyes staring at him were filled with only the innocence of a country dog.

A werewolf with those eyes attacked people and sent them to the hospital?

Aidan didn’t think so.

Leo and Tracy had no intention of stopping Aidan. The cub, who was staring at him, immediately turned its head and closed its eyes again.

Aidan sighed inwardly and moved closer to the cub. As expected, he was quiet. He even made a growling noise as Aidan swept his hair once with his hand.

“It hurts a lot.”

Saying so, Aidan looked at the wounds exposed outside the fallen leaves.

‘Isn’t it bitten by an animal?’

The marks on his body were not from being attacked by other beasts. Rather, it was more like a cut.

He touched his neck with the hand that had been stroking his head, and felt the touch of a hard, cold metal.

‘I thought he was just a werewolf, but there’s something more.’

While Aidan was thinking in the darkness the sound of something approaching was heard. Leo, who recognized the abnormality first, shouted.

“Aidan! Be careful!”

As soon as Aidan heard the sound, he flew in the opposite direction of the sound. Immediately after, a huge shock hit his body.


Aidan, who bounced more than 3m and rolled on the floor, corrected his dizziness, and looked at the unknown entity that blew him away.


It was an adult werewolf, 1.5 times larger than the cub werewolf. He glared at Aidan as if he was going to kill him, and then stood as if protecting the baby.

“Gee, an adult werewolf.”

Tracy trembled at the sight, and then, as if she was prepared for something, raised her wand and generated magical power. The werewolf also glared at her if she thought Tracy was doing something.

“What are you doing!?”

Leo tried to stop her, but Tracy didn’t listen. A werewolf, the root of all of the chaos in Theon, was in front of her. If she could deal with it she could revive her family that collapsed.

The figure of the mother who struggled to smile saying that it was okay for her and trash-like people who turned to the subject that they usually cling to, as soon as their family collapsed as she thought of that she became more agitated.

‘Only I can bring the Friads back to life. The werewolf in front of me is just a stepping stone for that.’

Hunting only one werewolf does not resurrect a destroyed family, Tracy knew that. It was okay just to collect the bounty from Leathervelk and establish her reputation. To do that, she learned magic, and came to Theon to succeed.


The werewolf ran towards Tracy, it was fast and very threatening. Tracy, who tried to cast a spell, made a mistake because of the werewolf rushing towards her.

Because of her impatience the magic that had barely been gathered was scattered in vain.

Beyond the disappearance of the magic the figure of the werewolf approaching with its teeth facing her was seen.

‘Is this the end?’

As he thought that, Tracy felt her body shove to the side. The sharp claws of the werewolf passed through the air right in front of her. As she rolled the floor with someone, Tracy was stunned.

“Uh, huh?”

“Tracy, are you okay?”

It was Aidan who saved her from her crisis. He is a boy that she keeps bothering and insists on fighting with. Had he been too late to push her, Tracy would have had her head blown away.

“I’m glad you’re safe.”

“You, you. Why me……”

“My friend is in danger, and I can’t just stand by and watch.”

Friend, at that one word Tracy was speechless. Aidan looked at the werewolf, not paying attention to Tracy’s reaction.

“There is something strange about his movements. I think it was seriously injured. Maybe that’s why we were able to avoid it.”

As expected, there were three large unclosed holes in the werewolf’s chest, which was revealed in the dark. Aidan swallowed his saliva and opened his mouth.

“Sorry. It wasn’t intentional. We have no intention of doing any harm to your child.”

“Aidan? What are you doing now! There is no way a werewolf can understand you!”

Tracy shouted from behind saying what a fool he was, but Aidan was serious. Aidan continued to speak, staring at the werewolf in front of him with an unshakable gaze.

“You. Can you understand us?”


Leo and Tracy looked puzzled. However, the werewolf’s reaction was strange. He was staring at him like he was going to kill him but calmed down and went back to the cub.

Leo, who watched the scene, did not keep his mouth shut.

“……Does this make sense?”

“A little while ago, it overreacted because it was afraid the cub would be in danger.”

“But he attacked two students. Right now, he’s quiet because of his cub, but I don’t know when it will suddenly reveal his true colors.”

Leo’s point was valid, but Aidan felt something indescribable. He knew it because he got very close to the werewolf cub. The moment he looked into the child’s eyes, Aidan felt something.

‘He said please help.’

“Leo, Tracy I know what I’m saying is nonsense but believe me just once.”

Aidan said so and slowly approached the werewolf.

The presumed mother looked at Aidan and threatened him by exposing his teeth, but Aidan raised his hands and made a gesture that it was not dangerous.

“It’s okay.”

With that the distance gradually narrowed and the werewolf who was glaring at Aidan also stopped showing its hostility. Rather, it was because the condition of the baby was not good.

“Use this.”

Aidan took out a small vial from the pocket he usually carried. It was a very basic healing potion that was completed while taking the curse and pharmaceutical classes.

It may not be able to perform properly due to his insufficient skills, but at least it will be of sufficient help to improve the condition of the cub who is currently panting.

At that moment a pure white light flew from somewhere and penetrated the mother’s body.

“Uh, huh?”

Aidan, who was approaching slowly, and Leo and Tracy, who watched the scene while holding their breath from behind, were shocked and could not help but panic.

Penetrating the mother werewolf’s body was a shiny silvery metal. At first, it was thought to be a sharp spear, but eventually its shape collapsed and turned into a net, binding its mother’s body.

At the moment everyone panicked, a black shadow fell from the sky.

“What are you doing here?”

It was someone they know well.

“Mr. Rudger?”

Rudger, who subdued the werewolf with a surprise attack, narrowed his eyes at the three students.

“Aidan, Leo, and Tracy Friad, what were my students doing in a place like this at this late hour?”

The three of them trembled as their names were called. They knew that after getting caught by a teacher in this situation they couldn’t escape punishment especially since it was Rudger who caught them.

“I will hold the three of you accountable for this later. Just step back.”

Tracy and Leo followed suit but Aidan was different. He intervened between Rudger and the werewolf, blocking Rudger’s path.


“…Aidan, what are you doing?”

Aidan’s body trembled at Rudger’s cold voice, but he did not back down.

“Mr. Rudger, wait a minute!”

“Would you like me to wait?”

“There is something strange about that werewolf! No, I mean, to be precise……You seem to understand people! So please reconsider killing that werewolf for a second!”

Aidan spit out what he had learned like a rapid-fire cannon. Otherwise, he thought Rudger would choke the werewolf out of breath at any moment.

“What nonsense are you talking about now?”

“It’s not bullshit. Maybe that werewolf……”

“I hate to hear it. Back off.”

“Mr. Rudger!”

“I told you to leave.”

Aidan did not step aside despite Rudger’s warning.

As Rudger gazed at Aidan, he noticed a figure of a werewolf baby over his shoulder, licking with his tongue the face of his mother. Without any viciousness, he was just purely worried about his family.

The baby lying down got up. When the fallen leaves covering the entire body are pushed away and the rest of the body is exposed. Rudger saw it and his eyebrows twitched.


Aidan, who was staring at Rudger, immediately noticed such a subtle change in Rudger.

‘Why is the teacher like that?’

Aidan tried to turn around without thinking. At that moment, his body flew through the air as if strongly pulled by something and gently landed on the ground without a wound. A buffering effect using the power of wind, it was all Rudger’s work.


The moment Aidan was about to say something Rudger’s magic was manifested. A hot fire that erupted in an instant, it swallowed the two werewolves and scattered a dazzling light in all directions.

He could feel the heat even though he was far away. It was obviously an attack magic that would surely kill the opponent.

There was no screaming from the werewolves swallowed up in the flames. Because there was no time for that, and without even feeling the pain, they became ashes and disappeared.

When the magic fire was completely extinguished there was not even a trace of the werewolves left, there were only black ashes.

“Go back to the dormitory.”

Rudger said so without looking back.

“You will take responsibility for your deviant behavior tomorrow.”

There was no emotion in his voice.

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