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I was sold at the lowest price C371: Modification


Having succeeded in draining the water from the puddle, we were able to secure a route for Mirai. We moved slowly through the passage that had been flooded earlier.

“How much further to the bottom level?”

“Nagisa asked Feri, perhaps bored with moving through the underground facilities.”

“We’re more than halfway there, if you’re just looking at the distance we’ve traveled. But there is a possibility that we will be forced to take another detour, so it’s hard to say.”

When I heard that, I got a little angry.

“I wish the people here would just come out fair and square and not interfere in such a tit-for-tat way.”

“I think it’s safe to say that something’s in store for us from here on out.”

Jean’s predictions are right…….We can expect the interference to continue for a while.

When we were on the move, with no overt disturbances, we tried to rest, except for the sentry duty and the waiting duty. However, the two outsiders, Emitz and Mirti, seemed to feel somewhat uncomfortable and frequently offered to help.

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

“There’s nothing to do, besides you helped us with the watch duty and that’s enough.”

“But I can’t relax unless I’m doing something…….Any chore will do.”

In the army of the Kingdom of Lubel, there seemed to be no concept of leisure time. I wish I could give him something to do, but there really wasn’t anything to do…….Well, I’ll check with Feri to see if there’s anything for him.

“Feri, is there any work we can help you with?”

Feri thought about my question for a moment and then answered.

“Well – I’m thinking of renovating the shower room and making it a larger bathroom. Showering alone doesn’t relieve fatigue, and according to my calculations, it is expected to improve the recovery effect by more than 60%.”

Jean and Kiyone agreed with the proposal.

“Oh, that’s good. I don’t like to take a shower.”

“A bath? That’s good. If you want to renovate it, I’ll help you.”

We all decided to renovate the shower room. Renovation is a professional job, but there are many things that amateurs can help with. Emitz and Mirti did a great job following Feri’s instructions.

The shower room was partitioned off and the adjacent unused storage room wall was knocked out to create a larger room. After converting the parts used in the shower to make a wash area, we began to build a bathtub out of wood that I didn’t know where it came from.

“You’re pretty handy.”

Feri was dexterously assembling the planks of wood. I’m sure it would be a disaster if there were any gaps since it’s going to be used as a bathtub, but she doesn’t seem to be worried about that.

When the enlarged bathroom was finished, it was time for the shift change. Linnecarlo, who had been waiting until then, came to call me.

“I was wondering what you were doing, but you made such a nice thing.”

Linnecarlo said happily as he looked at the finished bathroom. I remember that the first time I met Linnecarlo was at a health spa. Maybe she likes this kind of spacious bath.

Nagisa, who was on watch duty, also came over, her eyes sparkling. Nagisa also likes to take a bath, come to think of it. She seemed to be in a better mood, and started chatting with Linnecarlo, with whom she usually doesn’t get along so well.

As a matter of course, the first bath was taken by the ladies. Well, it was time for standby duty, so I had no choice. Jean piloted Mirai, and Emitz took over the watch. I told him that it was okay for me to stand watch, but he didn’t seem to like the idea of taking a bath with a woman, probably because he’s always been a man.

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