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I was sold at the lowest price C372

I was sold at the lowest price C372: Relaxation Time


In order to enjoy the newly renovated bathroom, the ladies immediately started their bath time. As if they were wary of prying eyes, they placed a large sign at the entrance that said “Bathing” to show that they were not to be disturbed.

I was too scared to peep into the bath where Kiyone was bathing with a sword. Moreover, Nagisa is with them today. If Nagisa were to join the punishment there would be no guarantee that I would survive.

While I was waiting quietly in Arleo-2, I received a message from somewhere. When I answered it, it was from Linnecarlo, who was supposed to be bathing.

“The new bath is great!”

It seems that she had brought her spirit box into the bathroom to communicate with me.

“What the hell? Are you harassing me while I’m waiting?”

“No, I’m not. I just wanted to share the first bath with you.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll take my time later.”

“Everyone looks happy.”

As soon as she said that, Linnecarlo stopped talking and tried to let me listen to the sounds around her.

“Wow~ Kiyone’s ass is so beautiful~! I want to look like this too!”

That was Nagisa, wasn’t it? I’ve been in a bath with Kiyone for some time, but I never had the time to take a good look at her ass, so I didn’t know this information.

Kiyone has a beautiful ass…….When I imagined Kiyone with her ass fully exposed, I shook my head and forced myself back to reality.

“Your breasts are also really beautiful – you have the toned body of a warrior, but you don’t lose your feminine beauty.”

“Nagisa, please don’t touch me.”

“That’s fine. We’re the same sex.”

I can’t help but think of strange things when I hear their voices.

“Wow! I saw a little bit of her when I was in the medical capsule, but Mirti’s breasts are huge! I wonder if you’re the type to lose weight.”

“Haha, yes! They are usually too big and get in the way, so I wrap a piece of silk around them to hold them in place.”

“It’s a waste. If you have so much, why don’t you show it more?”

“No, it’s just a hindrance to the mission, I’d rather be small.”

“Hey! Why are you looking at my breasts when you talk like that?”

Nagisa shouted in grief. Apparently, her small breasts drew everyone’s attention. It is true that Nagisa’s breasts are poor enough to attract sympathy.

“Well, that’s, you know……”

“That’s what I’m talking about. Check the before and after!”

“Go ahead, say what you want.”

I wondered what I was hearing. I spoke to Linnecarlo to end the communication, which had become meaningless.

“Linnecarlo, that’s enough. Let’s cut the communication!”

“Was that Yuta? Hey! You were communicating with Yuta?”

Perhaps embarrassed that she had been overheard Nagisa raised her voice in protest. In response, Linnecarlo also retorted.

“Yuta just wanted to take part in the first bath, even if it was just with his voice.”

“Then you should have told me about it first. I don’t want him to hear what the girls are saying to each other!”

“Oh, I’m not bothered.”

“I’m in trouble!”

While the argument was still going on, the communication was cut off. It was probably either Linnecarlo or Nagisa who cut it off. What a troublesome bunch of people, just when I thought they were getting along, they started arguing.

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