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Haunted Duke’s Daughter C84

Haunted Duke’s Daughter C84


It has been a week since I returned to the Aldis estate. At the breakfast table, my brother said,

“Lilia, I can spare a little time today, so I think I’ll go into town to do some shopping, would you like to come?”

Lilia thought for a moment about what she should do. It’s not that she had other plans, but there’s nothing in particular that she needed to go shopping for.

“By the way, what’s the reason for that, brother? Is it something you have to go to in person?”

“I’m glad you asked!”

My brother, Cross, stands up.

Next to Lilia, who rolled her eyes, Tina sighed, as if she knew what was going on.

“I had a good blacksmith here the other day and ordered a new sword! He’s supposed to deliver it today so I’m looking forward to it!”

Cross had a long history of talking about swords, that’s why I avoid talking about them as much as possible, but I didn’t expect that the reason for his shopping would be swords. The war was a long time ago, and now we are at peace, but he is so curious.

“Tina, you seemed to know about it, but when did you find out?”

“What? Oh…….We had tea together a couple of times, and that’s when I heard about…….”


I thought she was only invited by my mother and Theo, but apparently she had been invited by my brother as well.

“Lilia, it’s, uh, it’s……”

“Leave her alone.”

Cross is still talking about something I don’t understand. Everyone in the family had experienced this at one time or another, so there was nothing surprising about it, and they finished their meal rather unconcernedly. My father was already on his way to work.

“It’s a waste of time to hang out with you. I’ll go study.”

“Are you sure you want to go……?”

When Lilia urged her, Tina followed, although she was confused.

According to the servants who were still there, they had been talking for more than an hour even after the family had disappeared. For some reason, I respected her a little more than I should have.

Sakura wanted me to accompany my brother on his shopping trip.

After lunch Lilia was taken by her brother to the carriage. Only a few merchants who have passed a special exam are allowed to open stores around the mansions of senior nobles. Therefore, if she wanted to go shopping, she would have to leave the house for a while. Because of this, the area lined with the residences of senior nobles is always quiet.

The area lined with stores was naturally bustling with activity. Many people were coming and going, and merchants were shouting. Many high-ranking aristocrats don’t like the noise and don’t come here to shop, but some of them like to. The people of Aldis, with the exception of Lilia, were also fond of shopping, and now Lilia could be said to be one of them.

Leaving the carriage at the designated royal grounds, Lilia and her brother entered the city.

“You don’t have time to come with me shopping, do you? You can go around as you like. I’ll meet you in the carriage in two hours.”

And with that, he left Lilia behind.

L–What was the point of me coming with him?

S– Come on, let’s go shopping too. I’m sure there are some delicious sweets here.

L–We can’t buy much here, as expected.

Lilia took a glance at her brother as he left, and turned to the section that sold the most food.

The stares of those around me and the whispering voices, wherever I go, they always follow me. This is not just my imagination, but something that comes from my past actions.

When I look around, my eyes meet many people’s, and they look away. Some of them are talking behind my back, and some of them are whispering it so that I can’t hear them.

S–Lilia. Are you okay?

At Sakura’s caring voice, Lilia nodded with a hard expression.

L–I’m fine. Thank you.

S–Take it easy, okay?

Even though I could only hear her voice, it was very reassuring to know that Sakura was always by my side. If I was alone, I would have run away without a doubt.

S–I was hoping your brother would be with us.

L–I can’t believe just a sword can change him like that. I wonder what’s good about it.

S–I agree. I don’t understand.

While exchanging light words with Sakura, I suddenly became interested in a stall that came into view and headed towards it. It was a small stall selling fruits.

S–What do you want?

L–Strawberries! Tangerines! Apples! Something sweet!

S–Then lemon.


Laughing at the joke, I picked up the basket of strawberries. As I looked up to speak to the stall owner, my eyes met with an elderly man with a drawn-out expression.

“Are you……? Aldis……?”

“I don’t understand what you’re asking.”

Oh……! Excuse me, are you Liliane Aldis……?”

At the old man’s question, Lilia furrowed her brow and looked at her surroundings again. As usual, most of the people look away as soon as their eyes meet Lilia’s, but even so, there is something a little different about them. They don’t look away because they’re afraid of Lilia, but because they’re aware that she’s watching them.

“I am indeed Liliane.”

When I answered the old man that, his eyes widened and then he quickly bowed his head.

“I’m very sorry about this……! You see, I didn’t notice that since you weren’t wearing any makeup……. Please forgive me…….!”

Lilia’s eyes flashed at the old man’s attitude. She hasn’t done anything to him so why was he acting like that?

S–It’s a daily occurrence. Not recently, but before.

L–Oh, so that’s what……is for. Well, I can’t help it.

There were still only a few people who recognized Lilia.

I thought I knew that, but when they showed it in their attitude, it made me uncomfortable and even sad. I thought I had done my best, but it seemed I still hadn’t done enough.

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