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I was sold at the lowest price C375

I was sold at the lowest price C375: Mysterious Voice


Mirai’s speed slowed down and eventually stopped. And to my horror, the entire floor, which had been looking like an evening scene, lost its light and became completely dark.


Nagisa gave a small cry at the strange situation. Emitz and Mirti also looked pale, so they seemed to be holding back their fear. In the midst of these women, Kiyone seemed to be the only one who remained calm, and she put her hand on the shoulder of the scared Nagisa to reassure her.

“What’s going on? Feri is warning me that Viktor’s power is dropping.”

Linnecarlo, who is waiting in her magicraft, sends me a message. It seems that the malfunction is also happening to the magicrafts.

“Feri, do you know what’s going on?”

Feri was looking at the numbers on a special terminal and thinking. When he came to a conclusion, she said,

“It seems that a special magnetic field is being generated throughout this floor.”

‘If someone is doing this deliberately, it’s a very dangerous situation.”

“I’m not sure what’s about to happen, but for now, let’s all board our magicrafts and get ready to fight.”

While Kiyone and I nodded, Nagisa was the only one who didn’t like the idea.

“I’m going to be all alone…..when I board my magicraft!”

You can go up against a strong man like a professional wrestler with no problem, but you’re really weak when it comes to this kind of thing.

While I was waiting in my magicraft to be ready to go out at any time, I heard a strange voice. I think it was a woman’s voice, but it sounded lonely and impatient. I wasn’t the only one, who heard it, but everyone seemed to hear it, and it caused a bit of a commotion.

“Didn’t someone just speak? Who said that?”

Nagisa forcefully confirms that she wants to believe it was one of her friends.

“It’s not me. Isn’t that Kiyone’s voice?”

“It’s not me either. I don’t think it matches the voice of anyone else on board of Mirai.”

Kiyone was the closest in terms of voice quality, but she was definitely a different person. And I agree that it doesn’t match anyone else on Mirai.

“Whose voice was it, then? I definitely heard it!”

I could tell that Nagisa was scared and impatient. She seems to be hoping that someone will somehow give her a satisfactory answer, but no one seems to know what that voice is.

“I don’t know who the voice is or what it means. Isn’t it a little strange?”

Jean suddenly asked.

“What’s strange?”

“That voice didn’t come from a spirit box, did it?”

“That’s true. It sounded more like a whisper in my ear.”

“Right? If it was a real voice, all the people on board each magicraft and us in Mirai could hear it, how loud could it be?”

“It’s certainly a strange thing, as Jean said. There is no way we can all hear each other the same thing, unless we are all using comms.”

“Stop it! You’re starting to scare me!”

Nagisa’s fear level rises.

“By the way, did anyone find out what that voice was saying earlier? I could tell it was a woman’s voice, but I couldn’t make out what she was saying.”

“Oh, that’s true. I couldn’t hear what she said either.”

“It sounded like “save me” or “I’ll curse you” to me.”

“Don’t say random things like that, Linnecarlo!”

Linnecarlo understood that Nagisa was scared and said it in a mean way. If that’s the case, it seems that she didn’t hear the real content either. It was a voice that could be heard clearly, but with so many people listening, is it possible that all of them can’t hear it?……I’m getting a little scared too.

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