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I was sold at the lowest price C376

I was sold at the lowest price C376 – Magicraft Graveyard


Speaking of which, I wondered how Feri felt about the voice. When I thought about it, she expressed her view.

“I’ve been looking into that audio, and it seems to be coming from a special directional loudspeaker. There are signs that the voice was sent from a certain direction with pinpoint accuracy.”

I don’t know what kind of directional loudspeaker Feri is referring to, but there seems to be such a technology.

“Can you tell which direction was sent from?”

Jean’s question was answered immediately by Feri.

“Yes. It seems to have been sent from about 500 meters to the southeast.”

“Okay, Mirai can’t move, so Yuta, Kiyone, you two go out and check it out.”

In response to this instruction, Linnecarlo, whose name was not mentioned, raised her voice in protest.

“Jean, it would be better for me to go with them.”

“It is possible that the voice itself is a trap.”

“That’s true, but……”

Linnecarlo didn’t seem convinced, but she fell silent as if she had no reason to say anything back. Jean left Linnecarlo alone and reminded us.

“Yuta, Kiyone, let me know immediately if anything happens.”

“I know.”

Kiyone and I set out from Mirai to investigate the direction of the voice. However, as Linnecarlo had mentioned earlier, the reduced power output of the magicrafts seemed to be affecting Arleo-2 as well, and it was in bad shape.

“Kiyone, something’s wrong with Arleo-2. Are you okay?”

“I’m not alright. It feels as if I’m moving in water.”

I knew it was some kind of force that was stopping Mirai. I’ll ask Feri if he can tell me what it is.

“Feri, do you have any idea what’s causing the malfunction in the magicrafts?”

“I’ve detected a special field being deployed, but I’m still trying to figure out what it is. I think it’s probably some kind of power that affects the Ludia core, but I don’t have any examples of it in my database.”

The fact that there are unknown forces at work that even Feri doesn’t understand could be dangerous. But whatever it is, it seems to be certain that it’s not a ghost or a wraith or anything of the sort. Nagisa will be relieved when she hears this.

I arrived at the place where the voice was sent from. I’m sure it’s partly because this whole floor has an uncanny atmosphere, but seeing what I found there sent a chill down my spine.

“It’s a creepy place……”

Even the calm Kiyone felt uncomfortable and said so in a quiet tone.

There were countless remnants of magicrafts there. In addition, it was not like the magicrafts that had been destroyed on the battlefield, but a bizarre sight, as if massacred people had been haphazardly piled up. If Farma and Liza, who love magic machines, were to see it, they would feel more anger than fear.

“It doesn’t look like these old magicrafts we’re simply destroyed.”

“Yes, if anything, it looks like something or someone released their anger on them.”

Rather than a graveyard for magicrafts, it would be more appropriate to call it an execution site.

The one who sent the voice might be lurking in here. Kiyone and I, eerily aware of this, began to examine the piles of magicrafts that had been left lying around.

“Yuta! Didn’t you see any movement in that area just now?”

Kiyone, who was investigating, tells me so in a loud voice. I’m not sure what to make of this.

“Are you sure it wasn’t your imagination?”

“No, it definitely looked like it moved.”

I’ll check with Feri, just to be sure.

“Feri, are there any other active magicrafts in the vicinity besides ours?”

“No. I can’t confirm the activation frequency of the Ludia core.”

I knew it was Kiyone’s imagination. When I thought that, I could clearly see a corner of the pile of magicrafts moving. There was no reaction from the Ludia core, so I assumed it was some kind of animal or something, but then I noticed that the fallen magicrafts were slowly getting up. And it wasn’t just one, there were countless magicrafts trying to get up one after another.

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